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Protect America Review

Protect America is a security company currently based in the US; this means that the service is not available outside America. The company, which came into existence in the year 1992, is providing security coverage for more than four hundred thousand households across the country. Their services are for homes, which require more than two security sensors. Protect America’s services are affordable and regarded as people friendly, because every client would be billed on a monthly basis. The security components used by the company are affordable. Using the most recent technologies, the company provides comprehensive security services. Their security system could detect such security dangers as fire, burglary, GPS tracking and so on. Protect America provides up to 15 sensors for its customers. The interesting thing is that the company does not charge upfront for its services. They monitor through landlines, cellular and broadband internet connection. The customers have to make a choice of what they want. The choice depends on the size and type of building and rooms.

Why choose Protect America?

Since the inception of the company barely two decades ago, many Americans have accepted their services. The reasons for this are simple. The company provides people oriented security services. Their services are affordable and reliable. You do not require making any upfront payment to become part of their services. The least you can pay is $19.99 while the highest you can pay would not be up to $43. The pricing system of the company is very transparent and fair. They do not charge any hidden fees and their costs are available and accessible anytime you browse through their site. This factor makes it better than other providers who often hide their services to exploit their customers.

Many users have testified that the company makes installation easy and simple. For users who want to relocate to another place they would not find it hard to move with their system because they can be easily installed. Even if you cannot install the system on your own, you can get the company to do the installation for you with ease. Their customer support is perfect; they would always come to you at the shortest notice.

Monitoring Plans

The monitoring plan of the company is very competitive and that is the cheapest you can get in the industry. They have a plan that is good for everybody whether you are a single parent, parent, business owner or wealthy, you would not find it difficult to select a plan compatible with your need, budget, and lifestyle. The cheapest and the basic monitoring plan are the copper system, which is charged $19.99. This is the perfect plan for small families, students and families occupying one room apartment. When you have a bigger apartment, you have to think of bigger plans like the bronze system at $35.99, silver plan at $37.99, gold plan at $39.99, and the platinum plan, which is the biggest plan at $42.99. The monitoring plan covers different classes of people such that you will not find it hard to select a plan compatible with your budget and lifestyle.


Just like other security companies, protect America uses state of the art equipment in its monitoring services. They engage the most innovative sensors and detectors. These devices run on a wireless technology, which makes them very efficient in their surveillance services. With their revolutionary GE wireless technology, they can run any type of security services you want from them. The company could offer more than 40 zones of effective burglary protection. Moreover, they use modern access codes to secure your homes and properties.

They also use a GPS vehicle tracking method as well as video camera monitoring which is integrated into the monitoring system. The most important sensors you can get from the company include the alarm system detectors and sensors; this is located inside the home to warn when any hazardous events occur. Another important sensor fitted in the system is the burglary alarm sensor. Anytime there is a burglary attack, the system would warn you.

Thirdly, you would have is the carbon monoxide detectors and sensors. This usually triggers an alert when there is a carbon monoxide danger in the home. Window and door sensors are meant to alert you when there is an intruder through your doors and windows. Fire and smoke sensors also warn when there is a danger of fire disaster in the home. Even flood has its detectors and sensors. This alerts you when there is a flood danger in your home. There is also the temperature sensor that warns when the climate becomes unfriendly, motion detectors, and sends signals of a movement in and around the home. There are several other sensors and detectors you can enjoy when you engage the services of the company.


Like FrontPoint Security they offer a DIY installation model. Protect America will provide you equipment from GE and it comes with a lifetime warranty. They offer three types of monitoring for their home security systems which include Landline, Broadband and Cellular. Since we believe cellular technology is the way you should go we have compared their cellular plans only. They use a company called Criticom for their central monitoring station.

When we called Protect America they were very pleasant on the phone and really helpful. Their plans are simple and easy to understand. One of the advantages of Protect America is that they price match any competitive offer. If you are interested in learning more about Protect America give them a call at (888) 305-0285.


  • Wireles Security System
  • DIY Installation
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty
  • Mobile/Web Remote Control
  • $41.99 to $54.99 monthly monitoring


  • Cellular Monitoring
  • GE Equipment
  • Smash and Grab Protection
  • Monitored by Criticom
  • Interactive Services through


  • BBB Accredited
  • Price Match
  • Free Equipment