Each year we review over 100 companies. That’s right over 100 companies! We look at 14 different aspects of each home security company and rank them. Below is the top 5 home security companies. If you would like to view the entire list click on the Top 100 Companies in the menu above. There is a lot of information out there related to home security systems reviews and it is difficult to find an unbiased or an independent review. An Internet search for best home security system will often turn up many review sites. We’ve consolidated all of the information for you into an easy to understand review of the best home security system companies.

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Frontpoint Complaints

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Frontpoint Rates - 6 out of 6


After researching and analyzing dozens of home alarm companies we have awarded the 2015 Best Home Alarm Award to FrontPoint Security. Frontpoint offers an easy do-it-yourself installation of their 100% cellular systems that takes less than 30 minutes to install. Check out our Frontpoint review page to see us go through an actual install. If you need a professional installation, they can do this too, however it’s so simple that you won’t need too. Their home security systems are 100% wireless so they are perfect for both homeowners and renters alike.

Their home security systems are monitored by Rapid Response and they provide Interactive services through They’ve won multiple awards for their customer service and it’s hard to find a single negative review of them. After speaking with customers and researching reviews about Frontpoint you can’t find a more reliable and customer friendly company. Their monitoring plans are extremely competitive and they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. There is simply no one else in the industry with this kind of offer.


There are two major advantages that stand out with Frontpoint and that is customer service and clear pricing. When we spoke with a representative at Frontpoint the conversation was about what we needed to secure our home and not about a pre-packaged deal they were offering. They truly understand that every home is different and we as consumers have different needs.


You’ll never receive the pushy car salesman mentality when speaking with Frontpoint. They have very simple and straightforward pricing. They list everything on their website, there are no hidden fees and they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Simply put, if you are not happy with their home security system, return it. No restocking fees, no hidden fees, it’s exactly how a money back guarantee should work. They are also the most competitively priced when you look at the total cost of ownership. Some companies offer free equipment and a higher monthly fee while others offer high upfront costs with a low monthly fee. Frontpoint offers the best of both worlds with clear pricing. If you are interested in learning more about Frontpoint give them a call at (855) 800-2019.


  • Wireles Security System
  • DIY Installation
  • Equipment Warranty
  • Intrusion/Fire/CO2 Monitoring
  • Mobile/Web Remote Control
  • $34.99 to $49.99 monthly monitoring


  • BBB Accredited
  • BBB A+ Rating
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Highest Rating by Customers


  • 100% Cellular Monitoring
  • GE Equipment
  • Crash & Smash Protection
  • 30-day Guarantee
  • Monitored by Rapid Response
  • Interactive Services through

Our Installation of a Frontpoint Security System

Click on any of the images below to take a look at our installation and setup of a Frontpoint system. Super easy to setup and secure your home.

frontpoint-package frontpoint-open-box frontpoint-components





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ADT Rates: 5 out of 6


The ADT name has been synonymous with home security for over 130 years. ADT Security has a vast array of services and a large network of professional installers. ADT offers their customers state of the art home security equipment and professional monitoring services. ADT has over 7 million customers across the nation. If you’re looking for the most reliable and longest lasting company in the industry, then look no further than ADT. ADT offers landline and cellular monitoring. For more information you can call (877) 648-3309.


ADT customers have the advantage of being backed by the largest home security company in the world. ADT has 24/7 around the clock monitoring in the event of an emergency. ADT is also one of the only top rated home security companies that offer hands-free two-way monitoring which is a big advantage in times of need.


  • Professional Installation
  • $36.99 to $47.99 monthly monitoring


  • Cellular Monitoring Available
  • Interactive Monitoring


  • Longest in Industry
  • Professional Installation




Protect America

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If you want the best value in home security, then look no further than Protect America. Protect America has pioneered the wireless home security system and self-installation model. They have been in business for over 20 years and are a favorite among consumers who are interested in protecting their home against intruders, fire and dangerous levels of carbon monoxide within budget.


The biggest advantage of going with Protect America is that you can choose the type of monitoring as well as customize the equipment with each package they offer. They will allow you to replace a motion sensor for another type of sensor if it makes sense to better protect your home with a different sensor. They have one of the widest range of home security plans in the market and all of their plans come with free equipment.


Protect America offers a wireless security system with a DIY installation model at the most affordable prices. Protect America will provide you equipment from GE and it comes with a lifetime warranty as long as you have their services. They offer three types of monitoring for their which include Landline, Broadband and Cellular. Your monthly fee varies based on the amount of equipment and what type of monitoring you select. All plans come with free equipment. They have a very competitive cellular offering and they use a company called Criticom for their central monitoring station. One of the advantages of Protect America is that they price match any competitive offer. If you are interested in learning more about Protect America give them a call at (888) 305-0285.


  • Wireles Security System
  • DIY Installation
  • Lifetime Equipment Warranty
  • Mobile/Web Remote Control
  • $29.99 to $54.99 monthly monitoring


  • Cellular Monitoring
  • GE Equipment
  • Crash & Smash Protection
  • Monitored by Criticom
  • Interactive Services through


  • Price Match
  • Free Equipment


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LifeShield Security

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LifeShield Security Rating


LifeShield Security is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and they carry and A- rating. LifeShield offers cellular wireless home security systems and have one of the fastest response times in the industry. We awarded LifeShield with an excellence award for Technology and Innovation. This was largely due to their own brand of equipment that incorporates multiple devices that can signal their central monitoring station in case one of the units is damaged by a burglar. They also have a unique fire protection alert that listens for the sound of a smoke detector going off in the home and sends an alert to the central monitoring station. They have over 20 patents in the home security industry for their equipment and monitoring technology. For more information you can call (877) 723-3796.


  • Professional Installation
  • DIY Installation


  • Cellular Monitoring Available
  • Interactive Monitoring


  • Innovative Technology
  • Fastest Response Time



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Vivint Rates - 4 out of 6


Vivint is the high-end of home security and home automation and they do an excellent job at incorporating them both into a single solution. Vivint’s smartly designed systems control your lighting, HVAC, appliances, video and home security. They have a mobile application where you can adjust the environment of your home. They also use high quality equipment from 2GIG and Honeywell with touchscreen control panels. Similar to ADT, Vivint offers a professional installation only.


  • Wireles Security System
  • Professional Installation
  • Mobile/Web Remote Control
  • $44.99 to $68.99 monthly monitoring


  • Cellular Monitoring
  • 2GIG / Honeywell Equipment


  • Energy Management
  • High End Equipment


In our home security systems reviews we came up with five companies that we feel strong enough to recommend. There are dozens of home security companies and most of them we reviewed either had proprietary equipment, too high of up front costs or poor customer service, so they fell short of the top rated home security companies that we have listed above. If would like to see a company reviewed that we don’t have on our website then please let us know. We will be happy to provide you the specifics on why they weren’t in the top list or if we don’t have a detailed review, we’ll make sure to include them in our 2013 reviews.


We do not bias our home security systems reviews to a certain company. We research and analyze each security company and their consumer reviews, home alarm monitoring technology and equipment. Once we have collected all of this information, we then compare all of the companies and determine a winner based on what alarm company has scored the highest marks in each category. The entire review process takes several weeks to complete but in the end we come out with the best home security company. This years winner was Frontpoint.



Landline Home Security SystemThis is the traditional home security system monitoring which is an older technology where the home alarm system connects to a landline telephone in your home. If the home security alarm is tripped the signal is sent over the landline. This type of system is vulnerable to a burglar cutting the landline from outside the home before the break-in occurs. The components in these systems are hardwired to main control panel so scalability is also an issue.


Broadband Home Security SystemThese alarm systems operate off your home Internet connection whether that is DSL, Cable or Verizon FIOS. The exposed Internet cables running from the outside of your home and the reliability of your Internet connection will determine if this type of system is a viable option for you.


Cellular Home Security SystemCellular home security systems are the golden standard of today when it comes to security monitoring. They communicate using a cellular signal so there is no line that can be cut and you are not dependent on your phone or Internet service provider. The cellular network is a GSM digital network that is highly reliable. It’s a smarter and safer way to go. If you are going to take the time to install a home security system then we recommend you go 100% cellular monitoring.


Home Alarm MonitoringPurchasing a home alarm system with monitoring services is a wise investment for several reasons. First, you have a fully trained professional staff at the central monitoring station waiting to dispatch the authorities in the event of a break-in or a fire. Second, if there is a false alarm the alarm company will first attempt to call you to see if everything is ok. If there is no answer then they will dispatch the authorities. If you had a system without monitoring the authorities would be notified in the event of a false alarm and you could be charged for this.

Alarm systems with monitoring services also save more money on your homeowner’s insurance up to 20%. We checked with a national insurance provider and there’s anywhere from 5 to 10% difference in savings when you have a home alarm system with monitoring vs without monitoring. Check with your insurance company to see what discounts you can qualify for after purchasing your home security system.



Control Panel
Control Panel

This is the brains of the system which communicates with all of the sensors and sends information offsite to the home security company’s central monitoring station.

Window and Door Sensor
Window and Door Sensors

These sensors are placed on anything that opens and closes. You want to make sure you pick up enough to go on all openings on the first floor.

Glass Break Sensor
Glass Break Sensor

Glass break sensors detect the frequency that is created when glass breaks. They are great for protecting bay windows or sliding glass doors.

Recessed Door Sensor
Recessed Door Sensors

These sensors operate in the same way that window and door sensors operate however they are recessed in the door frame for a cleaner installation. They are typically harder to install as you have to drill a hole in your door frame. If aesthetics are a concern then you may want to opt for the recessed sensors.

Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor

Motion sensors can detect movement in the house when enabled. Most motion sensors are pet friendly so your don’t set false alarms when the dog or cat roam the house. They have an effective distance up to 35 feet and are commonly used to secure larger areas like multiple rooms with an open floor plan or a room with several windows.

Smoke and Heat Sensor
Smoke and Heat Sensors

Smoke and Heat Sensors will detect a rapid rise in the rooms temperature and can detect smoke particle in the air. When properly installed they can reduce the time it takes for the fire department to get to your home in the event of an emergency.

Garage Door Sensor
Garage Door Sensor

Garage Door sensors detect if you left the garage door open by sending a signal to the control center.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor
Carbon Monoxide Sensor

If levels of CO are detected in your home this sensor will trigger an alarm. It is common to only see one Carbon Monoxide sensor in a home.

Flood Sensor
Water/Flood Sensor

If the Water/Flood sensor comes in contact with water it will trigger an alarm. They provide an early warning if your basement is flooding or if there is a water leak.



We compare the best home security systems so you don’t have to. It takes us a considerable amount of time to pull together all of the home security statistics and information. At we like to educate our reader-base so they have the most up to date information that will lead them to a decision they feel comfortable with. Below we list how we rank each home security company and/or system for the different areas like best wireless security system so on.

Best Wireless Home Security Alarm System

Every vendor we reviewed who made the list of top alarm systems offers a wireless system. In today’s day in age it’s an absolute must. The traditional hard-wired systems are quickly becoming out of date and require a sophisticated installation. Not to mention you can’t take them with you if you decide to move. Since this is such an important feature all of the top rated home alarm companies offer a wireless security system.

Winner: Frontpoint

How do wireless home alarm system work if there is no power?
The sensors and control panels have a powerful lithium ion battery that lasts for over 5 years.

Best Apartment Security Alarm System for Renters

This really goes hand in hand with the best wireless home alarm but there is a clear winner and it’s Frontpoint. While a lot of home security companies don’t want to bother with renters (sorry if you are a renter but it’s true), Frontpoint recognizes the importance of security especially for renters. Probably one of the best features of owning a home alarm system if you live with roommates is the ability to be alerted when someone goes into your room. Simply place a door sensor on the door to your bedroom then configure your system to send you a text message anytime it’s opened. If you want to take it a step further you can stream video from a home security camera.

Winner: Frontpoint

Best DIY Home Security Alarm System

Frontpoint and Protect America both offer DIY installation of their home security systems. Installation is quite simple as all of the sensors and the control panel come with an adhesive tape that you can stick directly on the wall. The DIY installation typically takes less than 20 minutes to complete. At the end of the installation the home security company will test to make sure the connection and all of the equipment is properly configured and working.

Winner: Frontpoint

Best Professional Installation Home Security Alarm System

The top two companies that made our best home alarms list are ADT and Vivint who both offer professionally installed systems through their service provider network. Both ADT and Vivint are a great option if you prefer to leave it to the professionals to install your system. Installation doesn’t cost much and they usually provide free equipment to make up for the installation charges.

Winner: ADT Security

Best Home Security Alarm System Pricing

We get asked this question a lot and for good reason. Everyone is concerned about their budget and you want to make sure you get the most features for the best price possible. There are dozens of home alarm companies out there and after going through all of their pricing and monthly monitoring plans you can expect to pay the following monthly fees:

  • $20 to $35 per month: This will get you basic monitoring services with landline or broadband technology. Nothing fancy just monitoring.
    Winner: Protect America

  • $36 to 45 per month:This will get you interactive cellular monitoring services. What does this mean? First you’ll have 100% cellular monitoring, which is the best technology you can have and it’s highly recommended from a safety standpoint. Second, you get the interactive features like access from your iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry. You can remotely arm and disarm your system, view logs, keep tabs on what’s going on at the homefront and watch streaming video from a video surveillance camera. This is the coolest feature of a home security system in our opinion besides the fact it keeps you safe. You can let people your home to fix something when you’re at work, check to make sure the kids got home in time to name a few of the things you can do.This is a very competitive price point as most all the best home security companies who offer interactive monitoring fall in this price range. You might have some companies offering free equipment and a higher monthly charge and there are a few companies who are offering a low monthly fee with higher upfront equipment costs. We have priced a lot of different configurations and Frontpoint comes out to be the best value when you take all of these variations into account. They also have the clearest pricing and do not hide their fees. This is just one of the reasons why we have rated as the best home security system.
    Winner: Frontpoint

  • $46 to $70 per month: This will get you all of the interactive features plus a lot of home automation options like remote control your home’s lighting, HVAC, etc… The best company and system for this is Vivint. If you are in to home automation then make sure you check them out. It does have a premium price associated with it but you have to look at your energy savings by being able to control the environment in your home. There is definitely a savings so look at your lifestyle and see if this type of system makes sense for you.
    Winner: Vivint


How important is a warranty? It’s very important as your equipment should always be in excellent condition and free from any defects. The top home security companies we ranked all have an excellent warranty program that range from 2 years to a Lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty usually means “as long as you have the monthly monitoring services active”. You have to check with the exact home security company to make certain. You’ll find that the top home security companies we ranked all have a great customer service program so you shouldn’t have any issue with exercising your warranty.


Home security monitoring contracts are usually 3-years in length however shorter and longer terms are available. A few companies offer month-to-month contracts as well as a 1-year contract but your upfront fees typcially be over $500. We reccomend purchasing a home security system with a 3-year monitoring contract. It provides the best value and it is a good term length. If you live in an apartment you can still get a 3-year contract because the nicest feature of the home security systems we ranked is that they are all 100% wireless and 100% Cellular as well. This means no wires and they can move with you. The longer contract extend out to 5-years, but we don’t recommend that long of a contract as in three years you might want to switch providers if a newer and better home security technology is only offered through another home security company. It’s really the same as your contract for your iPhone or Android phone. You save on the equipment costs for a multi-year contract.


1. Do you have an accredited central monitoring station?

Don’t overlook what’s arguably the most important part of deciding which home alarm system to buy, the home security company’s central monitoring station. Find out who is monitoring your system. Is it a small call center in your neighborhood or is it an accredited response center with redundant systems in place?

The proximity of the central monitoring station to your home is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the central monitoring station is accredited. When asking potential home alarm companies look for the following accreditations.

      • UL Listed
      • CSAA Five Diamond
      • IQ Certified
      • FDNY Approved
      • Security Industry Association
      • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
      • Electronic Security Association (ESA)

2. What is your home alarm equipment warranty?

The equipment should at least carry a 2 year warranty. The home alarm company should replace it free of charge if anything happens to the equipment.

3. What happens to my home alarm system if I move?

You should be able to take your equipment with you to the new home and not be charged any fees for moving. This is why it is important to look for a home alarm company that offers wireless or cellular home alarm systems vs a landline or hard-wired.

4. What are the contract terms?

Find out your options for contract terms is it 1 year or 3 years. Most home alarm companies offer 36-month terms. If you need to get out of the contract for any reason ask what their cancellation policy is. Some will require two-months written notice and others you will be responsible for a portion of the unused contract.

5. What happens if I get called to active duty?

If you are in the military ask the alarm company what policies they have if you get called to duty. Frontpoint offers a two-year suspension of services for those who are in the military and get called to active duty.



According to the FBI there were 2,159,878 burglaries in 2010. The 2011 data is still being compiled. Burglary offenses represented $4.6 billion in lost or stolen property.

Q: How do burglars target my home?

A: A lot of burglars will case a neighborhood to see everyone’s patterns. Who’s home during the day and are there homes clearly visible to any at home neighbors. Keep in mind that the majority of burglaries happen between 10am to 2pm when there is the least amount of threat of running into someone at home. A burglar will look to see if the bushes outside are overgrown because this could be a good place to enter while breaking a window. One of the most obvious is if someone leaves doors unlocked when they leave for work. No forced entry is required.

Q: How long do burglaries last?

A: On average a burglary only lasts a few minutes. They grab valuables then leave the premises as quickly as possible. Keep in mind there is a big difference between a burglary and a home invasion that is intended to harm the homeowners.

Q: What is the best kind of dog for home protection and safety?

A: There are quite a few breeds that make good protectors of the home but we recommend German Shepards and Doberman Pinchers. Both of these breeds are large dogs that are territorial and will sound you with their bark when someone suspicious is near.


Hope you found the information in this review helpful as you make a decision to find the best home security system for your family. Feel free to leave your comments or questions below and bookmark this page for future reference.


Vivint Disclaimer: * Activation Fee and 42-Month Monitoring Agreement at a minimum of $49.99/mo., home ownership, and satisfactory credit history required. Local permit fees and/or sales tax may apply. Services not available in all areas.


The comments on this page have been moderated by the editors of this website for grammatical errors and ease of reading. The comments include feedback from users as well as tips from our home security experts. Due to the overwhelming amount of spam we had to close the comments however you can email us your comment at info at besthomealarmsystemsreviews dot com.


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    The interactive monitoring sold me with FrontPoint. I love the mobile app and that I’m able to keep tabs on what’s happening on the homefront.


  2. Vivint vs ADT
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    I want a hard wired system, my house is pre-wired, Vivint seems expensive and a few of my neighbors have ADT it seems, I found some good and bad reviews on both companies but I may go with Vivint they just seem to be up to date on technology.

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    I checked out the companies on your site, I hadn’t heard of FrontPoint before but they gave me a good deal. I’m very happy with my home security system and FrontPoint’s customer service. It’s been a few weeks now and I know they are going to keep up the good service. ;). I’ll let you know if anything changes.

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    We often get questions on how we selected the top alarm systems. We reviewed a majority of the big players in the alarm system industry and we recommend the four top alarm systems on this page. On our page that lists the top alarm system companies you can see a sample of the alarm system companies we reviewed. It’s not an exhaustive list but it contains a majority of the major companies. Every alarm system company has its pros and cons so you’ll have to compare them, find what is important to you so you can select the top alarm system for your family.

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    Renters like homeowners can enjoy the same benefits of home or apartment security. Most apartment security systems are wireless and are easy to install and maintain. A major difference between a home alarm system and an apartment alarm system is the contract. Ask the home security company for a shorter term contract and they’ll be able to accommodate you.

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    February 8, 2012    

    I have the thermostat feature with my Frontpoint home security system which lets me set the temperature from my Iphone. I never thought I would use this much but in Miami, I have to. I’ve got the coolest security system on the block, FrontPoint is great!


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    I looked at pretty much everything about home security systems. Some alarm companies made me wait 5-10 mins just to answer questions, then the sales pitch was always we have the best home alarm system or we are the best company. Unfortunately their reviews weren’t great. This site was very helpful.

    I called FrontPoint, Protect America and Vivint trying to find out which was the best home security company. I found that FrontPoint security had fair pricing and best customer service.

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    Protect America is the best, easy to install an all around good deal, I recommend them because there were no hidden fees when I bought my alarm system. Thanks for your website, I didn’t know of some of these companies.


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    You’ve got four of the top rated alarm systems? Why not five? Just curious. Nice site

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      Good question. During our review process we aimed to have 5 of the top rated home alarm companies but when it was all said and done we only felt comfortable recommending 4 of them, hence the top 4. :)

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    Really appreciated the level of customer service I received when I got a quote from Protect America. They were very thorough and professional. The free equipment and cellular monitoring sold me plus they have the two-way voice which make me feel more comfortable knowing I can immediately speak with someone on the other end.


    • Find the Best House Alarm System
      June 30, 2012    

      It’s funny you mention that some sites are actually biased or it could be the home security company itself. That’s exactly why I incorporate the terms best or reviews into my search phrase. I like to see what other people are saying about whatever product or service I go with before making a selection. I though about joining Angie’s list but do I really need to pay a monthly fee in order to find a decent review of a company? I don’t think so. Thanks for the information it definately has helped.


  12. Problems with ADT
    February 23, 2012    

    DON’T BUY ADT!!!!! Had issues with a replacement key fob where they wouldn’t replace a crappy one they gave me. Service seems to go down hill after the installation. The first few years that we had the alarm system, we did set it off a few times by accident and we got a call right away. Within the past year we had guests over who set if off and no one called. WTF. Maybe I got to it too quick to prevent it but the one time i know I didn’t.

    • ADT Security Review
      February 24, 2012    

      I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience. It’s inevitable that there will be some negative reviews with a company that has over 7 million customers. You probably just got to it too quick. Sorry, don’t mean to sound insensitive. Hopefully everyone was ok. You did mention it was a false alarm.

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    Thanks for the information. I was able to find the best security system for home by reading the reviews on your website. I went with ADT because they have been in the home security industry for so long. Hard to believe people were doing home security back in the 1800’s. Wow!

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    I love my FrontPoint Security system, I got a good deal, it was easy to install and even my 11 yr Old daughter uses the remote app on her IPhone. I may add the cameras later this year, they assured me that additions wouldn’t extend my contract. FrontPoint has a great home security system, definitely a good company.

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      This web site is really a walk-through for all the information I needed. Looking to move soon to a home closer to Houston and wanted to get a home security system. Looks like FrontPoint is the way to go. Did a bunch of searches for consumer reports for home security companies and found your site. A wealth of information for sure.

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    I started looking for a security system on Wednesday, by Friday I was up and running, with arguably the most advanced security company FrontPoint. FrontPoint was the best value amongst home security companies I considered.

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    It’s not always easy to answer this question however we have put the top alarm companies though a rigorous review process and came out with the FrontPoint Security, Protect America, ADT and Vivint. Each have their own alarm systems and some even share the same equipment vendor. There are many factors like customer service, price, customer service and much more that goes into our non-biased home security system reviews of the top home alarm companies and the alarm system companies we rank the highest performed well in all of those areas. It just depends on what is important to you.

  17. Frontpoint Security Vs Protect America
    March 13, 2012    

    Wow, great details on home security systems. I think I’ve narrowed it down to FrontPoint or Protect America. I like the DIY model, no need to pay someone when I can install it myself. Plus I kind of live in a rural area so I need cellular protection. Thanks again for the info!

    • home security companies reviews
      June 17, 2012    

      Glad I found this website. I had Protection One for years and wasn’t happy with the service. Too many false alarms. I’m thinking of going with Frontpoint or ADT security. Reviews are definately in favor of FrontPoint.

  18. Top Alarm System
    March 18, 2012    

    Top Alarm Systems with Monitoring

    One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is whether you want home security monitoring services with your alarm system. We definately recommend going with one of our top alarm companies with monitoring services however if you live in an are where service is not available or the alarm companies is not registered in your state your only option might be going with an alarm system without monitoring services. Even though the added layer of protection is not there when you have an alarm company monitoring your home it still provide better coverage than nothing at all. There are reasonably priced home alarm systems available on Amazon.

  19. Home Security Systems Reviews and Alarms
    March 21, 2012    

    The single biggest culprit of triggering a false alarm are animals. Your home security company should advise you before you decide on what equipment you are going to install. They specifically should ask if you have a large dog because that will determine if you install a motion sensor. Motion sensors will not be triggered for pets under 50lbs but if you have a larger dog or jungle cat your most likely going to have false alarms. The best way to circumvent this issue is to invest in a glass break sensor. A glass break sensor is an interesting home security device where it will detect the frequency glass makes when it is broken or shattered then trigger an alarm.

    Another method that has greatly reduced the number of false alarms is a confirmation or verification call from the home security company after the alarm is generated. This provides a chance for the home security company to verify that it isn’t a false alarm. If no response is received from you then the authorities are dispatched. It’s a great way to reduce or eliminate the number of false alarms you receive.

    There are a couple items that your home security company can do as well like provide you with up-to-date equipment that minimizes false alarms and give you remote access to alerts and information about your home security system. For example you can configure your home security system to send alerts and events to your iPhone or Android phone. So ask your home security provider if they have a home security system iPhone app or home security android app that you can download and install to keep track of things at home.

  20. Decided on Vivint
    April 3, 2012    

    A lot of useful information. Just bought a Vivint system. The control panel and home automation sold it for me. I had a Guardian system a long time ago but Vivint just had the coolest technology out there. Can’t wait to have it installed.


    • best home alarm monitoring companies
      June 30, 2012    

      Debating whether to go with the monitoring or not. We live further out in the country so not sure how fast the police would be dispatched if there was an accident. I’m not only looking for the burglary protection but fire as well. Ever minute helps if something ever happens. I guess I just answered my own question. Thanks for the useful information.

  21. Home Security Company Tricks
    April 7, 2012    

    Tired of all the sales tricks; I cant get any prices from ADT over the phone, they seem to be on every page in the yellow pages but always want to come out to your house. They haven’t been too transparent with pricing and it may cost them my business, the issue is I know ADT has been around forever and they do a good job but they wouldn’t quote me before coming out. Someone in their management team should look into this, this is a turn off for me.

  22. wireless home alarm systems
    April 8, 2012    

    Wireless home alarm systems are definitely the trend now in the home security industry and for good reason. They are simple to install, provide a safer technology and they can be taken with you if you ever decide to move. Most home alarm sensors now are peel and stick. You have the option to drill them in for a semi-permanent solution but they can be easily relocated. Most wireless home alarm system can be installed in under 30 minutes and only require some basic tools. All of the top home alarm companies that we ranked offer wireless home security systems.

    If you are looking for the best wireless home alarm system with the most features then we recommend you check out Vivint’s system with the 2Gig Go Control panel and their environmental control features.

  23. Cellular alarm system
    April 11, 2012    

    I have an alarm system now, an old one but its worked for me. I wanted to find a better gsm or cellular alarm system. I don’t think any of these GSM alarm system companies want my business, they are trying to make me buy new alarm equipment which is very frustrating.

    Since I don’t want to deal with added upfront costs I considering one of the free equipment alarm companies like protect America but with I could just buy a GSM system.

  24. Who is the Top Home Alarm Company?
    April 11, 2012    

    In our reviews we ranked FrontPoint Security as the top home alarm company but there might be a better fit for you or your situation. There are a few things that you want to look for in your search for the best company. First you need to make sure you live in a serviceable area. For example, most authorities won’t accept a dispatch alert in Las Vegas. There are a few other areas as well but overall most of the US and Canada is fine. Next the alarm company has to be licensed to conduct business in your state. A few companies are restricted from a few state so be sure to ask when you speak to an alarm company representative.

    Some of the more obvious items to look out for are price, customer service and the equipment they use. Price can sometimes be a tricky one because you’ll have some alarm companies charge high upfront fees and low monthly payment like SafeMart and other that offer free equipment like ADT Security and Protect America. If you look at their customer reviews rather than price it can paint a better picture because you’ll see if their customers are generally happy or dissatisfied with the overall service.

  25. FrontPoint is the best home security system
    April 13, 2012    

    I’ve been a FrontPoint customer for 2 years. When it comes to home security systems they are simply the best.

  26. Best Home Security System Equipment
    April 14, 2012    

    What is the Best Home Security Equipment?

    Every home security company touts their equipment as being the best but all you have to do is pay attention to the name brand. Most home security companies offer the same brand name equipment with the same reliability and feature sets.

    Let’s take GE for example. Both FrontPoint Security and Protect America offer the SimonXT control panel an GE sensors for their packages. They might market them a little different but your getting the same equipment. This also applies to the Interactive monitoring services that are common in cellular monitoring. Just about all of them go through and use the cell phone app to remotely control your home security system and equipment. The branding is slightly different and has the carriers logo but it’s the same application.

    So why go with one home security company over another you ask? Well, just like a lot of other industries it’s all about customer service and making you the happiest customer there is. Of course there is pricing, warranties and flexibility but all these things come into play when making a decision. When we performed our rankings these were major determining factors in selecting the top home security companies and I think that is evident by who we selected.

  27. Protect America Home Security System
    April 15, 2012    

    Been with protect america for almost 2 years now. Excellent service. Very cool mobile monitoring. I don’t have any complaints.


  28. Best Security System Reviews
    April 20, 2012    

    I’ve been researching like a mad man trying to find the best security system reviews out there to make sure i get the best system and best deal on one. Just got married and my wife’s old apartment was broken into about 6 months ago so she’s pressuring me to get a home security system. Glad to find this site. I ended up ordering a system from FrontPoint with the interactive monitoring. Hope all goes well, should be getting it anyday now. Thanks again for the research.

  29. Home Security Question
    April 21, 2012    

    Great info on home alarm systems. For the Protect America and FrontPoint… is the installation easy?

    • Best Home Alarm System HQ
      April 21, 2012    

      The installation is pretty straight forward. All you are doing is placing the door sensors. Both companies have tutorials that walk you through the installation and there is someone on the other end who verifies that everything is setup correctly after you perform the installation.

  30. which is the best home security system
    April 21, 2012    

    Your website is very helpful, I did’nt want a bunch of sales reps and endless phone calls at this stage of shopping for a security system. I was contemplating between a monitored security system and a non monitored alarm system. I’ve decided on a monitored security system but I was wondering if cellular security system gets the police to my house quicker than a phone line or land line based security system. Or is the cellular security system just safer in the sense that the phone line based security system are pretty much a joke for burglars now, since phone lines and internet get cut by burglars.

    • Best Home Alarm Systems HQ
      April 22, 2012    

      It’s not that landline or broadband systems are completely insecure and can be easily cut to disarm. Phone lines can be routed from the top of the home or buried in the ground making it nearly impossible to cut. The method of communication isn’t going to get the police to your home any quicker the important part is that you have a security system in place regardless of the technology used. Before purchasing a home alarm system inspect the outside of your home to see if you have any exposed wires. If you do you can either ask the phone company to relocate them (for a fee) or decide on a cellular alarm system.

  31. Home Security Monitoring Contracts
    April 25, 2012    

    Making sure you have the right home security contract is a big part of selecting the right home security company. There are quite a few different contract lengths each home security company provides but they can be summed up in the following: month to month, 1 year or 3 year. On average family’s stay with their home security system provider for an average of 7 years.

    Depending on the home security contract length your monthly and upfront fees will vary significantly. The month-to-month security contracts will require a much higher upfront fees. You’ll be paying full price for any home security equipment you purchase and don’t look for any coupon codes as they will be hard to find. Even a 1 year contract will have some pretty hefty upfront fees. Look to spend at least $400 to $500 upfront with a month-to-month or a 1 year home security contract.

    The 3 year contracts seem to be the perfect blend of price and affordability as the equipment costs are significantly lowered and your monthly costs are very affordable. Some home security companies offer a 5 year contract but here at BestHomeAlarmSystemsHQ, we recommend going with a 3 year contract and feel that 5 year is a little overkill.

    Think of it the same way a phone company provides you the latest iPhone or Android for a discounted price. You are agreeing to remain a customer for the next two year so that $599 iPhone ends up costing $199 or $99 if they are running a special promotion. There’s no difference with the home security industry or any industry for that matter.

    The nice thing with the home security systems and contracts is that the technology doesn’t change as fast as the mobile market. Your home security system will remain relevant for the next 5 to 7 years. You can always add on equipment that might enhance the environment of your home but you don’t have to. Also, if you purchased a wireless home security system you can take that with you should you decide to move. If you decide to leave it, often it is a nice to have feature for the people who want to buy your home.

  32. Seeker of Home Security Systems
    April 26, 2012    

    In your chart you have a freeze sensor what is that and why would that be useful?

    • Best Home Alarm System HQ
      April 29, 2012    

      A freeze sensor can detect extreme cold and send an alert prior to a pipe bursting for example.

    • best home alarm systems review
      June 21, 2012    

      I am closing on my new home in 30 days and I just got done meeting with the Guardian rep. The only issue is that I don’t want Guardian. lol. I had them in the past and wasn’t crazy about their customer service, plus I would like a completely wireless and cellular system for a decent monthly price. The interactive services really appeal to me as I’m always on the go and my kids both are in their early teens. I looked at FrontPoint and they seem very reasonable.

  33. Reputable Home Alarm Company
    May 1, 2012    

    When choosing a home alarm company you want to make sure it is a reputable one. Look at their customer reviews and their BBB rating. There are two things with the BBB rating: first make sure they are accredited and second make sure they carry at least a C rating or better. The BBB ratings work like a high school report card, they give B+ and A- all the way down to F. Another thing to look at is their number of complaints overall and within the last year. If a company has a lot of complaints but few within the last year then they are improving. The home alarm companies know that consumers look at their BBB ratings before making a decision so they do their best to resolve all of the complaints that arise. You won’t find a home alarm company or any company for that matter with 0 complaints and if you do I would raise an eye brow in suspicion.

  34. Have some peace of mind and do not worry about a thing with the best home security
    May 1, 2012    

    Having the best home security system is essential in keeping your house – and you and your family – safe. In this day and age, it is so hard to trust people so is always best to have an alarm system that would take care of your house and belongings for you. After all, if those things are safe, the better your chances of staying safe. However, some people might think that it’s not easy to decide on which is the best home security. But don’t fear, for this article will help you find the best alarm system for your home. Read on and find out.

    A little checklist

    Before deciding to buy an alarm system, there are some things that you have to remember. Here’s a rundown of them:

    Installation costs and the equipment used. You have to know which things work for you and are perfect for your home. Do you prefer wireless machines, or classic, wired stuff? Get to know the number of sensors included, and how much the installation costs—if it’s included in the package, or if they charge separately for it.

    Monitoring Service. It is important to know if the system offers a round the clock monitoring service that will contact emergency numbers once needed.

    Guarantee. You should know if the company offers money-back guarantees, or how long the warranty for the product is.

    Customer Service. A great customer service is equal to great products. See if their staff is right for you.

    Some of the best home security systems
    Here is a list of some of the best security systems for your house:

    ADT. One of the most trusted alarm system brands that has four monitoring centers, round the clock emergency response transmitters, as well as direct contact with local police and firemen. Definitely something that will take care of you.

    Alarm Force. True to its name, this truly is one great system which offers live voice monitoring and a 95 decibel response siren for only $25.00/month. It’s one good way to keep your belongings safe.

    Lifeshield Security. Though not a famous company (yet), Lifeshield provides its customers with the best security service for only $7.00/week! It’s a great way to save and keep your family safe, as well.

    May this article shed some light on you and help you find the best home security system. Good luck!

  35. I got the best home alarm system
    May 2, 2012    

    Thanks for the alarm comparison chart! Lots of great information on here. Spoke with someone at Frontpoint today and decided to with them. Can’t wait to get my equipment.

  36. What is the best home alarm system?
    May 4, 2012    

    It’s a frequently asked question and a lot of consumers have limited knowledge of how the home security industry has changed over the years. There used to be fewer players in the market and technology was limited as everyone depended on a telephone lines and hard wired installations. Now there are more options so the best home alarm system 15 years ago isn’t necessarily the best home alarm system today. We have carefully review the alarm systems from the top home alarm companies. Some of the best rated alarm companies have been in business from 10 to 130 years.

  37. Apartment Alarm Systems
    May 8, 2012    

    For those of you who rent and apartment or a home there’s no need to worry as the best home security companies have apartment security systems. FrontPoint Security and Protect America are the companies we recommend if you are renting. Their DIY home security systems are apartment and renter friendly because you can peel and stick the sensors and take them with you should you ever move. Both of these apartment alarm systems come with a monitoring service so you can enjoy the same benefits as home owners do with their home security systems

  38. Best Home Security System
    May 9, 2012    

    So I bought my FrontPoint system, I’ve been researching home security systems for about a year now, I just didn’t know If I wanted to commit to a 3 year contract with an alarm. FrontPoint gave me a 30 day trial period which wasn’t enough because I left town for about 2 weeks, so they extended it.FrontPoint has great reviews and I see why, they catered to me, while I wasn’t too excited about installing my security system myself, it was quick and easy. I’ve had a few false alarms which they didn’t charge me for. I’m very happy with my FrontPoint home security system.


  39. Home security system without monitoring
    May 11, 2012    

    I’m looking for a non monitored security system, seems like the top security companies need contracts instead of customers. We don’t have the great police response in my area it could take them hours to show up. Guess, I’ll look at the DIY home alarm system.

  40. What is the best home security system?
    May 11, 2012    

    I have actually been into security systems for the last ten years of my life. I am always looking for the best security for my family while trying to keep up to date with today’s technology. Frontpoint’s panel “The simon xt” created by general electric is a great panel, don’t get me wrong. Though I said it was a good panel it is quite primitive to vivint’s go’control panel. Both are ran off of a cellular based system, but vivint’s sleek look and easy to use touchscreen puts it at ten stars over frontpoints which still uses codes to even turn up the volume.

  41. Best Home Alarm Companies
    May 12, 2012    

    Do you know if these companies can monitor my existing Brinks alarm system?


    • Best Home Alarm Systems
      May 21, 2012    


      The companies listed here cannot monitor your existing Brinks alarm system. It would be best to receive updated and newer home security equipment.

  42. Home security reviews
    May 14, 2012    

    I also had a security system with a big company that does a lot of TV comercials (enough said) they are the worst, I’ve had prices increased 3 times already and I cant take it anymore. FrontPoint locks on their rate or at least they say so. I’m jumping onboard and going with frontpoint. They may truly be the best home security company out there.

  43. Top Home Alarm Companies
    May 15, 2012    

    All these top home alarm companies have long contracts, Im looking for something with a short term contract 6 months or 1 year. If you pay more FrontPoint offers 1 year pricing but I don’t understand why they charge more for it.

  44. What is the Best Home Security System?
    May 15, 2012    

    I’ve had bad experiences with alarm companies (Brinks) don’t want to, but my wife wants a Security system, your site was helpful but prices have increased for monitoring over the years. I need to be around $35/month to monitor.


  45. Best DIY home security system deal is with Protect America
    May 24, 2012    

    Protect America has a great deal and you can get a smart phone app from them too. I had to go for a wireless security system and like that they have the DIY security system. Its true with PA I didn’t have to pay anything upfront for the equipment.

  46. Best Home Security System
    May 26, 2012    

    Great write up. Do any of these companies offer a home security system without monitoring? I’ve been thinking about getting a DIY security system from Amazon and I’m trying to weigh the benefits of going the complete DIY route vs a monitoring route. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  47. Best Home Security System
    June 1, 2012    

    FrontPoint has been great. My contract is almost up, they let me move with my equipment a few months ago, I will definitely renew.

    Tim S.

    BTW, if you go with FrontPoint get the interactive monitoring. Can’t tell you how cool it is to access everything from your phone.

  48. What is a wireless home alarm system?
    June 3, 2012    

    It might not be obvious if you are just starting your research into purchasing a home security system. There are really two types of systems with regards to how the components installed at your home communicate with each other. This is not the same communication from your home security system to the central monitoring station. You can have a hard wired system where wires are run between your walls to each sensor and control panel in your home or you can have a wireless alarm system where all of the components communicate over a wireless frequency. Wireless signals have an open air communication distance of 500 ft. If you have a really large home or business (over 10,000 sq ft) then make sure you mention this to the home security company sales representative. They will let you know if a wireless system will work in your situation.

    Some of the best wireless alarm systems are manufactured by GE, Honeywell and 2Gig. GE’s premier model is the Simon XT where you can have up to 40 wireless alarm sensors connected to it. Additionally, it also supports up to 100 Z-Wave devices that include home automation products and home security cameras. The Simon XT is the standard model if you decide to go with FrontPoint Security or Protect America. The 2Gig model provided by Vivint security is the latest and greatest and has a beautiful touch screen that provides every option imaginable from alarm system management to managing the environment in your home.

  49. Home Security Contracts
    June 5, 2012    

    Thanks for the helpful and useful info info on your website.

    I found one more thing to consider when evaluating alarm companies: their standard contract. I learned that some have ludicrous expectations (e.g. adding them to the home owners insurance, signing that you never ever hold them responsible/accountable for anything, etc.). If I am looking for an alarm company (we just moved and I am in the process) the first thing I do is to ask for a copy of their standard contract that they would expect me to sign, should I decide to use their products/services. If they refuse to share that I will look for someone else.

    Also it helps to inquire about the backup facility and related for their central station (monitoring).


    • Best Home Alarm System HQ
      June 6, 2012    

      Thanks Susan! Most companies and most contracts will have a limitation of liability. That’s pretty standard but I agree 100% with you. If the home alarm company is shy about providing their contract then look elsewhere. It helps to be transparent and upfront with the all of the details. It just makes for better business. I can tell you in our research we found quite a few complaints about people feeling like they have been duped by the contract they signed. Needless to say those home security companies were not ranked.

  50. Best Home Security System
    June 15, 2012    

    Hey does Vivint carry GE equipment for their home security systems? I think I’m interested in the Simon XT.


    • Best Home Alarm System HQ
      June 16, 2012    

      Vivint doesn’t carry GE equipment. They use 2Gig and their Go Control panel is top of the line similar if not better than the latest Simon XT touch screen. Thanks for stopping by Bill!

  51. Best Do It Yourself Alarm Systems
    June 18, 2012    

    DIY Home Alarm Systems are the buzz in the home security market today so what exactly does this mean.? Well, it can have two different meanings or refer to two different aspects of the home security system. A DIY Home Security System can mean that you are monitoring the security system yourself or it is just sounding an alarm. There is no home security company monitoring for intrusions, smoke or carbon monoxide. The second meaning refers to the installation of the system itself. A DIY home security system installation does not require a professional to install the system for you. It is simple enough for you to install in under 30 minutes with a minimum set of tools. This might scare some of you non-tech savvy people but I assure you it is a simple process. Once your finished you activate the system with the home security company and they run test to ensure everything is setup properly.

  52. June 19, 2012    

    I checked out the companies on your site, I hadn’t heard of FrontPoint before but they gave me a good deal. I’m very happy with my home security system and FrontPoint’s customer service. It’s been a few weeks now and I know they are going to keep up the good service, but I will keep you posted.

    Tom F.

  53. top security system for the home
    June 22, 2012    

    I’m trying to find the best home security system and I think I just did. Thanks for the helpful site. I just called FrontPoint Security and they custom configured a home security system for me. I should be getting the equipment early next week. Can’t wait to get started. Take care and thanks again!


    • Best Home Alarm System HQ
      June 23, 2012    


      That’s great to hear and thanks for the compliments! Good luck with your system and stop by and write a review after you’ve had it for a while.

  54. Home Security Company Credibility
    June 26, 2012    

    When it comes to finding the best home security company I don’t think there is anything more important than the credibility or reliablity of the company. The home security company should be accredited with the BBB and carry a decent rating. If they don’t then it just goes to show me they don’t put customer service first. My parents owned a cleaning service for over 20 years now and most of our clients looked us up on the BBB before coming customers and wanted to see reviews or referrals from other customers before signing on. It’s good to know that some companies still hold customer service as a high priority. Those are the companies that will be earning my business.


  55. best home alarm companies
    June 28, 2012    

    I’ve had FrontPoint for about 6 months now and I definately like the service. THe GE equipment is solid. I highly recommend them.


  56. Hard Wired vs Wireless Home Security Alarm Systems:
    June 29, 2012    

    This is a question that we get asked a lot, “What are the major differences between Wired and Wireless Home Security Systems?”. Here are some pros and cons of each.

    Wireless Home Security System

    • Wireless home security systems require less time to install. They are mostly a peel n’ stick application.
    • Wireless home security systems are easier to upgrade.
    • Wireless home security system = Do It Yourself home security system. They are much less to install.
    • Wireless sensors can easily be moved around within the home if needed.
    • Wireless control units and sensors cannot not be tampered with by having their wires cut.
    • Installations in homes and small offices are ideal, especially if it is an older building where there are no access to run wires.


    • Wireless home security systems do have distance limitations. It common for them to have under a 500ft range.
    • Wireless home security systems often have a maximum number of sensors you can install on a single system. Upwards of 40 sensors you are starting to push the limit.

    Wired Home Security System

    • Wired home security systems can handle over 50 sensors.
    • Wired home security systems are very reliable.
    • Wired home security system can often integrate with other equipment like audio and visual.


    • Installation is a lot more expensive compared to a wireless home security system.
    • Installation is better on a new home than an existing home. There is drilling and hiding the wires behind drywall involved.
    • Most wired security systems only offer landline monitoring as opposed to cellular monitoring that you would get with a wirless home security system.
  57. FrontPoint Security Review
    June 29, 2012    

    FrontPoint is the best home alarm company for your home. I think they are the top home alarm company on the market. If you compare price, costs and service I think FrontPoint security gets it done.

  58. Vivint's 2Gig Go Control Panel
    July 3, 2012    

    The Go! Control panel is probably the coolest and sleekest wireless home security control panel on the market. It’s a touchscreen with some beefy specifications and automatically updates itself with the latest software from 2Gig.

    Here’s a list of the top features:

    Full Voice Response
    It speaks to you and provides notifications of system status, alarms and emergencies.

    Home Automation
    It has built-in Z-Wave that enables various home automation functions like HVAC, appliances and lighting control.

    Remote Control
    You can control it and all the features from your home via an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android devices.

    Tech Specs

    • 48 Wireless Zones
    • 2 Hard wire Zones
    • 8 Wireless Keys
    • 4 Wireless Pads
    • Built-in Z-Wave Radio
    • Full Voide Response
    • Remote Over-the-Air downloading
    • 8 User Codes
    • Rechargeable Batery Backup

    The 2Gig control panel is available through Vivint.

  59. Best Home Security System with Monitoring
    July 13, 2012    

    I’ve been searching for the best home security system with monitoring for a while now. Thanks for the informative site. I had a stand alone security system for a few years but I just don’t feel comfortable with it as I have it programmed to call the police and neighbors. We have already had several false alarms. I really like the iphone features that most of these companies have now so that’s another reason why I’m considering a monitored home security system. I’m leaning toward front point or protect america.

  60. best home alarm companies reviews
    July 14, 2012    

    Great information. I got a quote from Vivint home security. The Go Control panel is pretty sweet. I’m a techy so I love the high-end gadgets.

  61. SafeMart Reviews
    July 16, 2012    

    SafeMart Reviews

    We’ve received several questions related to a SafeMart’s home security systems. In our home security systems review process SafeMart was a company that we closely looked at and we did provide a brief review of them here: SafeMart Review.

    The short story is that they have a great BBB rating , use name brand equipment and have slightly lower monitoring fees than a lot of their competition. The issue is that there upfront equipment fees are some of the highest of the home security companies that we reviewed. When you take this into account you are really not saving any money, it actually costs more for their home security monitoring services when you take this into account. Due to their lack of clear pricing we decided to leave them off the 2012 best home security systems / best home security companies list.

  62. Best Security System for Home
    July 20, 2012    

    Security systems don’t always have to be for the home they also work well for small businesses or even home offices. Most wireless home security systems will also function as commerical security systems as long as there isn’t more than 500ft between the security equipment. Any longer then a hard wired security system should be considered. Whether you purchasing a residential alarm system or an alarm system for your business you want to make sure you select the right company so make sure to read the reviews to see what home security company is best for you.

  63. home security systems reviews
    July 25, 2012    

    After researching the home security systems reviews and the different home security companies, I’ve come to the conclusion that FrontPoint is the right choice for me. I called them today and spoke with a friendly representative that walked me through configuring a system for me. I went with the interactive monitoring so I can keep tabs on my home while at work or traveling. Thanks for the info on your site.

  64. Best home security systems
    July 26, 2012    

    Trying to find the best home security system for the money. I need mobile access for both the wife and I and it looks like just about all of the home security companies offer this with their cellular monitoring. At least what I can tell from your website. The DIY installation isn’t that big of a deal to me, I can go either way, however I want a wireless system because over the last 10 years I’ve lived in 3 different places. Thanks for the info.

  65. Top Home Alarm Companies
    July 28, 2012    

    Did a search for top home alarm companies and found your site. Very good information. I wanted a do it yourself installation to save a little money. I actually need a home security system for my sister too. Do you know if the home security companies offer any discounts or coupons if you buy two systems at once?


  66. Home Alarm Monitoring Reviews
    July 28, 2012    

    I was debating whether to go with a home security system with monitoring or without monitoring but after reading through some of your posts I definitely see the advantage in going with a home alarm company that provides a monthly monitoring service. From what I’ve learned there are three major reasons which are 1. having a 24×7 home security monitoring service give you a piece of mind that the authorities will be dispatched right away, 2. If there is an issue with the communication of the equipment an alarm will trigger and 3. If I want to remote control my system which is the coolest part about the whole thing I need the interactive monitoring through

    • Home Security Monitoring Reviews
      July 29, 2012    

      You hit the nail on the head. This is why we recommend to go with a home security system with monitoring services because it adds another layer of protection and functionality. When it comes to protecting your family we want to make sure we provide the best protection possible. Thanks for the feedback.

  67. Why is the central monitoring station an important part of your home security system?
    July 29, 2012    

    After you have identified you need a home security system, the next step is to look into the different technology out there, like hard wired or wireless, phone line based or cellular, features we cover extensively on this site. You also read home security reviews, check the BBB for home security companies and alarm companies with the best central monitoring station.

    The central monitoring station is basically where calls from alarm owners get forwarded to in the event of a burglary. These central monitoring stations are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They have redundant computer systems and maybe more importantly generators in case the power goes out. The central monitoring station calls predetermined numbers, to reach the customer to alert them of an alarm in the property and then they call the local authorities. It’s a good feeling to know that people are waiting to dispatch the authorities if you have an emergency, they could be the difference between securing your valuables or losing them, in some cases the difference between life and death in a home invasion.

    Ask your alarm company if the monitoring station is UL listed, and FDNY approved. These accreditations show the quality of the monitoring station and are important because even the best home security systems are almost useless without a great home central monitoring station. Ensure your home security company is aligned with a top central monitoring station. The location of the central monitoring station is not important as location of the central monitoring station as no impact on how quickly the authorities show up at your home.

    To sum up look for home security companies that partner with top central monitoring stations. Monitoring stations with high levels of accreditation like UL and FDNY approved because even the most technologically advanced home security systems need a great monitoring center in order to ensure you receive the best service and protection.

  68. Best Home Alarm Systems 2012
    July 31, 2012    

    I’m planning to buy a home early next year. Any chance you’ll have the “Best Home Alarm System 2013″ ready for then? :)

    • Best Home Alarm Systems 2013
      July 31, 2012    

      Thanks for the comment! Yes will begin our home security systems reviews process in late 2012 so you will have the latest and greatest information about the best home security companies in 2013.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  69. Best Home Alarm System HQ
    July 31, 2012    

    Find out what is the right choice for you in this latest article from

    Home Security System or Home Alarm System?

  70. FrontPoint Security GEO Services
    July 31, 2012    

    Home Security System GEO Services

    There is a new service available with FrontPoint Security that uses location services on your cell phone to work with your home security system. Here’s how it works…

    1. You first need to configure a GEO Fence which is a perimeter around your home. You can set the perimeter or GEO Fence for a half mile or mile. Any distance really.

    2. When you leave your GEO Fence the home security system will send you an Alarm Reminder reminding you to ARM your security system if it is currently DISARMED.

    They are looking to expand these services to include home automation features and secondary locations. Best of all it comes free with FrontPoint Security’s Interactive and Premium monitoring plans.

  71. FrontPoint Security Review
    August 4, 2012    

    FrontPoint is the best security company, trust me these guys know their stuff. I sold my home in the suburbs in June last year, we hardly locked our doors. It was just so safe, We’ve since moved to the city because of my work and the house was robbed in our first week, while we were moving. We’d just painted the walls and didn’t want to run new wires with a home security. FrontPoint made so easy they had the best security features, the DIY installation was a breeze.

    I use my Iphone more than ever with their smartphone app, I can check on the kids at any time They are always helpful, we did have a problem with the wireless camera, easy fix but they were happy to troubleshoot. Im very happy with my selection, FrontPoint is the best home security company.

  72. Home Alarm Monitoring Pricing
    August 8, 2012    

    It’s tough to know if you’re getting a fair price on a home alarm system especially when you opt for the home alarm monitoring service that goes with it. Like we stated before in our reviews there are three types of monitoring mainly landline or phone line alarm monitoring, broadband alarm monitoring and cellular alarm monitoring.

    Landline or phone line alarm monitoring used to the be the most widely used and some companies still offer this service today especially as a backup service to cellular alarm monitoring. If you go with a home security company that offer phone line monitoring expect to pay up to $20 per month and don’t expect many features. Like we stated before the phone line can simply be cut.

    Broadband alarm monitoring has become a lot more common in the 2000’s now that high-speed Internet is available everywhere. Broadband monitoring is a good choice but it still suffers from the same vulnerabilities as phone line. You can expect to pay up to $40 per month for a broadband alarm monitoring service. Please keep in mind that there are no mobile features available for broadband monitoring like there is for cellular monitoring.

    Cellular alarm monitoring is now the new standard in the home security alarm industry and that is because it uses a 100% cellular and wireless GSM signal to communicate the the home security company’s central monitoring station or dispatch station. Cellular alarm monitoring also allows you to take advantage of Interactive features like remote control or video streaming from a mobile or tablet device.

  73. Home Security and Home Automation
    August 8, 2012    

    Most home alarm companies equip their home alarm systems with some home automation features to not only control your home alarm system but the environment of your home. There are several technologies that home alarm companies use like X-10 or Z-Wave. The X-10 technology started back in the 1970’s and used a power line for turning devices on and off. The latest technology Z-Wave uses a low powered RF frequency to transmit to other Z-Wave devices like light switches, thermostats, locks, and appliances.

    The coolest piece to this technology is that you can control if from virtually anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. Imagine turning down your thermostat and switching off the outlet to the iron you might have left on from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

    Home automation is completely independent from home security and home security monitoring services but the cost can be fairly expensive when you don’t combine the two. Since home alarm systems and the monthly monitoring services are affordable and already include the home automation features it’s best to purchase a system from a reputable home alarm company like FrontPoint Security or Protect America so you can have all of the features in one.

  74. Home Security iPhone App
    August 9, 2012    

    There’s been a lot of attention in the home security industry on mobile applications., the provider of the home security mobile app, resells their technology to the home security companies so they can provide their customers with interactive monitoring. Some of the features that the mobile app provides is remotely arming and disarming your home security system. Whether you are on the go or at work and you need to let someone in the house you can disarm it remotely. Another features is a history log of all the home security events that took place at your home like opening a door, window was open, system was armed, etc… It’s a great way to keep tabs on your family. Perhaps the nicest home security feature is the ability to stream video from a home security camera over the Internet directly to your iPhone or Android device.

    The home security industry has come a long way in the past several years and has made some great advancements not only in home security but also in home automation as well. Some companies offer the ability to remotely control your lights, thermostat, small appliances and even have preconfigured zones. Imagine leaving for work and you disable zone 1 which turns off all the lights upstairs the wall socket the iron is plugged into and arms your home security system.

  75. Vivint home security review
    August 9, 2012    

    I pulled the trigger with Vivint, seemed like they had the best security system equipment and monitoring center.

  76. Home Alarm System Review
    August 10, 2012    

    Home Security Systems Reviews Tip

    Here’s a home security systems reviews tips for when your trying to find the best home security system. Look at the home security company’s BBB rating and the number of complaints they have on file within the past year and three years. Of course you want to steer towards the home security company that has the highest rating which is an A+ and has the fewest complaints. If there are more than twice as many complaints in the past 3 years vs the past year they might be focusing on their customer support and really improving the overall experience for their customers. This is one area that we really look at during our home security systems reviews and it carries a pretty big weight in our ranking process.

  77. No Pressure Home Security Sales
    August 10, 2012    

    You should never be pressured into purchasing a home security system. In today’s day and age the average consumer is much more educated before they make a purchase. It’s home security review sites like ours that put all of the information into a centralized place that make it easy to compare the differences between the best home security companies and the systems and monitoring plans they have to offer. The sales reps for the home security companies should be friendly, helpful and patient with you if you have any questions or need help understanding how a certain aspect of the technology works. If you get the pushy sales person mentality then steer clear and also drop us a note because we want to know.

  78. FrontPoint Security Coupon
    August 11, 2012    

    So I had been looking at all these home security companies and I found the FrontPoint coupon code on this site. I had already decided FrontPoint was the best home alarm company for me but I like deals, I suggest everyone use the coupon code, everything helps.

  79. Best residential security systems
    August 12, 2012    

    I’ve been looking around for a while to find the best home security system then I stumbled across your site. Great information and thanks for putting it all in one place. My wife’s apartment got broken into before we were married and she told me to get a security system now that we have a house. Looks like I’m going with Protect America from what I can see so far.


  80. home security systems reviews
    August 13, 2012    

    I had an ADT system for years before I started looking at home security systems review again. The ADT pulse is pretty sweet. I don’t see any feature or system that would make me want to make the move.

  81. best security system for home
    August 14, 2012    

    FrontPoint Security was able to set me up with some free equipment and their Interactive monitoring. Thanks for creating this website it was really useful when deciding on the best home security system.

  82. home alarm systems reviews
    August 15, 2012    

    Found this site after doing a little research on home alarm systems. This would of saved me a lot of time before going to each home security companies site. lol. Good info. I ended up selecting Protect America. I needed a lot of equipment for my home security system setup and it just made the most sense.

    Jim W.

  83. security systems for apartments
    August 15, 2012    

    Not every home security company will offer a home security system to renters. We recommend two home security companies and that is FrontPoint Security and Protect America. Both of these companies encourage renters to own an apartment security system.

  84. Environmental Sensors with your Home Security System
    August 17, 2012    

    Some of the most overlooked sensors are environmental sensors such as smoke, carbon monoxide, flood/water and freeze sensors. All of these sensors can easily be incorporated into your home security system as most home security companies offer them. They work the same way as the other sensors where if there is an event that triggers the sensor it signals the central monitoring station at the home security company and they will alert you. If you have an iPad, iPhone or Android device you can configure your home security app to send you text messages if any of the environmental sensors are triggered.

    Let’s take a closer look at the environmental sensor you can incoporate into your home security system.

    Smoke Detector: Smoke detector are more obvious. You should have one on every floor of your home. If you have a newer home, it’s most likely pre-wired with a smoke detection system where all of the detectors will sound if one generates an alarm. If you don’t have a newer home it’s recommended that you replace your existing stand alone detectors for smoke detectors that come with the home security system. By having this monitoring could make the difference in putting out a small fire or filing an insurance claim to rebuild your home. Response time is everything when you are dealing with a fire.

    Carbon Monoxide Detector: Why do you need a carbon monoxide sensor? Good question, let’s look into it further. There are several sources of carbon monoxide found in the home which are furnaces, generators and gas heaters and they can expose your family to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. About 500 people each year die from carbon monoxide exposure. It’s not an overwhelming number but if something so simple can be prevented, why not prevent it.

    Flood/Water Sensors: A flood or water sensor is perfect for detecting a leaky basement, a pipe break or an overflow of water. If water is found then an alarm is generated. You’ll have to strategically place these sensors in order to detect for potential problems.

    These sensors can help protect the environment in your home and catch little issues before they become big problems.

  85. security monitoring reviews and equipment
    August 20, 2012    

    Thanks for all the great information. I purchased a system from Vivint after reading the review. I wasn’t concerned that much about price I just wanted the best home security system with the coolest features and Vivint definitely takes the cake.


  86. security news
    August 20, 2012    

    I’ve been with Guardian for 9 years now and I wanted to try something different because I have an older system that is hardwired and lacks some basic features. I decided on Protect America because I needed a lot of window sensors and I’m paying a little bit more per month but no upfront fees.

  87. best home security system for eldery
    August 22, 2012    

    I called all of the home security companies out there and it seemed like ADT was the best for the elderly. Their medical alert service and two-way communication is what we wanted to get for my mother who is now in her 70’s. Good information on the site thanks!

  88. security systems for homes and apartments
    August 25, 2012    

    Thanks for creating such an informational site. I’ve been searching for the best home security system for a while now and narrowed my search down to FrontPoint and Protect America before making a decision. I decided to purchase a FrontPoint Security system (thanks for the coupon by the way) and have loved it. It was easy to setup and install and became part of my daily routine quickly.

    Thanks again,


  89. Security Monitoring Service Contracts
    August 26, 2012    

    We recommend going with home security monitoring services over a stand alone system and here’s why. The biggest benefit you have is a live person from the home security company on the other end of the line. Having this home security professional on the other end will not only reduce or eliminate the number of false alarms but they can quickly dispatch the authorities to your home. Some home security companies offer two-way voice or an intercom service where the customer can speak to a home security professional on the other end. This is an all-around good practice especially for medical monitoring for the elderly. Last but certainly not least you can save more on your home owners insurance if you have a home security system with monitoring vs without monitoring. Check with your insurance company to see the difference.

  90. Home Security Monitoring Stations
    August 27, 2012    

    Can you provide more information on the home security monitoring stations like stats and response times where they are located and how long they have been in business. Just curious to see who is monitoring my home.

  91. Best Alarm System for Home
    August 27, 2012    

    The best alarm system for home is definately FrontPoint Security’s GE system. I just got the interactive monitoring through FrontPoint and it’s super cool. I have an iPhone that I use the app with. Thanks for the recommendation.

  92. leading alarm providers
    August 28, 2012    

    My friend says that an ADT system is the best home security system but after reading the reviews I tend to disagree. Looks like FrontPoint Security is the best home security system for the money. Do you have any comparison data on FrontPoint Security vs ADT?


  93. Best Home Security System 2013
    August 29, 2012    

    We have received a few questions on when the next round of security reviews will be conducted. The Home Security Systems Reviews 2013 will begin in late November. Stay tuned for more updates.

  94. most recommended home security system
    August 29, 2012    

    Did a search for the “most recommended home security system” and found this site. Looks like FrontPoint security is the most recommended security system for home use. Going to give them a call. Thanks!

  95. Home Alarm Monitoring
    August 31, 2012    

    Just a quick tip from Best Home Alarm Systems HQ. When looking for a home security company with monitoring services ask them what their average response time to and alert is. It should be less than a minute.

  96. residential security
    September 2, 2012    

    Often the best home security system for your family is the one you might overlook. This is why we at provide in-depth reviews of every aspect of the home security companies and their respective home security systems. It’s difficult to compare all of the systems side-by-side and know what features are included or not included. Hopefully you find our home security reviews helpful and find the best home security system for your family. Thanks!

  97. Best Security System with Monitoring
    September 3, 2012    

    Thanks for the great information. I bought an ADT home security system a few months back and am very happy with my purchase. My wife and I both researched and it was a toss up between FrontPoint Security and ADT. We chose ADT because of the experience and their professional installation services. FrontPoint looks like a great company though.


  98. Best security system
    September 5, 2012    

    My brother keeps telling me to go with a wired home security system and he swears they are better and more reliable. What the big difference between the two and does it really matter?


  99. top alarm company
    September 7, 2012    

    Was in the market for a home alarm but now I’m reconsidering after reading through this site. I was going to get a home alarm without monitoring but it looks like you don’t get half of the features of one with monitoring. I don’t want a phone line connection only so I’m definitely going the monitoring route. Thanks for the info.

  100. Home Security System Reviews
    September 8, 2012    

    Thanks for the great information. Wasn’t aware that the home security market came so far along in the last few years. Not to long ago we bought a fairly new home with a hard wired system. Good thing I didn’t activate it cause I’m going with a wireless home security system now.

  101. home security system with an internet connection
    September 11, 2012    


    We wanted to take a minute to explain Broadband or Internet-based home security systems with monitoring services. As we described in the page above there are three types of home security monitoring which are Landline, Broadband and Cellular.

    So why do people elect Broadband?
    1. It’s convenient because it goes right over your Internet connection.
    2. Depending on what kind of home security system you purchase there might be some home automation or remote control features you can setup by connecting to your security system over the Internet.
    3. If you wires running from outside of your home into your home are protected then a burglar cannot cut the wires and render your system useless. You’ll have to go outside your home and check for yourself as everyone’s home is different.

    So why do some people choose Cellular over Broadband or Internet-based Connections?
    1. Cellular is 100% wireless with zero wires.
    2. Cellular is more reliable because there are many satellites you can connect to vs a single ISP or cable provider.
    3. Cellular is independent of Internet connection so a potential hacker cannot access your home network and personal information.

    In short cellular home security monitoring is a clear winner over broadband or internet-based home security systems. It’s safer, more reliable and provides more options.

  102. Best Home Security Systems
    September 12, 2012    

    I called FrontPoint Security and you were right. They do have excellent customer service. They customized a home security system for me and I selected the Interactive monitoring with the Android access. Can’t wait to get started they put a rush on my equipment for me. Thanks again for the information.

  103. Compare wireless home security systems
    September 13, 2012    

    So who’s wireless home security system is better…FrontPoint or Protect America?

    • Best Home Alarm System HQ
      September 15, 2012    

      It’s not a matter of who’s home security system is better but rather what home security company is better because they both use GE equipment and have cellular monitoring available. Take a look at the home security reviews to see which company you feel would be a better fit for you.

  104. Home Alarm Monitoring
    September 16, 2012    

    I’ve had this old Guardian Protection System at my house that’s been here since I moved in a few years ago. Can this be monitored by another company like FrontPoint Security or ADT?


    • Best Home Alarm System HQ
      September 16, 2012    

      Hi Tom and thanks for stopping by! You would have to get a new home security system from FrontPoint Security or ADT. Reason being is the equipment is update every few years and their 24 x7 monitoring services are setup to receive alerts from the equipment they provide. Who knows how long that Guardian system has been sitting at your home. You’ll receive better features with an updated system like Fire and CO2 monitoring as well as mobile access from your smartphone and home automation features if you decide to go that route. Hope this answers your question.

  105. Deciding on a Security System
    September 18, 2012    

    Still undecided between FrontPoint and Protect America. THey both have GE equipment, both have wireless systems and offer the cellular monitoring services. Any advice?

  106. top wireless security systems
    September 21, 2012    

    Just bought a system from Protect America and finished setting it up. It was easier than I expected. Just wanted to say thank you for the security system reviews.

  107. Home Security System
    September 23, 2012    

    After taking a look at the top home alarm companies I decided to go with ADT. They have been doing this the longest and I like their pulse offering. I have my mother living with me so I like the medical alert and two-way features for when I’m not home I know she can quickly get help dispatched. After spending some time looking at the ADT reviews and their plans they are affordable. THere’s a lot of websites out there that compare themselves to ADT, that’s just reassurance for me that they indeed offer the best security system.

  108. Home Security Monitoring
    September 24, 2012    

    We get asked quite a bit at what are the main advantages to a home security system with monitoring? We can sum it up in a few points.

    1. When you have a monitoring service you have a live person on the other end who can act and react based on the situation. For example when an alert is triggered someone on the other end first attempts to call you and if they can’t get a hold of you then the authorities are alerted. If you have a home security system with two-way monitoring you can speak directly to the home security professional on the other end. This is a big advantage over a system that simply dials and plays a pre-recorded message.

    2. False alarms do occur. Having a monitored system greatly reduces the number of false alarms so the authorities are not dispatched to your home without cause.

    3. Lower homeowner’s insurance premiums. When you select a home security system with monitoring the discount for having a home security system is increased if you have professional monitoring services.

    These are the top points that we wanted to address with home security monitoring.

  109. FrontPoint Security Coupon Code
    September 27, 2012    

    Thanks for the coupon code. I just bought a FrontPoint Security System today and used the coupon code I found on your site. It worked! Good reviews too. FrontPoint walked me through configuring a security system for my home. Now I just have to get it installed.

  110. top alarm providers
    October 1, 2012    

    I ended up going with ADT because they have been in the industry the longest. I was considering Protect America because of their free equipment but I thought the monthly monitoring costs were a bit high for cellular monitoring. Thanks for the great information on your site.

  111. home monitoring services
    October 5, 2012    

    I’ve been searching the internet for the best home security systems and found this website which has a ton of great information. I wasn’t aware of the latest technology available in home security. Definately came a long way since the old siren based system I had installed in my old home. Anyways I was wondering if you recommend a home security system for someone going off to college. It’s my daughters first semester at school and I wanted to get her a security system. Thanks in advance.

  112. Residential alarm system equipment
    October 9, 2012    

    I’ve found that GE security equipment is by far the best equipment I’ve owned. I had a GE system for over 5 years without any issues what so ever. I recently switched providers and now I’m regretting it because the equipment is garbage.

  113. Monitoring Services
    October 11, 2012    

    Home security monitoring services can be quite confusing. So here is what I’ve learned so far. Landline or Broadband connections can be cut by a burglar or robber. However only if they are exposed. If my wires are not exposed then does it really even matter? Also these services cost less than the cellular monitoring but the security companies put a gotcha in there. You can only get the cool features like remote control and streaming video if you go with their cellular services. I’m just not sure if I need the extra bells and whistles.

  114. Wireless Home Security Systems with Monitoring Services
    October 15, 2012    

    We get asked quite frequently about the wireless communication methods available in a wireless home security system. The points that get confused the most are how the components communicate with each other and how the security system communicates with the emergency response team at the home security company. This is also known as the central monitoring station. The best way to think of it is anything locally communicates over a wireless frequency like you Internet router similar to how your laptop is able to move about the home and still access the Internet. The other method regarding how the home security system communicates outside of the home…this is similar to your cell phone like you calling someone. It is over a cellular (GSM) network.

    Hopefully this explanation helps.


  115. Lynx Home Security System
    October 16, 2012    

    I was looking at the Lynx security system on Amazon and was wondering if that is a good deal. i don’t need anything overly complicated and no iPhone access. I still have an old flip phone and happen to like it. Any help is appreciated.

  116. best wireless home security systems
    January 16, 2013    

    Three of the Best Wireless Home Security System without monitoring

    Homes nowadays need to be armed with the best wireless home security system. With threats of burglary and home invasion increasing each day, a wireless home security system has become imperative. Likewise, the number of brands and models to choose from has been increasing as well, all of which claims to be the best. Here are three of the tried and tested wireless home security systems guaranteed to provide the best service.

    GE 45129 Wireless Control Center

    First on the list is this model from GE. Many people consider this as the best wireless home security system for a handful of reasons. For one, it is very easy to install that even a non-professional can do it alone. Two, it provides constant monitoring on four different zones so your house is protected all around. Three, aside from covering 4 zones, each zone is subdivided further into 4 separate zones to get better angles. This means you get a total of 16 different zones covered so you can monitor carefully any threats or potential intruders in your home. Four, aside from constant monitoring, it also provides sensors for doors, gates and windows as well as water leakage and motion detection. And five, it is definitely inexpensive.

    Skylink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System

    This is a relatively simple do-it-yourself alarm system that is also very easy to install. The great thing about this system is that it employs the rolling code technology in which different codes are used every day by your security system to prevent thieves and burglars from knowing the security code of your home. The package comes with two different sensors that you can use on your doors or windows. It also comes with motion detection so any suspicious movement around your home doesn’t go unnoticed. But the reason why people call this as the best wireless home security system is that it can be customized with up to 30 additional components including food sensor and dial alert options.

    DSC Alexor Wireless Alarm

    Lastly, this wireless alarm is designed to provide secure but flexible installation. Like many other wireless systems out there, it also comes with all the whistles and bells that other systems have. But the unique thing about this system is that a specially designed communication system comes with the package using the internet or GSM networks to communicate an event to the authorities.

    These are some of the best wireless home security system that you can find in the market today. Guaranteed, they are effective and can really help keep you safe.

  117. best wireless home security systems
    January 17, 2013    

    Thanks for the great information. I bought a FrontPoint home security system today and I’m excited to get started. I don’t need someone to install it for me. That’s one of the main reasons why I went with them.

  118. Best alarm system
    January 18, 2013    

    Just called LifeShield Security yesterday and picked up a security system with their latest android device. Pretty sweet deal let me tell you. If you want a great home security system give the folks at LifeShield a call.

  119. Best Home Security Systems
    January 20, 2013    

    From the BHASR Editorial Staff:

    When you are looking for the best home security system make sure you conduct thorough reviews. Coming to the website is a step in the right direction. You can also check out the Better Business Bureau and the complaints boards by searching from the company name then complaints afterwards. This should give you some perspective on what home security companies have the most complaints and what the complaints are about. On the BBB’s website they also have complaints and categorize them. For each company you can see how many complaints were resolved in the past year and the past three years. Good luck on your search for the best home security system.

  120. Happy ADT Customer
    January 21, 2013    

    I got my ADT home security system installed today and the tech was wonderful. I highly recommend ADT. They have 6 million customers for a reason. I’m just sayin.

  121. LifeShield Security all the way
    January 22, 2013    

    Just setup my LifeShield Security home security system and I love it. Really simple to install and best of all they were running a special where it comes with a tablet. Very cool. Just wanted to recommend LifeShield Security to anyone considering a home security system. They are top notch all the way around.

  122. Home Security Systems Reviews
    January 30, 2013    

    Great site. I’ve been looking for a home security system for quite some time now and finally settled on FrontPoint Security. It was there interactive monitoring that did it for me. I think the apps are super cool.

  123. Home Alarm Systems Reviews
    January 30, 2013    

    There are many home alarm systems reviews you can find that will enumerate the best home alarm system companies. If you are thinking of purchasing a system for your home, reading such reviews can be very helpful as they can help you find the company that can deliver the services and features that you want and can give you a comparison so you know which is better. These reviews can also help you learn about previous experiences from people who have used a system from said company before and what problems they have encountered. There are many home alarm systems reviews websites that you can find and here are some of them:

    This is one website that you can rely on for home alarm systems reviews. They have an extensive review about different companies, brands, and models of home alarms that are currently available in the market. Of course, their list will change from time to time as new technology for home alarm system is continuously developed. Rest assured, you can trust the reviews written here as each product and company was thoroughly researched by their team of experts. The website is also unaffiliated to any company or brand of home security system so you are assured that each review given is unbiased. Their reviews are also very easy to understand and read as each is shown in figure ratings. They also tell you tell you how they came up with the rankings to determine the best company (customer service, technology, and pricing). If you want an easy to understand and comprehensive website to find home alarm systems reviews then this website is the place to look.

    This is another website that you can trust for home alarm systems reviews. They also have a list of the current top three best home alarm system companies in the country. The only difference with this website to the one mentioned above is that, here the reviews are based on customer experience mostly. Each review they have about home alarm system companies are supplemented with what customers said about it so know firsthand the experiences of people about dealing with the said company and how their services are.

    Before deciding on a home alarm systems company, it is highly advised that you read on some home alarm systems reviews first. This can help you know more about the company and determine if they have what you want and what you need.

  124. Old Guardian Home Security System - Hardwired
    February 5, 2013    

    I have an alarm system from Guardian that I’ve had for about 6 years now. I called several companies and they no longer support the equipment I have. Protect America has free upfront equipment so I guess I just throw away this old Guardian control panel and sensor. The problem is that it’s hardwired into my home which sucks.

  125. Need of alarm systems
    February 6, 2013    

    Alarm systems are the way to create a secured environment for every home or business apartments. By the number of special and enhanced safety aspects, the alarm systems can bestow the outstanding home security for the users. But, choosing the best alarm security system for homes is really complicated in this present day due to different reasons. When consider about secure alarm systems for the residences, it must be perfect for the home circumstances and always efficient to use. In this current day, several types of alarm systems are available for the home owners with various features and operating methods. If you are incapable to pick the best home alarm system for your home, then just read the following details about different kinds of home alarm systems. By referring the following contents related with best home alarm system, you can choose the exact alarm system for your residence without any difficulty.

  126. Wireless alarm system
    February 7, 2013    

    Wireless alarm systems are the highly preferable applications for the people, who desire to get the best home alarm system for their secured existence. Through this extraordinary wireless alarm method, you can create the safety network for your house without connecting the wires and punching the holes in the walls. Addition to this, it allows you to access the alarm features in a direct manner by using the premade security applications. But, when it comes into the wired alarm systems, you need to create the wired network for connecting the different places in your home. But, it allows the users to create the best home alarm system under construction process and the users can connect the alarm systems with their house wirings.

  127. What Can You Get From the Best Home Alarm System
    February 8, 2013    

    With the crime rates rising in the past few years, no one can be sure that their homes are safe from burglars and other intruders. This is a nightmare for many since most intruders are willing to kill anyone in the house just to get the money and things they want. Fortunately, having the best home alarm system will significantly lower all your worries with this problem. However, home alarm systems are not cheap. This is one reason why many are not too sure about buying them. But once you understand just how important they are, you won’t think twice about installing alarm systems at your home.

    The importance of having the best home alarm system

    What a home alarm system basically does is that it alerts the authorities when something suspicious is happening around your home. The best home security system can do this in such a way that the intruder won’t have any idea that the authorities are on the move. With this feature, your home won’t easily get robbed. If they do happen to enter your house, they won’t escape with your valuables easily since the police are already on their way to arrest the suspects.

    Sometimes, a simple house robbery can lead to a hostage scenario. The intruders may also have knowledge of your home alarm system so what they do is order you to cancel the alarm they have triggered. They may even ask you to lie to the authorities when they call or come to your house. Fortunately, the best home alarm system companies have codes specifically made for this scenario. All you have to do is to answer them using these codes. The authorities may also ask you to say specific words just to confirm that there are indeed burglars at your home without letting the burglars know what is happening. This is very helpful since the burglars may do something unthinkable once they find out that you are confirming the suspicions of the police.

    The perks of home alarm systems

    Installing the best home security system is one way to secure your house during trips away from home. This is much better than asking your neighbors to watch over your house since they won’t be able to do it 24 hours a day. Once the alarm is triggered, the authorities will check it out even though if it’s just triggered by an animal. You will also be noted through your phone once something bad happens.

    Just having an alarm system at your home is already enough to scare off burglars. They won’t risk getting caught and that’s why they will just find another house that doesn’t have alarms installed.

    Installing alarm systems are sometimes ignored by people since they think that investing in expensive securities is not worth their money. However, many can say that having the best home alarm system actually helped them prevent losing expensive valuables. There are even those who can say that it had saved their lives. Remember that streets are not as safe they used to. You will never know when burglars might target your home.

  128. Monitoring based features
    February 9, 2013    

    Apart from the connection based feature, the best home alarm system is also includes the essential facet of monitoring. Nowadays, the alarm systems for homes are available with the excellent feature of monitoring systems. This monitoring application in the home alarm system helps you to watch the home surrounding and guest people within the alarm system. So, you no need to fix the additional security cameras in your home for monitoring the different places in your home. This type of home alarm system is highly suitable for outsized buildings and the users can watch the people who enter into their home through the fixed monitoring devices. As well as, this best home alarm system informs you about the interruption of third party by giving the call around your home. You can utilize the benefit of these entire enhanced home alarm systems for your safe and secured home.

  129. Checking Out the Right Security Systems For Apartments
    February 11, 2013    

    What are the recommended security systems for apartments? You may not have your own home yet, but you probably have all your possessions in the apartment that you are renting. Through time, more and more people are getting interested in this kind of device, so that they can have peace of mind whenever they are off somewhere and no one remains in the house or while all the members of the household are sleeping.

    It is high time that you look for the right security systems for apartments. You must not wait until you become a victim of theft and other harrowing instances before you consider having one installed at your place.

    Here are some tips that you can look into when searching for the ideal security systems for apartments.

    1. You have to compare the prices of the devices that you are interested to get. When it comes to the price, you must not only be concerned about how much the device would cost, but also the price that you have to allot in the monitoring fee, which is typically paid on a monthly basis, installation fees, the devices that will be placed in your area and other services that need to be availed to complete everything that has to be done.

    2. You must also be aware of the cost of repairs from the provider that will render the installation services. This way, you can already allot the right amount in anticipation of such instances, so that you can avoid any troubles once faced with such dilemma.

    3. The more additional features and the more high-tech the devices are, the more costly these are going to be. The security systems for apartments do not need to be very lavish, especially if the area that needs to be monitored is small. You must choose the types though with high resolution so that it will be easier to decipher the images that will be caught by these in the future.

    4. You must also ask about the security systems that will handle the monitoring and taking action whenever it is needed at times when the alarm goes off. As much as possible, choose the ones that do not have only one security system because there may be times when they will be down and no one will be able to respond to your emergency promptly.

    This kind of device is essential, so as much as possible, settle for the types that are dependable even though you will have to shell out a bigger budget in order to avail of such.

  130. Complex home alarm systems
    February 14, 2013    

    Unlike to the other kinds of alarm systems that are based on the simple security networks, the complex form of alarm systems helps the users to fetch unfamiliar range of security features. You can take the benefit of motion sensors, enhanced cameras, gas detectors, outdoor lights, and many additional features from the multifaceted best home alarm system apart from the usual sound alerts and monitoring based applications. The multifaceted alarm systems are commonly used by the people for their business organizations and out-sized residences.

  131. Best Wireless Security System
    February 16, 2013    

    I’ve been in the market for a wireless home security system for a while now. I used to have a Guardian Protection Services system that was left in my home when I bought it. I called around to a few places and I can’t use the old Guardian system so now I want to upgrade to a wireless security system. I’m sold on the fact that they can be expanded easier which isn’t a huge concern for me but the fact that they are wireless appeals to me. I’m a technology nut and I want all of the bells and whistles especially the remote access and home automation features. I’ve narrowed it down to ADT and their pulse offering or Vivint security both have some cool automation features which I like. It looks like the Vivint control panel is a lot more sophisticated but I don’t think that really matters since I will be controlling most of this from my iPad anyways. Wish me luck and thanks for all of the great information you have compiled here on the website. Good stuff indeed.

  132. FrontPoint Easy Setup
    August 15, 2013    

    I found that FrontPoint has a easy home alarm system to setup. It literally took me 35 minutes to do the whole thing. Always make sure DIY systems are pre-programmed by the home security company.

  133. Accurate Home security reviews
    September 17, 2013    

    These are the best home security system reviews I’ve found, because the security company ranking match what I found during my research. Accurate reviews are hard to find and you guys nailed it. Thank you for that.

  134. Questions about home security systems
    October 8, 2013    

    I really don’t know where to start in my search for a home security system do I just call them and ask questions? How would these guys know what I need to protect my home over the phone? If they are not in my house. A few houses a way from me they had a break-in, unfortunately they didn’t have a home security system to protect them. I think most home owners in Texas have guns though, so that may have caused them to not purchase a home security system.

  135. Safest home security system
    October 9, 2013    

    I just found out about Smash and grab and I know now that it is a must have with any home security system. These burglars are not stupid, I mean they are but they don’t want to get caught either. They would walk into your house and destroy your keypad quickly and that’s the end of your alarm system. No other company but FrontPoint Security explained that to me so I bought from them. FrontPoint Security may seem higher priced initially but they really aren’t when you consider the safety you get from cellular monitoring anyway I live really close to the metro station. It’s actually a wealthy area but crime is on the rise.

  136. Cost of false alarms
    October 10, 2013    

    I’ve been down this road with home alarm companies before. Listen, before you buy an alarm system or security system whatever, be mindful of the cost of false alarms. I have kids and they are pretty clumsy and would trigger the alarm system all the time, I got a what’s basically a fine for $200 for false alarms, no one at the alarm company told me there would be additional charges for false alarms. People need to know about these hidden fees.

  137. The Top home security company
    October 11, 2013    

    The top home security company is FrontPoint Security. They know how to take care of customers and provide the best service, the reviews are true they may be more expensive but the service works. As a consumer it is important for me know that my home security system works.

  138. Wireless home security systems and interference
    October 14, 2013    

    I worry about how these wireless alarm systems would affect my other wireless devices in the house, I have 3 laptops, Xbox, Wifi printer, Smart TV, 3 iPhones and 2 iPads all competing for wireless signals. I don’t know how the security system would work in this environment. Obviously I don’t want any service interruption or issues with connectivity. The wireless home security system is going to add another 15 wireless sensors to the house. I wonder if it becomes too much wireless at a certain point that there is interference within the property. With that said I know a wireless home security system is basically the way go and even with the risk of interference there’s no way I’m adding a hard wired system to my house.

  139. My builders home security system
    October 15, 2013    

    My builder is offering a home security system with the house. I actually accepted the option but they are installing a hard wired security system. All these reviews are saying how wireless systems are the new latest and greatest thing. I guess I can ask him to install a wireless system but I cant find a lot of positive information on the home security company they want to install in my house. I will probably call them and remove that option unless they offer some of the other companies with newer technology, like smart phone apps and wireless technology. They did have a cellular monitoring option if i pay more more monitoring.

  140. Comcast Xfinity security or Protect America
    October 16, 2013    

    Comcast vs…. I heard that Comcast is in the home security game now, how wonder how they compare to the big guys in the business, and if this is a serious part of comcasts business model.

  141. with a ADT system?
    October 18, 2013    

    Does anyone know if I can use my ADT system with monitoring technology? I need better monitoring because what I have currently is pretty basic through ADT. I don’t need to get the new security equipment, I just want monitoring services for my current security system. Besides I’m curious if has an a-la-carte option can I just use their smartphone apps and pay for that? or just get the cameras and keep my ADT equipment.

  142. I dont like Motion sensors
    October 23, 2013    

    I didn’t want motion sensors with my new alarm system, I’ve had the worst experience with false alarms in the past with a non monitored off the shelf security system. I just took the plunge and ordered a FrontPoint Security system with motion sensors as the sales rep assured me that the technology has improved. I’m excited about my purchase and cant wait to find how well they work now.

  143. Home Security Cameras with GE system
    October 28, 2013    

    I have a security system now that I like, its a GE Concord. Its not wireless and doesn’t have all the fancy features in the new security systems these days but it works for me which means it doesn’t break a lot – knock on wood. I want to add home security cameras to it or surveillance cameras but i don’t know how to incorporate this into the home security system myself. I think that security cameras are more important these days since burglars may hit your house fast and leave before the police even arrive, security cameras give you the evidence you need.

  144. Want a Basic home security system
    October 30, 2013    

    I need a basic home security system, nothing major for my apartment or condo. I feel like most of the security companies may be geared more towards bigger security systems and not your basic security setup. I live on the third floor and I just dont think its likely for a burglar to get to my windows, so motion sensors are my primary choice. The only way to my door is through the main lobby, so as you can see I’m more worried about someone coming through from inside the apartment complex than anything else. Which companies offer the best basic security systems?

  145. Replacing Batteries on Wireless sensors
    November 4, 2013    

    I’ve had the GE wireless door and window sensors for a few years. The security system notified me that the batteries were running low. The notification came on my control panel. I decided to switch out all the sensors, so it doesn’t come down to me having to change them one by one. The fact that the batteries lasted so long makes me feel good about choosing a wireless alarm system over the others at the time. The cost of batteries for the sensors is also pretty low. I feel like i should get another 5 years out of this wireless home security system.

  146. The solution to home burglaries
    November 8, 2013    

    Should I get monitoring service with my home security system? I really think that this is how the alarm companies make money and all you need is a yard sign that says you have an alarm. Im an NRA member who’s not worried about someone breaking into my house because that will be their last break-in. The reason i have an alarm is for when my wife is home alone, our 2 kids are off to college so she needs some protection. The true solution to burglaries is for the government to stop encouraging these lazy people with entitlements and giving them free money. We need to foster a society that earns their income and understands the value of hard work. If this kids work they wouldn’t have to steal.

  147. All you need is motion detectors
    November 15, 2013    

    Motion detectors are probably all you need with a security system. The truth is i dont think the door sensors really make a difference because most burglars are not going to break into your house while you are in there.Most of them will get in regardless of sensors on the door anyway so the best setup for a security system is to save money by just purchasing motions sensors. They cover a very wide area and burglars are almost certain to trigger a motion sensor if they are well positioned in the home.

    Motion detectors are also known as Passive infra red sensors, pick up movement in the home. Burglars will move in your home in order to steal something so I feel like the other sensors are in place to pad the pockets of the home security system companies, and are practically useless in a true break-in scenario.

    I’ve been in around home security equipment for decades now and have never seen a scenario where a burglar is breaks in and escapes the motion sensors.
    They can avoid the window sensors by just breaking them, that does not trigger the security alarm either.This happens with sliding glass doors a lot. So hope this helps people rethink the way they approach home security systems.

  148. Strobe lights for GE security system
    November 18, 2013    

    Where can i find strobe lights that work with a GE Simon XT. I like the whole thing about the siren but my indoor siren does nothing to alert people around us like our neighbors. I like my home security system, its wireless and I even bout a wireless siren that doesnt work too well. When i found out about the strobe lights I think that would make a big difference at night. The thing with security ystems is they are 50% deterrent and 50% monitoring, yes you want the police sent out but for home invaders you want them to be uncomfortable. Let me know if there are any strobe lights that work with the GE simon XT.

  149. I found a good home security company!
    November 19, 2013    

    FrontPoint is the best for sure, I almost went with Protect America because they have great prices but I’ve been extremely impressed by the team at FrontPoint Security. If you are looking for a home security system look no further than FrontPoint Security.

  150. Break-ins in my neighborhood
    November 21, 2013    

    The third burglary in 3 months just happened in my neighborhood, people are going crazy with fear around here and dont know where to go, seems like the police are helpless as they haven’t made any progress going after or finding the thieves. I’m going to buy a home security system to protect my home, but i think we need cameras in the neighborhood also so we can identify the perps. The security system reviews where helpful and should come in handy but i need information on external cameras to line the neighborhood with. We are desperate to get back to being a safe neighborhood, but the only way to do that is to attain some solid evidence of who is doing the robberies and get them off the street.

  151. Local alarm companies vs national
    November 25, 2013    

    I’ve always gone with my local alarm companies, just because those guys knock on your door or you see their trucks around the neighborhood. I work as a handyman part-time myself so I appreciate the small business guys. Unfortunately when it comes to equipment prices the alarm companies in my neighborhood are way too expensive compared to these other guys with free systems or $99 security system prices. I have no problem installing a home security system myself so the DIY stuff is not a problem for me. I hate to say this but some of this natinal guys may have something going for themselves and this is a bid advantage for anyone looking for a home security system deal. I have enjoyed the support i received from the local security companies so I hope some of the big security companies can keep up with that standard. Here’s to trying out new things.

  152. Need to buy a home security system
    November 26, 2013    

    Well its time to take the plunge and buy a home security system. I hate to admit it but I waited until the worst happened, I had a break in. Th eworst part is that my family is devastated and my girls dont feel as comfortable in the home. There’s some emotional trauma here from knowing that bad guys came into our home. I read up on home security reviews and researched alarm systems accross the board a few months back, when we heard of a break-in in the neighbor. As a marine and owner of firearms I thought if theres a break in I will have it under control. If I only had a home security system to notify me of an intrusion we=hen Im away. So reading reviews it seems like the wireless security systems are the best now, but i definitely like the text alerts feature with any alarm system I buy.

  153. Guardian security system
    November 28, 2013    

    I have Guardian security system and Im really happy with them. I live in the Pittsburgh area and people in my area seem to like their services to as I see a lot of Guardian Security system yard signs in my neighborhood. I’m curious to see know guardian was not reviewed here on this site much. I’ve compared pricing with the other security companies and they seem comparable and in the ball park. From a technology standpoint some of the other security companies may have more but I cant see any other differences.

  154. Security system with no contract
    November 29, 2013    

    I bought an alarm system on Ebay, and it just doesn’t work. It was one of those do it yourself security systems like the ones you get at Lowes or Home depot. The sensors don’t stay in place and don’t work half the time. The alarm does work and the siren is quite loud. I’m wondering if some of the security companies reviewed on this site sell their equipment without monitoring, I dont want to be stuck paying for a monitored home security system for years with a contract. I need good equipment without a contract.

  155. Guns are better for home security
    December 2, 2013    

    I have firearms and have first hand knowledge from experience that guns are the best home security system. What burglar would want to come into a house when they know the owner is heavily armed and prepared to use their guns. They will definitely go over to the next home in your neighborhood. I just saw the story of the single mom that shot and killed an intruder that was trying to come into her home, while she was home alone with her baby. These security system reviews should include guns and self defense if they are truly being honest with people.. The alarm systems make a lot of noise and thats all people get with them is an alarm or siren. My gun is louder than any alarm system siren.

  156. Security System for Marine in California
    December 3, 2013    

    We move a lot as a military family so I want a home security company with some flexibility in their contract. If I go with any company they need to have a military clause for me to even talk to them. While I can see some of the home security companies being reviewed here as having a good product. I found that some of their sales reps need to be better trained on speaking to the concerns of military customers. I got the vibe that you had to be deployed to Iraq or somewhere in the middle east for them to honor to military clause. There are many US military bases around the world that we get sent to. Its not just about the best home security system valuable, its really about finding the one that works best for me.
    The other point I also wanted to make is that I dont think that motion sensors need to be accompanied by other door sensors. Most of the security system packages combine them, but in my experience door sensors tend to get i the way and make me feel somewhat trapped in my own home. The motion sensors turned on when there is no one home is all we need. Trust me if someone tries to break in through any of my doors while my wife and I are in the house, they wouldn’t make it much further.

  157. Does every home security company offer 24 hour monitoring?
    December 9, 2013    

    Is 24 hour monitoring standard offering with all the alarm companies? This is something that Im noticing some of them advertise and some of them dont go into specifics. We are all paying a subscription and its not for the home security system, its so that we can get monitoring. The most important thing then should be who has the best monitoring plan. 24 hour monitoring should be available at a minimum bcos who knows when a burglar will break in to the house? Fire is almost just as important as a standard feature for what these companies are charging these days. My advice is focus on the monitoring plan and not bells and whistles with the security equipment.

  158. Poor economy leading to more crimes
    December 10, 2013    

    The bad economy seems to have led to more break ins and burglars taking advantage of people in my area. Im in Houston Texas and people used to be more decent when it comes to the way they treat each other, it’s really quite shameful. Burglars are attacking the elderly and single moms just anyone they think is most vulnerable. People need more than a home security system around here, it getting to a point where we all need to be armed.

  159. Gangs infesting my neighborhood
    December 12, 2013    

    The gangs and the drug dealers are infesting my neighborhood. When we bought a home I thought I was in the neighborhood I will retire in and now its nothing but crime everywhere. I dont just need a security system I want a lot of cameras. Other homeowners on my street also need a security systems so I’m looking for a company I can do multiple orders with at the right price. Now I dont see any of the companies here in my neighborhood except ADT is in the yellow book all over. Its a shame that its come to a point where I need a home security system.

  160. 2014 Home Security Systems Reviews
    December 18, 2013    

    I was wondering when you guys were going to publish the home security systems reviews for 2014. I’m closing on a home in February of next year and wanted to protect it by getting a wireless home security system. Any ideas? Thanks a bunch!

  161. Highly Recommend FrontPoint Security
    December 22, 2013    

    Just purchased a FrontPoint system about a week ago and I now have it installed. I went with their Interactive monitoring service and love it. I wanted a system for monitoring as well as intrusion protection. I setup some additional sensors on my garage and gun safe. The rep helped me customize a system for my home and was very helpful. Kudos to FrontPoint!

  162. Should I buy a security system for Christmas and the Holiday season?
    December 23, 2013    

    After purchasing all the christmas presents, including stuff for dad like a TV for my basement. I realized I don’t want to advertise to burglars that I have new stuff in my house.

    I know on the next trash day after christmas we will have boxes of new electronics out there for people to see. I think this is a good reason to buy a home security system, I’ve been thinking about it but this is probably the best time to buy a wireless home security system and have that shipped to my house and I can install it myself.

    People should think about the increased risk of burglary during the holiday season.

  163. Burglaries on Christmas
    December 26, 2013    

    People make me sick, Christmas is barely over and we have heard news of break-ins in our neighborhood already. These burglars are anticipating that people have spent money on gifts for their families, but have decided that they want what other people have worked so hard for themselves. I started my search for a home security system this morning because I was so disturbed by these christmas day burglaries.

    Life in the Houston TX area hasnt always had high crime rate but the way things are going I think its only going to get worse. I’ve talked to three of the home security companies already and I think I may be purchasing a security system soon. I just hate that I have to pay for security because of lazy low-lifes in my neighborhood.

  164. Security during a snow storm
    January 2, 2014    

    They say the East coast is going to have a snow storm over the next few days. Some areas in New York and Boston may have over a foot of snow when its all said and done. People should remember to have their emergency supplies and a disaster kit ready, incase things take a turn for the worst. Also remember to ARM your hime security system, businesses in areas affected must ensure that their security systems are armed as burglars assume their will be no police patrolling in a snow storm.

  165. Alarm companies that are easy to deal with.
    January 7, 2014    

    Looking for a home security system should not be difficult to do in this day and age, but I’m so tired of all the door knocking sales guys. As soon as I put my request online they started coming one after the other.

    They all say they are the best and would give you a free home security system that amounts to nothing, and then you have to add equipment to the basic security system they offer, and end up with $1000 bill.

    Ridiculous, so as much as I wanted someone to come over to my house and install, I might just order from one of the top secuirty companies here and give them a shot. They seem more honest with their prices.

  166. Most affordable home security company
    January 14, 2014    

    Protect America has the most affordable home security system out there. Now this is unusual but in my opinion they also have the best home security system out there. I’m one of those people that researched almost every website on the internet for months because I absolutely needed to feel like I got the best deal for my money, and the best service. All that research paid off because I decided to go with Protect America because:

    1. They had the perfect home security system package as far as equipment goes for house. The Gold package had the right number of doors and windows.

    2. The equipment was free, and still is to this day. Some other companies made it seem like theywould come back and charge me for the equipment but that is just not the case.

    3. The monitoring works, it works for burglary, fire at least those are the alarms I have tested for and it works great for those.

    4. They really have great customer service, I mean I dont need to talk to customer service every day but they have been easy to deal with and have helped me test my system every time I requested a test.

    I always said if they ended up being a good company, I would spread the word on their behalf an Protect America has earned my respect in that sense. Here’s their website.

  167. Get a Safe for your Home
    January 16, 2014    

    Get a safe in your home. A lot of burglaries are done by people you know, and unfortunately some people in your own home. I have a neighbor who had a son, 23 yr old man still living with her and stealing from her for years. Turned out he had a drug problem but she kept buying the alarm systems and door lock and all the other stuff but it was her son doing it all along. Honestly put all your valuables in a good safe and let the home security system secure the things that are disposable would be the best way to go in my opinion.

  168. Why Install a Home Security System?
    January 27, 2014    

    Installing a home security system will improve the security of your home. With your own security system, you will avoid getting poisoned by carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is difficult to detect because it has no smell. With the right security system, you will be alarmed if the carbon monoxide levels in your house are too high. You can quickly leave your house and call an expert about the levels of carbon monoxide in your house, if you have a security system.

    A security system will also alert you of a fire in your property. Fires spread quickly leaving you no time to escape or react. With a quality security system, you will know if there is a fire in your property. You will have more time to react and escape from a fire when you install a home security system.

    Your security system will also prevent intruders and thieves from breaking into your property. Your children and the elderly people in your house will have a first line of defense if you have a security system. Thieves will have a harder time breaking and entering your home. The security system will also give you enough time to alert the police that someone is trying to break into your home. The service provider you choose can also help you monitor your home for you through their wireless mobile service. Your service provider can monitor the smoke and carbon monoxide levels in your home even in a remote location.

    There are plenty of service providers but only a few can deliver the results that you are looking for. You can read home alarm systems reviews online to help you make an informed decision.

  169. Considerations in choosing from top home alarm systems
    January 30, 2014    

    Many homeowners have benefited in their use of home alarm systems. The utilization of this technology helps in ensuring the security of families as well as their belongings. Whether a house is small or huge, the installation of top home alarm systems can be an overwhelming task. There are various alarm products and security systems that are offered by different companies. When choosing one, there are some considerations which should be noted.

    Before searching the stores to get a home alarm system installed, homeowners must be knowledgeable about it. This puts them to be in the right position to make queries about the services the alarm system provides. When the homeowners are well-informed through research, they can now choose one from top home alarm systems that can meet their needs.
    Remember that these types of security systems are not only monetary investment but also an investment for the homeowners’ family safety. There are many options to choose from. So, each homeowner who is interested in purchasing one must know what is needed.

    An alarm system can either be wired or wireless. A wireless alarm system is easy to install and does not require professional services for its installation. This is also cheaper compared to the wired ones. It can still operate even if there is power outage. Another plus of wireless alarms is that it can last for more than 5 years.

    On the other hand, a wired alarm system needs a professional to configure its setting. Also, this type of alarm is becoming out of date. The disadvantage of using this is that it cannot be brought by the homeowners if they decided to move to another house.

    Nowadays, most of the top home alarm systems offer continuous monitoring through a centralized station. The monitored home alarm systems work when the sensor is triggered. The home security company calls the homeowner first. The purpose of this is to verify the emergency. After that, the security company calls the police, paramedics, or firemen. However, if the homeowner doesn’t answer the security company’s calls, they will immediately inform the police to check the situation.

    With the monitored-type of home alarm system, the homeowner should take into consideration the fee for the services they provide. This type of service is charged monthly. For people who have tight budget, it’s not a problem anymore. There are different offers which can be availed by most homeowners who are interested.

    Another must is to inquire about the provider’s ability to deliver satisfying services. Check if they can configure the setting of the alarm system properly. A wise homeowner also researches about the company’s customer services. They should always be accommodating and available when needed.

    The top home alarm systems are those that can provide quality protection to the homeowners. Also, it must be cost effective. This is to ensure that they get the best from the alarm. Another factor to consider is the security company’s ability to provide customer service that meets their needs and expectations.

  170. Security camera systems
    February 4, 2014    

    Where can I find home security cameras that work without a home security system. i really dont want to pay a monthly price for home security services. i just need a camera to catch who has been going into my house and robbing me blind. These home security companies are into thievery themselves with some of the prices they try to charge for services. I really want a security camera system that I can own outright, and maintain. Burglars must know how expensive security systems are so they figure people dont have or use them, which has led to the free for all in peoples homes.

  171. How social media can affect your home security
    February 6, 2014    

    What you say on the social network sites can affect your home security big time. Burglars really don’t have to case neighborhoods anymore, because people are constantly running their mouths daily about what they are doing for vacation and where they are traveling to for business. What you think is an innocent comment or status update on FaceBook may telll burglars just how and when to break into your house. Dont let careless conversations on websites destroy your life.

  172. How to use top wireless home alarm systems?
    February 10, 2014    

    The number of crimes has been increasing lately. The first thing that everyone thinks when hearing about this kind of news is about the family’s protection. Getting a dog to safeguard the house is not enough to provide the desired security. Many people have considered installing security systems such as wireless alarms. When planning to obtain this service to protect the house and family, choose the top wireless home alarm system.

    Home alarm systems are classified into two, wired and wireless. The wired home alarm system requires making holes on the walls to install it. The installation is complicated, so the service of a professional is required for set up and configuration of the alarm. Also, this relies on landline connection to alert the authorities for any emergencies.

    The main drawback of this system is that it could be easily cut by the unwanted intruders who want to victimize people. On the other hand, wireless home alarm system is easy to install. The top wireless home alarm system available today has a DIY or do-it-yourself feature. This eliminates the need to hire a professional.

    Aside from that, it cannot be easily deactivated by the criminals who may go inside the house. Its connection uses primarily cellular connection. This works the same way as the cellular phone works. So, the bad guys will not be able to cut the line in case of emergency. Aside from that, it can still operate even if there are power interruptions.

    Using the top wireless home alarm system involves its ability to meet the homeowner’s needs. When an alarm system is chosen, be sure to follow these tips to ensure the protection it offers:

    Before leaving home, make sure that the arming modes are set properly for the alarm. Most of the homeowners tend to forget this essential part. In order to get the best results, the proper arming mode should be set to prevent false alarms.

    Aside from setting the arming modes, test the effectiveness of the alarm system. Allot time to perform safety drills at home. This is to confirm if the alarm system is working as expected. Malfunctions can only be detected if safety drill, like this is, is done.

    Maintain the alarm system at its optimal state. This should be scheduled as suggested by the security system that manufactured the alarm. Also, the regular maintenance of the alarm needs the services of the professional. Do not rely on the local technician to do the maintenance work.

    Another tip to ensure proper working of the alarm is to get to know more about it. Don’t forget the certified company professional from whom the alarm is bought. Ask as many questions about it including the settings, features, precautions, maintenance schedules, safety checks, and emergency numbers when the device stops working. Aside from that, be sure to ask the professional to demonstrate how the device is used.

    Lastly, for those who are availing the alarm monitoring services, make sure to pay the monthly subscription fee. This is to enjoy the full benefits that come with the alarm system.

    When these tips are followed by the homeowner, the optimal functioning of the alarm system will be ensured. If the device provides all that is needed, then, it is definitely the top wireless home alarm system for one’s particular situation.

  173. Tips to help keep you home safe
    February 18, 2014    

    Before leaving home, make sure that the arming modes are set properly for the alarm. Most of the homeowners tend to forget this essential part. In order to get the best results, the proper arming mode should be set to prevent false alarms.

    Aside from setting the arming modes, test the effectiveness of the alarm system. Allot time to perform safety drills at home. This is to confirm if the alarm system is working as expected. Malfunctions can only be detected if safety drill, like this is, is done.

    Maintain the alarm system at its optimal state. This should be scheduled as suggested by the security system that manufactured the alarm. Also, the regular maintenance of the alarm needs the services of the professional. Do not rely on the local technician to do the maintenance work.

    Another tip to ensure proper working of the alarm is to get to know more about it. Don’t forget the certified company professional from whom the alarm is bought. Ask as many questions about it including the settings, features, precautions, maintenance schedules, safety checks, and emergency numbers when the device stops working. Aside from that, be sure to ask the professional to demonstrate how the device is used.

    Lastly, for those who are availing the alarm monitoring services, make sure to pay the monthly subscription fee. This is to enjoy the full benefits that come with the alarm system.
    When these tips are followed by the homeowner, the optimal functioning of the alarm system will be ensured. If the device provides all that is needed, then, it is definitely the top wireless home alarm system for one’s particular situation.

  174. Fire Safety Tips
    February 28, 2014    

    Taking fire safety precautions given by the top wireless home alarm company can help you in significantly decreasing the risks of starting a fire. In the long run, doing this can help you prevent unfortunate events such as property damages, injuries, and deaths. When a fire does break out, you should alert every member of your household so you can immediately get out of the building. One of the best precautions that you can take for effective evacuation is to discuss a possible fire escape plan with every member of the family. In line with this, you should also teach the younger members how to dial the emergency numbers. To prevent making prank calls, you should point out when they should contact those numbers. This article will provide you with some fire prevention tips.

    Smoke Alarm
    The top wireless home alarm company considers smoke alarms as vital to early fire detection in your household. You should install smoke alarms for every level of your household. Among the most important parts of your household are the bedroom and the kitchen. These fire prevention systems should be assessed monthly to ensure that they still work properly. Replacement period for the smoke alarm systems should be every ten years. This is still the recommended replacement time even if these alarm systems are still working.

    Escape Plan
    For most households, top wireless home alarm company expressed that you should devise an escape plan with other members of your household. For easier visual comprehension, you should draw out the map for the plan while discussing it with other members of the family. This is important because time counts when you are caught up in a fire. In this regard, you have to make sure that the escape plan is easy and quick. Ideally, you should practice this escape plan with your companions for at least once a month. In relation to this, you may designate a specific area outside your house where you can meet up after the escape.

    To help significantly decrease the risks of a fire breakout, you have to make sure that the wiring and the electrical appliances are secured and free from fraying. In case you noted some worn out cords and frayed wires, you should replace them immediately. You should not attempt to fix them because this may just make the problems worse. You should not allow the younger ones to play around your electrical appliances. As much as possible, you should keep objects away from hot appliances such as heaters.

    Everytime you cook your meals, you should make sure that you will only stay in the kitchen. If you leave the cooking food unattended, this can lead to fires. In fact, the top wireless home alarm company expressed that unattended cooking is considered as one of the leading causes of kitchen fires. To further promote safety in the kitchen, you should wear tops with short sleeves and pull back your hair while cooking.

    If you are a smoker, you should do it outside as much as possible. Your cigarette lighters should be set to low flame. To further promote safety, you need to place the cigarettes in deep ashtrays.

  175. Protect America: A Top Alarm Company for home
    March 3, 2014    

    It’s very important to make sure that your home is safe not just from burglars but from other potential dangers such as fires and CO2 emissions, as well. For over 20 years now, Protect America has been a great top alarm company for home. Having lasted in the industry that long, you can be sure that you’ll get the best protection system for your home and that you can finally let some of that stress go.

    Made for your satisfaction
    As a top alarm company for home, Protect America makes sure that you are well taken care of and that your house will be safe away from harm. You can choose from different alarm packages and can also customize the package that you have chosen, which means that the company really cares about its customers and that they know that everyone has different needs. That said, you can be sure that you’ll get only the best kind of service available.

    Very affordable
    Another thing that makes Protect America being a great alarm company is the fact that their alarm systems come in very affordable prices. Imagine, for only $29.99 to $50.00 monthly, you’ll be able to get the services of this top alarm company for home. Plus, if you choose to avail of their services for you will also get free products from GE such as a cellular phone, a landline, or a broadband connection. The best part is, the amount you’ll be paying is only equal to the kind of alarm service you’ll be getting. You can choose from a burglar alarm, a fire alarm or a CO2 emission alarm, or a combination of the three.

    You’ll be safe and sound
    Since Protect America has partnered with Criticom, a central monitoring company, you can be assured that your house will be monitored all the time and that even if you get out of the house, your house and your belongings will still be safe. As a top alarm company for home, Protect America makes sure that you are given a great kind of alarm service. Plus, since it is one of the winners of the 2013 home alarm security awards, you can be sure that this company is trust-worthy. Customers have also praised the company for its excellent service and the fact that they can now breathe a sigh of relief because the worries about getting robbed or having a fire in their homes are lessened.

    Other features
    You can also expect full time cellular monitoring, crash and smash protection and the fact that the alarm system can be controlled remotely or through mobile. Plus, there are some freebies that you can get from time to time and there’s a lifetime warranty, too. Surely, you’ll be able to get the best of what you have paid for and you can be sure that you and your house will be safe away from harm. A top alarm company for home surely is good for you and you should definitely have one installed right now. Do not let your possessions or your life go to waste—stay safe as soon as possible with Protect America.

  176. Install a security system no contract
    March 11, 2014    

    I’ll much rather just install my wireless home security system myself, but I don’t know why the home security companies still want me to sign a contract. I can buy the system and give them my credit or checking card on file to take their fee every month. Any one else running into contract issues with all these home security companies? it’s turning me off the whole idea of home security systems.

  177. Why are top alarm systems important?
    March 17, 2014    

    With the advancing technology today, many people benefit from the advantages it offers. One of those advantages is the improvement in security systems. There are various devices designed to catch the criminals who have terrible plans for other people. These criminals are vicious and dangerous. They can do unthinkable things that may hurt others. In this case, people must come up with ideas on how to protect themselves and their belongings.

    Security systems, such as top alarm system, are widely used in stores, malls, buildings, and houses. Buying one is an important investment for the owners. These alarm systems do not only protect the properties but also the people inside it.

    If there is one thing that intruders and burglars hate, it’s the top alarm systems. They know that they are busted when the alarm detects them. When the alarm goes off, they panic and have no choice but to leave the area. Also, this alerts everyone that an intrusion has been committed on the building or house. By these loud alarming noises or flash lights, someone can immediately notify the police to come and check the place.

    Also, having a top alarm system is an asset. When burglars or any intruder observes that the place has an efficient security system, they will most likely avoid it. This is because they know for sure that they would get caught when they try to break into the building or house.

    A top alarm system does not only catch the criminals doing the act. Many alarm systems can also function in detecting smokes, fire, or flooding. By having this system, lives can be saved. It may cost a fortune but it’s nothing compared to the price of keeping people safe.

    A research on the internet will provide the much needed information about various choices in alarm systems. In doing this, consider the most important reason in buying it. The one that best fits the security needs should be chosen. This means that it should be effective in every aspect. When the alarm system has a high quality, worries about insecurity may be lessened. By knowing that optimal safety is provided, focused working and enjoyment in life can be obtained.

    Another factor to consider when looking for a top alarm system is its price and the services it offers. For those who choose to have those sophisticated alarm systems, hiring a professional for the set up and configuration of the system is needed. Services like this are more expensive compared to the ones that can be installed as DIY projects. The price of the alarm systems varies. It will depend on the features and services which are included in the package.

    For the homeowners who are doing the installation by themselves, knowing where the sensors of the alarm system should be put is necessary. When installing a top alarm system, one must know the proper locations where sensors should be placed. Make a note about the possible entry points of the intruders. Place the sensors on the doors, windows, gates, and garage.

    Having a lot of knowledge about a top alarm system is necessary to make right decisions. Guarding the safety of people and possessions may be pricey. Though this is the case, it’s better to have precaution than be sorry with the depressing crimes that could happen to anyone without proper security in the house or other infrastructures.

  178. Glass break or Motion Sensor
    March 26, 2014    

    So I’ve talked to a few of the home security companies and most of the representatives have not been able to fully answer the question of motion detectors or glass break sensors. I feel like they both have their benefits but as far has which one is a better solution its difficult to say.

    Motion sensors are great for picking up a burglar moving inside the house but not so great for when people are home, or kids and pets straying into the the range of the motion sensors. So motion sensors cannot be used when there are people moving around in the house, hence cannot be a stand alone solution for a security system. Unless users are truly not concerned about a break in when they are in the home or business. Motion sensors are very popular and used widely as part of home security solution.

    Glass break sensors are very appealing to me since I had door sensors on the door and it seemed like the only other way burglars would come in would be through windows. I never quite got a clear answer on what happens if the glass got cut, which means the burglars dont actually shatter glass. Do glass break sensors work if glass is cut. Even if i was told they do, I just dont know how comfortable I will be with a glass break sensor solution.

    I dont want to end up using both because that gets expensive, so I’m curious how other home security users decided between glass breaks and motion sensors.

  179. Home Security Tips
    March 27, 2014    

    When it comes to home security, prevention is always the key. You may have read various home security systems reviews. You may have purchased the best home surveillance system that is available in the market. However, home security does not end there.

    Here are some tips on how to fully secure your home:
    If you are still constructing your home, it is important to make sure that each component would be as sturdy as possible. The doors and the windows are the usual components of the house that are used for entry. You could start by making sure that your doors and windows are strong. This would make it hard for intruders to enter and ransack your house. Difficulty in access is the initial step of securing your house and makes it intruder-free.

    Motion detectors are also highly recommended for securing your home. They could easily detect and deter burglars and thieves from breaking into your house. Installing motion detectors on certain areas of your property would definitely avoid the presence of those who are lurking in the shadows. These motion detectors, even home cctv systems, must be placed in places of the property that are darker, covered, or hidden.

  180. Security Company in Atlanta
    April 5, 2014    

    Living in a big city like Atlanta, homeowners or renters will always be concerned about being safe in their houses. It is most important that the best home security company available is protecting your home. But what exactly is the best home security system in Atlanta?

    Frontline Solutions
    Frontline Solutions is one of the best home security system in Atlanta. They provide advanced wireless security so there is no more need for a connection to a landline, which a burglar can easily cut. This system allows you to monitor your own home remotely through the control panel and your compatible mobile communication device.

    There are numerous packages you can choose from that’ll fit your needs:

    The Remote Enhanced Package uses cellular technology, with no need for a landline, and features a two-way voice monitoring system in your control panel. This feature allows you to instantly communicate with the central monitoring system whenever there is an emergency. You can control your security system remotely through your smartphone and the system also sends you alerts when the alarm goes off, which is convenient when you are out of the house.

    The Empower Energy Saver Package includes all the features of the Remote Enhanced Package. And it also includes the ability to control lights and thermostat from your smartphone or computer or tablet. The Real Time Video Package includes all of the above plus at least 1 Indoor Night Vision Camera and real-time video monitoring. You can also schedule recording of alarm-triggered events. The Advanced Security Package includes all of the above plus 1 Door Lock and a feature that includes being able to lock and unlock your door remotely. The Full Home Automation Package includes everything plus controlling the lights and adjusting thermostat remotely.

    If you’re looking for the best home security system in Atlanta, Frontline Solutions should be on top of your list.

  181. Home Security System Reviews
    April 23, 2014    

    I’m so glad I read up on your home security systems reviews, I looked up the different companies and researched them based on the reviews. I’ve always known ADT to be the good security company, I guess thats because I see ADT in my neighborhood as people displace their yard signs. As I read the reviews about security companies.I realized that I prefer the portable and wireless technology that Frontpoint and Protect America offer, so to me its an equipment thing, Im a DIY guy so I prefer having a self installed system. I also like that the wireless companies offer cellular monitoring as a standard offering.
    I will be making purchase based on the reviews I read and of course I will look at the BBB to make sure Im on the right path.

  182. Top 5 security companies
    May 2, 2014    

    Looking for the top 5 home security companies and then I will be using the ir prices to determine which company to go with. This reviews site has helped me at least narrow the search, the issue I have is the security companies reviewed here are not really headquartered locally to me.
    I dont understand how installations and ongoing service and upkeep can be done without the local presence and staff. Are people buying security systems that don’t have monitoring with them, I’m still at the beginning of my search so Im not sure how some of these wireless alarms work. For me a list of the top 5 local security companies with reviews would’ve been perfect.
    I’m also looking to protect my business too, so this could be a two for one deal which make s it all the more important for me to find the right solution. I’m also mainly concerned about the same thing in both locations and that is someone that knows my patterns and work hours ripping me off and taking me for all I’ve got.

  183. Reasons to buy from Protect America
    May 6, 2014    

    Protect America is another top wireless home security systems available in the US. The system includes a talking command station, which sends the distress signal to Protect America’s monitoring facility, wireless sensors, which are placed on doors and windows, and wireless motion detectors, placed inside the house. You can have as little 3 sensors to as many as 12 sensors, depending on your plan.

    Protect America’s monitoring facility works 24/7. When it receives a signal from your house, they will automatically try to reach you by your landline or Internet connection. When they can’t reach you, they will automatically try to reach the people you’ve provided for Protect America, like your family, your friends or your neighbors to determine if it was a real emergency or a false one.

    Use your iPhone or Android to arm/disarm your system, you can check on your home using the cameras provided by Protect America and you can even control the lights and appliances inside your home, all through your smartphone. And you can have all of these starting at $19.99 per month.

    Have you decided which on who wins the comparison of LifeShield vs Protect America? Be sure to ask around for recommendations, if you’re having trouble deciding. Choosing between LifeShield vs Protect America is a hard decision that has to be made for the sake of your security.

  184. Monitored home security reviews
    May 15, 2014    

    Safety is one of the biggest concerns in the modern world. With both natural (ex.: storms, tornadoes, floods) and man-made (ex.: burglaries, assaults) threats seemingly abound, it’s a must that you make precautions to keep your home safety in check at all times. One of the best ways to do it is by installing a home security system. There are 2 types of home security systems available: monitored and unmonitored. Are you wondering what the differences with monitored vs. non-monitored home security systems? You’ll learn about the simple and subtle differences between these 2 forms of home security systems.

    To start off the comparison between monitored vs. non-monitored home security systems, it would be great to take a close look first at unmonitored systems. As the name would suggest, it is unmonitored, meaning you got to do the monitoring yourself. The simplest form of these devices is alarm kits that are triggered when a potential intruder is detected by it. More advanced devices provide options for owners to stay updated thru devices. When the alarm is triggered for any reason, you will instantly be notified thru means such as text message and email.

  185. Need a new home security company
    May 22, 2014    

    I think I have bay alarms, I live in San Diego area. I know that I haven’t used the system in years because it just seemed to be a bit of a headache. The system is in need of some service and updates and these guys are charging an arm and a leg. I’ve been paying these guys for months now pretty much for nothing and this is how they repay me for my loyalty, not the best treatment from my security company. I am now looking for a security company to take over the equipment I have because I refuse to deal with them anymore.
    The reason I haven’t used the home security system much is because I just hate how it works. Im more interested in the newer technology that out there now. They didn’t have a smartphone app and I believe thats a pretty basic feature now, thats the important feature for me.

  186. Should I buy a monitored home security system?
    May 27, 2014    

    Protecting your home should be one of your main concerns. You need to install a reliable home security system in order to keep your family and personal belongings safe. With the vast choices of home security systems on the market today which one should you choose? At present, homeowners are debating on monitored vs. non-monitored home security systems.
    While both of these home security systems are efficient, you still need to find out which one bets suits your needs. There are advantages and disadvantages to each home alarm type. It is crucial to determine which one of them is more ideal. So, monitored vs. non-monitored home security systems, which one should you get?
    Monitored alarm systems are perhaps the most common alarm systems on the market. With a monitored alarm system, a signal gets sent from the Control Panel of your system to the monitoring station when your alarm system is set off or triggered. When this happens, you will be notified by the monitoring station via phone or a two-way voice intercom.
    The monitoring station will contact you and verify the alarm before they contact the authorities. This prevents any false alarms. If the monitoring station fails to reach you, they will automatically assume that there is a problem. They will contact the authorities and check out your alarm. If the monitoring system is able to reach you, however, you can tell them whether or not there really is a problem so they can call your local police.
    When comparing flexibility between monitored vs. non-monitored home security systems, you can actually monitor your monitored alarm system in a variety of ways. For instance, you can monitor it using your phone line. Just hook your phone line with the main Control Panel of the system. When your alarm is triggered, a signal will be transmitted through your phone line to the monitoring station.

  187. A thought about wired and wireless home security systems
    June 24, 2014    

    The number of different home surveillance systems to choose from is so many. It is easy to understand how making a choice can be difficult for most people. One of the most common dilemmas for homeowners is choosing between a wired or wireless home security systems.
    Making the right choice depends upon knowing the difference between these two competing surveillance systems. Each of these systems has their own set of pros and cons.
    People need to be aware of what makes each of these two security systems apart in order to make a wise and informed decision. Here is a brief rundown of the wired and wireless home surveillance systems.
    Wireless surveillance systems
    The wireless surveillance system is the more recent piece of technology. Most security experts agree that wireless surveillance systems possess advantages and disadvantages that wired surveillance systems do not.
    The most obvious benefit of wireless surveillance systems is that they do not have to be wired directly into the security console.
    First, this gives the homeowner the advantage to place their wireless home surveillance cameras practically anywhere they want to. This makes it easier for homeowners to place their surveillance cameras in places where most people would not think to see.
    Another advantage of wireless surveillance systems is that they are a lot easier to install. The fact that the cameras do not have to be directly wired to the security console means easy installation. Homeowners do not have to pay a serviceman to install their cameras. They also do not have to think about spending money on all those cables or wires.
    The main disadvantage of wireless surveillance systems is that they send the feed through the air. The signal these cameras send can easily be interrupted. Feed quality will suffer because of environmental reasons that can or cannot be foreseen. Those who value consistency may want to think about getting a wireless home surveillance system.

  188. Some Types of Motion Sensors
    August 26, 2014    

    Why do the best security systems for homes provide protection for the people’s belongings? Here are the roles of each motion sensor so that you can discover the answer to that question.

    Microwave Motion Sensor

    The microwave motion sensor uses frequencies to detect an intruder. The frequencies are emitted by the motion sensor and are bounced off the intruder. It covers the area of a larger home and is expensive because it’s sensitive to movement. Electrical interference can affect its functions.

    Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

    The passive infrared motion sensor detects the body heat of an intruder. It becomes activated when it’s armed. The motion sensor detects the intruder’s body heat once it warms up.

    Dual Technology Motion Sensor

    The dual technology motion sensor has the two best security systems for homes. The two security systems are the passive motion sensor and the active motion sensor. The passive motion sensor detects an intruder by reading the changes in the area’s energy. The active motion sensor emits three types of energy to detect an intruder. The three types of energy are sound waves, infrared light, and microwave radiation.

    Vibration Motion Sensor

    The vibration motion sensor uses piezoelectricity to detect an intruder. Piezoelectricity converts vibrations into an electrical charge to set off an alarm.

  189. Security Company did their job
    August 29, 2014    

    I’ve been using a security system for a few years now and I just had a break-in this past week and I’m glad to say that the system worked. I was at work and away from my smartphone so didn’t know the police had been dispatched to my home, but I did notice a missed call from the monitoring station, which I disregarded thinking it was a solicitor.

    The burglars seemed to have heard the siren and made away with a few thing s but it did disturb the burglary of my home. I don’t use yard signs as I have security cameras in the house that are independent of the home security system and I do have what I would call a fair to decent image of the burglars breaking in to the property. The police showed up on the scene and wrote a detailed report of what they think occurred with time lines and everything.

    No one was injured, and because of the response I don’t feel too bad or vulnerable, broken tv and dry wall notwithstanding. I happy with my home security system as it served its purpose, but the fact that the security company served their purpose makes me happy with my purchase.

  190. Feeling safer in Phoenix, AZ
    September 2, 2014    

    I installed a FrontPoint Security System after reading the reviews here and on a few other websites. I thought deciding that I wanted a home security system (my wifes idea) was the tough part but when I started shopping for the system, I realized there were a lot of options, good and bad. Either way I decided to pull the trigger and buy a Frontpoint security system because they were highly recommended by all of the review sites out there. I feel secure but the positive surprise is how much interaction I have with my system everyday now, I show my co-workers the app and never miss what is going on in my home. I feel like I made a very good decision already because I already have that peace of mind that I wanted.

  191. What Charges Usually Come with Home Security Services and Systems?
    September 4, 2014    

    Consumers want to obtain the best home security systems installed by professional security companies. Nevertheless, installation and other charges have been their usual concern. To set your expectation, obtaining these systems will cost you the following charges:

    Equipment charges
    Professional-installed home security systems usually include equipment charges as inclusions with their monitoring packages and fees. However, some companies may charge additional fees for installing extra devices like cameras, alarms and sensors. These charges, however, are minimal since companies know that clients signed up for their services. Companies offering the best home security systems inform customers about added fees to set their expectation.

    Activation fees
    Clients must pay activation fees to begin receiving monitoring services from security companies. Charges vary and may even come for free depending on the service provider. For some security companies, they don’t charge activation fees as a way to thank clients for signing up for the service. Activation fees may range from $20 up to $99 based on the company’s promo and the type of services the client signed up for. The best home security systems receive high ratings from clients because companies offer free activation fee, which is a way for them to save money.

    Installation fee
    As the term implies, installation fee is the charge paid to set up the devices and security systems in a client’s place. Installation may be offered for free, but charges may apply depending on the installation site. Examples of these are outdoor locations with hindrances that make installation slightly difficult.

    Monthly monitoring fee
    Monitoring fees refer to the monthly amount paid in hiring a company’s security services. They are like phone plan packages but applied on security devices. Monitoring fees cover several solutions like devices, exclusive security personnel assigned on the account, all-day monitoring, and follow-up services.

    Just like in other packages, companies with the best home security systems may offer different monitoring packages that meet clients’ needs. Some companies offer basic monitoring packages for as low as $9.99 up to $32.99. Monitoring prices depend on the number of devices included and monitoring services offered.
    Clients can also customize security services according to their needs like adding devices or extra services. Companies explain the prices and possible effects on their contracts.

    Early cancellation fee
    Obtaining security systems and monitoring services from a company would tie clients in a contract, which may last for a year up to five years. Therefore, early termination fees may apply for individuals who want to discontinue the service. Some companies don’t charge these fees in case clients want to hire another company. Others, however, charge minimal to costly fees that clients should also consider before choosing a security company.

    Obtaining the best home security systems is now easy with the companies offering their services. As for financial concerns, it’s best to set expectation on fees before choosing a company and monitoring service. Security services should not be as expensive as clients can go with several service providers that offer the best prices that suit their budget.

  192. Some additional services a home security company should offer
    September 11, 2014    

    Home security service providers don’t only offer high caliber security devices. They gained high ratings from consumers because of their offered support. According to the best home security system reviews online, the topnotch companies should offer the following support for customers:
    Some FAQs
    Frequently asked questions page often answer shopping clients’ usual inquiries. FAQ pages define several terminologies that clients must know before signing up for the service. Aside from terminologies, this page also answers basic questions about activation, setup, installation and billing. Setting up this page saves clients from calling the service provider and consider other options if necessary.
    Support through various communication means
    Written on the best home security system reviews are the type of support offered through various communication modes. Common modes used for support include phone, live chat, and email. These communication means help clients get answers for billing or technical issues through the company’s representative. Phone support should be available all day for any inquiry while they should also receive immediate answers for their inquiries.
    Having all these communication means give clients various ways to talk with the company’s representative based on their preferences. Furthermore, more communication modes mean more choices in case they can’t reach the company through phone.
    Online tutorials
    Many consumers are into carrying out procedures on their own including setup and troubleshooting. At this point, they want to solve issues on their own if possible instead of waiting for someone to respond to their problems. Online tutorials are documentations, video guides, and knowledgebase documents clients will find useful whenever they want to install new systems or fix some intermittent issues with their alarms.

Top Rated Alarm Companies

  1. Frontpoint - 855-800-2019
  2. ADT - 866-518-1238
  3. Protect America - 888-305-0285
  4. Vivint - 866-864-7135
  5. LifeShield - 877-723-3796
  6. Broadview - 866-860-8718
  7. Guardian
  8. Xfinity
  9. AlarmForce
  10. LiveWatch