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Link Home Security Overview

linkhomesecurityHeadquartered in Utah, Link Home Security is a leader in “Do It Yourself” home security systems. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have been featured on TechBragains as a premier company, for the DIY installer. It is not necessary to be an electrician or have technical experience installing security systems to use Link Home Security. They can help you custom design a system that will meet your needs.

The website offers detailed instructions along with videos, phone support and live online chats to walk you through the process. It is possible to self-monitor your own security or Link Home will provide a Central Monitoring Systems to keep the home or business secure 24 hours a day.

All of their systems use wireless capabilities and the product line extends from basic protection to video monitoring with two way voice connectivity. This enables each homeowner to select the best system to meet their needs and only pay for what they will use without having to endure a high pressure sales situation.

Customers can access the central monitoring system services from anywhere in the US.

Link Home Customer Reviews

DIY customers love the ability to purchase a system and install it themselves. By taking care of the installation and maintenance of the system the customer has more control over what they are paying for. There are packages that include self-monitoring and other packages that include a central monitoring service that will provide emergency assistance if needed.

Overall customers love the service and rave about the phone support. The ability to have someone patiently walks customers through their questions about installation and programming is well received by a large customer base. The live chat feature offers fast and knowledgeable responses for those who prefer that method of communication. The company is all about customer service and less about the hard sales. Customers really respond to that.

Link Home Equipment

On the website there is a simple series of questions which provides a custom designed system. Equipment includes options for door and window sensors, video surveillance, motion detectors, panic buttons, fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detection. They also have a full series of Z-Wave products which include thermostat control, remote locks and lighting controls. Utilizing the Z-Wave technology is estimated to save homeowners up to 30% off their energy bills.

By utilizing the central monitoring system it is possible to receive a discount on your homeowners insurance. The average discount is a 20% savings. In some areas of the country it is possible to purchase an equipment package at Costco and install the system without directly purchasing it through the website. Regardless of how you obtain the system the phone support is available if there are questions during installation.

Link Home Packaging

linkhomesecurityMonitoring packages are available without an annual contract. The monthly fees will be determined by which services are required.

  • The Remote Interactive package is $24.99 a month and provides self-monitoring. The system will send a text or email message to the customer if the alarm system is triggered. Central Station Monitoring is not provided with this service. The unit includes the Z-Wave features for home automation along with burglar and fire alarms.
  • Remote Interactive Gold is $49.99 includes the Central Station Monitoring, video and motion sensor monitoring, in addition to the features provided in the Interactive package.

Additional add on that are available include

  • Remote Interactive Plus is $5.99 a month and adds sensor activity. Customers will be notified if a door or window has been left open. Motion sensors will alert the user to activity in the home.
  • Image Sensor Service is $5.99 per month and includes video surveillance. This captures motion activated images when an alarm has been triggered by the system. It will provide images and instant viewing on demand.
  • Central Monitoring Station added to Remote Interactive package is $12.99 a month. This provides the services of a UL listed call center and two way communication between the call center and the customer. Monitoring is available 24 hours a day.
  • Video Monitoring added to Remote Interactive package is $6.99 per month. When an alarm is triggered the customer will have access to video through their email to view live streaming video of their property.

Standalone video monitoring is also offered with the purchase of cameras. This service provides live video feeds through a smartphone, tablet or computer through existing internet connections. No additional services are required with this service.

There are many levels of service available allowing customers to not only customize their system but to customize the monitoring service to the level needed to provide them with peace of mind.

How to Contact Link Home Security


Phone: 877-826-5443