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LifeShield Security Overview

LifeShield Security offers both DIY and professional installation services of their home security systems. They carry an A- BBB rating and they are one of the few home security companies that are accredited. LifeShield Security offers both broadband and cellular monitoring services along with their own line of equipment. LifeShield provides their cusomers with interactive monitoring with their LifeView product line. You can remote control your home security system and much more from your mobile or tablet device. Overall LifeShield Security is a solid company and definately worth checking out.


LifeShield provides two types of primary home security monitoring and that is broadband and cellular. All of their systems are monitoring 24x7x365 days a year. Their equipment also comes with backup monitoring over the Internet or phone line. LifeShield is great for small businesses and larger homes as they have a product called the LifeShield Grid Extender that extends the limit you can place the wireless sensors from each other. Their systems are unique in that if the the base cannot contact the central station the console or grid extender can also make the call. They have several layers of safety built into their product.


LifeShield Security has several home security kits available depending on your needs. You can add wireless sensors on as needed but all of their kits are included with their monthly monitoring. They have designed packages for the homeowner, renter and small business owner alike. You can choose to perform the do it yourself installation or have a professional installation of your LifeShield home security system.


The Control Center enables you to ARM/DISARM your home security system and also sends a signal to the central monitoring station.
LifeShield is unique in that the Base in the picture above can also send a signal to the central monitoring station. It’s a great backup device.

The Grid Extender allows you to extend the wireless coverage in your home. If you have a large home or office the Grid Extender is the perfect choice.

Window and Door sensors are a staple in any home security system. Lifeshield Security provides easy to install sensors.

Wireless Security Cameras enable you to stream live video that you can watch through your mobile device with the LifeView application.

LifeShield Security Keychain puts the control at your fingertips. You can use this keychain to ARM/DISARM your system.

The LifeShield Fire Sensor can be integrated with an existing hardwired system if needed.

LifeShield Security Signs make it easy for you to tell intruders that your home is protected.

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