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ADT Overview

home-security-monitoringWhen you discuss security companies in this world, our mind would first go to ADT, because they are the biggest security providers not only in the US but also in Canada and other parts of the world. The company has been in existence for more than one hundred years and they are providing security to millions of people across the globe. They are the most experienced and most trusted security company as could be seen from the hundreds of positive reviews about their services. Engaging the security company implies employing a stable security system for your home. Because of the dominance of the security company, it is common to see other security companies in the country comparing their services with that of ADT, this shows that the company has set a standard which its competitors are striving to attain. The company is unique, because of its unique security devices that provide special services as well as six monitoring stations in the United States of America and Canada.

Many features make the company great over the years. Apart from the excellent services, the company has been offering over the years ADT Pulse makes its system special. The system makes it easier for homeowners to have an interactive control over their home security system. This enhances the automation system such that with your mobile device you can monitor all your home security system. Apart from that, you can decide to install security cameras, programmable lighting system, as well as monitoring lighting system in your home. The company support system is exceptional. Their support system works 24/7 and they can be contacted through the phone and through their email addresses. Appointment can be easily arranged on the phone when you have any security issues with them.

Setting up a security account with the company is not difficult. You only need to contact them and they would send a technician to your home or your office within a few days. The technician would recommend a few security devices for you to be linked to their security network.

Why Choose ADT ?

ADT has more than a century experience in home security, and that is why you see homeowners, individuals, governments and businesses engage them for their protection. Customers have confidence they are well secured when they engage the services of the company judging from the high-end technology they use in their security system. It is not difficult to engage the services of the company as you can get in touch by phone or their email addresses. When you enlist for their services, you can sleep with your two eyes closed being assured that you are one hundred percent monitored and secured. When you enlist for the services of the company, you can benefit from any of the five packages they extend to their customers. You can choose a security package based on what is affordable and what is necessary for your security needs. Most importantly, it offers you a unique technology to monitor your home whether you are in town or out of town. You pay more for the high quality services they offer you, but there services cannot be compared to anything, as they are currently the best. Even if you do not like the capacity of security equipment installed for you, you can upgrade to superior equipment.


adt-pulseThe company uses innovative technology to secure and monitor your home. One of the most important equipment used is the digital keypad. This has a sensor that allows you disarm or arm the system. It can be programmed to have access to the police, medical dispatch, as well as fire services dispatch. Another innovative technology used by the company includes the entryway contacts. This has an important sensor that monitors different entry points like the windows, doors and so on. It raises an alarm when an intruder opens the door unless it is manned. Moreover, the interior monitor detector uses modern sensors to monitor what is happening inside a room and a hallway and several other points round your home. It has a temperature detector, which warns when an unfriendly weather is setting in. It also provides outdoor video cameras. This is fitted with a sensor that monitors events outside the home. It equally has a record triggered event recorder. This is a video recorder that keeps track of events in the home, such as break in, exit as well as entry. In addition, the company provides fixed video coverage, which monitors event inside and outside the home. These are just a few out of the various services and coverage the company offers to its customers.

ADT Monitoring Plans

Costs of ADT services vary. Essential services would cost you $36.99 monthly, cellular services cost $44.99 monthly, ADT pulse on the other hands costs $52.99, and ADT Pulse with video coverage would cost $58.99. Whichever plan you want to choose, you would pay an installation fee of $99. Before you choose any of the plans, you have to determine your current need as you may not require the most expensive plan available. You can upgrade your plan anytime that becomes necessary for you. You always can make a choice based on the level of monitoring and security coverage you deem necessary. Security challenge facing your neighbor may be different from that facing you. You should be sure that any type of coverage you choose would turn out to be maximum security. If you want to enjoy all the full benefits they offer, you have to subscribe to them.

ADT Summary

The ADT name has been synonymous with home security for over 130 years. ADT Security has a vast array of services and a large network of professional installers. ADT has over 7 million customers across the nation. If your looking for the most reliable and longest lasting in the industry with a professional services installation then ADT is the choice for you.

ADT Security provides top of the line home security equipment. ADT has just about anything you can think of along with many monitoring services for not only intrusion but two-way monitoring, fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and medical alerts. ADT has installation fees but they are extremely reasonable to have a professional come in and install and test the system for you.


  • Professional Installation
  • $36.99 to $47.99 monthly monitoring


  • Cellular Monitoring Available
  • Interactive Monitoring


  • Longest in Industry
  • Professional Installation