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Yarnell Security Systems Overview

yarnellsecuritySince 1967 Yarnell Security Systems has been family owned and operated and they pride themselves on putting their customers first.  Their security systems come complete with 24/7 monitoring for residential and commercial customers throughout central Pennsylvania.   The company has a solid reputation in its community, and they’re proud of being the oldest locally owned security company in their region.  Their central monitoring station is located in the Lancaster community, and their staff is experienced and fully trained professionals.  Their monitoring, installation, and services are all UL listed, and they are members of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce.  All of their staff and personnel are NICET certified.  They are a company that prides themselves on customizing packages to suit their customer’s long-term security needs.  The staff is personable and well-trained, and most employees have been working with the company for quite a long time.

Yarnell Security Systems Reviews

There are a lot of good things to be said about Yarnell Security Systems, and also some differing opinions out there as well.  To start with, Yarnell’s UL listed central station is equipped to monitor all kinds of different systems, including ones that they did not install.  There is no sub-contract monitoring, and that makes all the workings of Yarnell completely in-house.  Customers note that they like this kind of unity of service.  They seem to have consistent A+ ratings with the BBB, as well as being consistently the #1 reader’s choice winner.  Customers also praise that Yarnell seems willing to work with individual customer needs when it comes to lowering contract length.  Most companies will never be very lenient with this element, but Yarnell is unique in this respect, and customers seems to respond to that positively.  That being said, customers do not seem to like the warranty policy that Yarnell uses.  Like many other companies, the warranty on equipment only lasts for 1 year, and that means that customers will own equipment for years to come that is no longer under warranty.  To purchase extra coverage customers need to pay an additional $100 a year to get covered.  That being said, most reviews are positive about Yarnell’s pricing, equipment, and contract policies.  Everything that they provide pretty much meets industry standards, but doesn’t quite surpass them.  All in all, Yarnell is a good choice if you live in the Lancaster area.

Yarnell Security Systems Equipment

Yarnell uses Honeywell products, which are very well-made and dependable for the average home owner.  When you purchase their standard Honeywell package, you get the Lynx control panel, 3 door/window sensors, siren, motion sensor, key fob, and a one year warranty that backs all this equipment.  You also get the standard Yarnell signs and stickers which provide extra security against burglary.  There’s 24 hour monitoring of this system from Yarnell’s central control station.  Aside from this general equipment, there are other products that you can install in your home, such as a fire system, security cameras, medical alert equipment, and GPS monitoring.  Yarnell’s systems are customizable, and that means that after a professional evaluation of your home you will be able to talk with a specialist about the kind of equipment that you’d prefer installed.

Yarnell Security Systems Packages

yarnellsecurityOne great thing about Yarnell is that they have a number of different packages for their customers to choose from.  Each of these packages comes with various equipment to suit the customer’s specific needs and budget.  You can choose from either landline-based or wireless systems that use Honeywell equipment.  The upfront cost of a landline system is $299, and cellular costs $399.  Aside from these upfront costs, there’s also the monthly price of monitoring which comes to $36.95 for 5 years.  This is a very long contract, and should you want to do the shorter 3 year contract your monthly monitoring fee will probably go up a bit.  You get a better sense of the specific price of your package after a professional evaluation of your home.  The technician will be able to assess the specific needs of your home, and what this will translate to in terms of installation and maintenance costs.  The innovative wireless system is a great choice if you want faster installation of your system and more ease in running it.

Yarnell Security Systems Details

            *  Consistent A+ rating with the BBB

            *  Operating since 1967

            *  Serves central Pennsylvania

            *  Installs both residential and commercial systems

            *  Uses state of the art Honeywell equipment

            *  Member of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce

            *  NICET certified

            *  Runs their own 24 hour monitoring center

How to Contact Yarnell Security Systems

Website: http://www.yarnellsecurity.com/

Phone: 717 399 3900