Xfinity Home Security Reviews

Xfinity Home Security Reviews
Comcast Xfinity Home Security Review

So if you are a Xfinity cable or Internet customer you’ve probably heard of Xfinity home security services by now or received a flyer in the mail. If you are wondering how the Xfinity home security system compares against the big boys in home security you’ve come to the right place. Let’s first start off by looking at the Xfinity home security offering. It’s called Xfinity Home which is comprised of home security/home automation hardware, software and monitoring services.

What’s included with the Xfinity Home Security System?
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • 4 Window / Door Sensor
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • Wireless Keypad
  • Keychain Remote
Comcast Xfinity Home Security Monitoring Technology

Make sure you understand the primary monitoring technology being used to monitor your home. It is not clear on their website from what we can tell. We are unsure if they are using Internet-based monitoring or cellular monitoring. Of course we highly recommend cellular-based monitoring over Internet. If you are considering purchasing a Xfinity home security system, make sure you ask about that.

Comcast Xfinity Home Security Price

The Xfinity home security system carries with it a hefty installation charge of $195 for their Basic and Peferred packages. According to their latest press release this is their discounted introductory offering. Look for the $195 to go up to $495 fairly soon.   Their Premium package is just under a $500 installation fee as it includes the installation of video surveillance cameras.

Comcast Xfinity Home Security Monitoring Plans

  • $29.95 per month – Basic
  • $39.95 per month – Preferred
  • $49.95 per month – Premium
Comcast Xfinity Home Security Cons
  • It is only available in select markets.
  • High installation fees compared to the other home security companies
  • They are brand new in the industry and lack the years of experience
  • If you move out of the Xfinity serviceable area you are stuck paying for a home security system that you can’t use
Comcast Xfinity Home Security vs FrontPoint Security

There’s really not a match up here in our opinion.  FrontPoint Security has the best customer service in the home security industry, their systems are 100% cellular they have clear pricing and you can take their systems with you should you ever decide to move.

Comcast Xfinity Home Security vs Protect America

Protect America has been in the home security industry since 1992 and they offer brand name GE equipment. Protect America includes free equipment and does not charge for installation services.  Xfinity might be a contender to a less well-known home security company but they don’t win over Protect America in our judgement.

Comcast Xfinity Home Security vs ADT Security

ADT Security is the 800lb gorilla in the home security market. They have been in business for 130 years and have over 6 million customers. ADT has a professional installation with their home security systems and it is much more affordable than the Xfinity Home security system. ADT also has brand name equipment from Honeywell.


  1. Jay Jernigan
    January 28, 2013    

    I have had xifinity now for 5 months and i am cancelling my system… they never could get it right with constant calls to technicians…horrible service would not recommend until they get some experience under their belt

  2. Comcast Xfinity Home Security Reviews
    February 5, 2013    

    Comcast actually began as a cable television provider in Tupelo, Missouri in 1969. At present, they service more than seventeen million customers all over the country. If you will read an Xfinity Home Security review, you will find out that packages are available starting at $29.95 per month.

    These packages feature climate and lighting control, live video monitoring, fire alarm monitoring, and touch-screen burglar monitoring. There is also an iPhone app and a web portal. Aside from the alarm systems, you can also install remote surveillance cameras to make you feel more secured.

    Basically, there are three basic packages of Xfinity Home Security: basic, preferred, and premium. The first two packages require an installation fee of one hundred and ninety-nine dollars while the third package requires an installation fee of four hundred and ninety-nine dollars.

    The basic package includes a single motion detector, window and door sensors, curtain motion detectors, water and carbon monoxide detectors, and glass break sensors. The preferred package includes a web portal that allows users to access the security history, control the lighting and thermostat, and use the touchscreen keypad.

    The premium package, on the other hand, includes four surveillance cameras that can be installed indoors and outdoors. It also includes controllers for lighting and certain appliances. In addition, it includes door and window sensors, and a thermostat that you can program for your convenience.

Top Rated Alarm Companies

  1. Frontpoint - 855-800-2019
  2. ADT - 866-518-1238
  3. Protect America - 888-305-0285
  4. Vivint - 866-864-7135
  5. LifeShield - 877-723-3796
  6. Broadview - 866-860-8718
  7. Guardian
  8. Xfinity
  9. AlarmForce
  10. LiveWatch