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World Wide Security Overview

wws-logoFounded by Keenth F. Mara in 1979, World Wide Security has grown into one of the top 100 home security companies according to SDM magazine.  This nationally ranked company provides professional crime and fire protection for its residential and commercial customers.  The people of Nassau and Suffolk Counties, as well as those in the Metro New York area are the ones who will benefit from going with WWS.  The company has a local minded business strategy, and runs a UL listed central monitoring station that provides 24/7 services.  The trained staff of technicians are knowledgeable and polite, and the high quality equipment that the company installs is some of the best in the industry.  The latest Honeywell security technology is installed into every customer’s home, and is accompanied by instructional videos and manuals to get the customer well-trained on how to operate and maintain their system properly.  The extraordinary thing about WWS is that there are no upfront or installation costs, and once everything is installed the customer pays only $39.99 a month for 60 months.  The basic package is customizable, but adding more features will raise your monthly cost.

World Wide Security Reviews

There are many good things to say about World Wide Security, but there are some not good things too.  Customers tend to praise the amazing services and quality equipment that WWS installs, however, the 5 year contract is quite lengthy, and some don’t want to be stuck with it for that long.  This problem is only made worse by the fact that WWS only provides a one year warranty on parts and labor.  You can add an extension to this, but it increases the monthly payment, which is already on the large side.  However, aside from this, the company has a lot of good reviews and satisfied customers.  They are very well known in the New York metro area and currently serve over 14,000 customers, so they must be doing something right.  If you plan on being in the metro area for at least 5 years and don’t want to pay for equipment and installation upfront, then going with WWS is a good choice.

World Wide Security Equipment

The Honeywell wireless system that World Wide Security installs is truly the best in the industry.  It is a very comprehensive package, and the equipment is known for its precision, durability, and accuracy.  All the equipment runs without a hitch, and the system as a whole is very intuitive and easy to operate.  What parts you will receive include 2 window/door sensors, a motion sensor, central panel, and key fob.  Please note that only 2 window/door sensors is a little on the skimpy side.  Many homes may need to have more protection than this.  A trained professional from WWS will be able to assess your home and give you more details about what your unique requirements might be.  The warranty on this equipment is not sufficient, so if you get locked into this 5 year contract be sure to budget for having to pay an extra fee each month to extend your warranty.  No system should go unprotected for a whole 4 years.  Even quality equipment like this is subject to damage or other problems.

World Wide Security Home Security Packages

wwsThe basic Honeywell wireless package that WWS provides is pretty great, and should take care of all your security needs.  Should you need to add other parts to this such as a fire detector, carbon monoxide detector, or temperature gauge, then it will be possible to customize your package with these added features.  When a WWS technician comes to your home to assess your personal security needs, you can explain what additional features you’d like at that time.  However, this basic package is very good, and there are few complaints to be found about the Honeywell wireless system.  Note that WWS gives you fewer door/window contacts than other companies do, so there’s a good chance that you may need to add more of these to fully protect your home.  This basic package includes all parts and installation at no fee to the customer, which is a wonderful added bonus.  The included instructional video is a huge help to get you started with your system, and understanding the ins and outs.

World Wide Security Details

            *  Serves Nassau and Suffolk counties, and Metro New York area

            *  In business since 1979

            *  UL listed central monitoring station

            *  Nationally ranked by Security Dealers Magazine

            *  Provides Honeywell wireless system

            *  Residential and commercial security

How to Contact World Wide Security


Phone: 800-696-4345