What is a Home Security Window Door Sensor?

Window Door Home Security Sensor

Window and Door Sensors come with just about every home security system you would purchase. Simply put they protect anything that opens or closes like exterior or interior doors, windows, cabinets or a chest.

Window and Door Sensors are easy to install if you have a wireless home security system as they are peel and stick. You can also drill and screw them into the wall if needed. They also come in flush mount for doors so you can drill a hole in the door frame and mount the door sensor so it is not visible when the door is shut.

Window and Door sensors are wireless so the batteries are lithium ion and they tend to last for 5 years before you have to replace them. You can also purchase recessed window and door sensors that makes them less visible and better for your decor. If you go with the recessed door sensor you will have to prepare for more of an installation. Get your drill out because you have to pre-drill a hole that the recessed door sensor can fit into. Once you have the sensor secured in the hole you are good to go.

Most home security companies will recommend that you install a window/door sensor on every window or door on the first floor of your home. It’s the floor that is most susceptible to break-ins. If you want to be extra cautious then you can install a window/door sensor on   every window and door in your home including the top floors. It is worth mentioning that in addition to purchasing sensors for the first floor of your home also purchase a sensor for the basement if you have a recessed window or doors that go to your basement. This is also a high exposure area that is commonly targeted for home break-ins.

Take a look at the following video from Protect America that covers how to install a window/door sensor.

Top Rated Alarm Companies

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