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Washington Alarm Overview

washington-alarm-logoWashington Alarm is family owned in Seattle, and systems are entirely cellular-based using 2GIG, wireless equipment.  They have a consistent A+ rating with the BBB, and they’ve been serving Puget Sound for over 70 years.  There is no subcontracting, and all their accounts are handled in-house.  They can also install Digital Monitoring Products, or DMP systems, for a large upfront cost of $700-$2,000.  However, the wireless package is just $199 upfront, and will cost $43 a month for a 36 month contract.  All of the personnel at Washington Alarm are fully trained and certified, and it seems like their employees have stayed with the company for quite some time.  Their control center is monitored 24/7, and it’s local.  They use the latest technology in the industry to provide home security systems that are reliable and technologically advanced.  Installation of their equipment is quite fast since they use mostly wireless, and customers fully own their system once it is installed.

Washington Alarm Reviews

Customers seem pleased with Washington Alarm, and they like the added benefit of owning the equipment that is installed in their homes.  Most national companies will contractually retain the ownership of the equipment that they install in homes, but Washington gives their customers this right.  This means that should you move from the home where your system is installed, you can take it with you to your new home and find another security company to monitor it.  Washington is overall a very good company that boasts of fine local service, but because they’re a smaller company, they don’t have the same amenities and timely service as larger companies do.  Customers have complained that they’re a little understaffed at Washington Alarm, and when asking for an installation date they were told it would take several weeks before installation could take place.  The same complaint has be raised when it comes to scheduling maintenance for a system.  Another complaint that has been brought up is that they only offer a one year warranty on parts and services, and after that you must pay an additional $15 a month for an extended warranty. This doesn’t seem like much, but it raises the monthly cost of this system to about $55.  All in all, Washington Alarm Inc. is very good for the people of Puget Sound, but just know that response times are not going to be as great as larger national companies.

Washington Alarm Equipment

Washington Alarm uses high quality wireless systems for their customers homes, and a basic package will get you a touchscreen panel, 3 door/window sensors, key fob, motion sensor, and traditional sign and stickers.  Again, this is their basic list of equipment, but they do have some added features that you can include in this package if you need some extra security.  The equipment for the most part seems sound, but there is no mention on their website about what brand they use.  Also note, that this equipment is only under warranty for one year, unless you decide to pay the monthly fee to extend your warranty.  Once this equipment is installed, the customer owns it fully, and it is not difficult at all to take this system out when you move and install it into your new home.  Again, there will be absolutely no warranty on it at that point.

Washington Alarm Packages

wasintonsecurityWashington Security has a pretty basic wireless package that is great for most new customers, but it’s possible to add extra features like fire alarm, cameras, intercom, access control, and much more.  They pride themselves on using reliable and advanced equipment that is leading-edge in the industry.  They also have a handy smart phone app that allows you to monitor your home and interact with the system no matter where you are.  You can adjust temperatures with this app, arm and disarm your home, or see who is coming and going with live video footage.  You can even monitor a vacation home that has this system installed. Their touchscreen keypads are highly advanced, and have added features like showing the weather outside.  Washington prefers to install wireless systems because they’re easier and less expensive, but should you like to use your phone line you can still have that more traditional system installed.   Other features Washington provides include environmental monitoring for fire, carbon monoxide, and water leak detection.

Washington Alarm Details

            *  A+ rating with the BBB

            *  Has been serving Puget Sound for over half a century

            *  Family owned and operated

            *  Personnel are trained, licensed, bonded, and insured

            *  Offers DMP and wireless systems

            *  Provides environmental monitoring

            *  Smart phone app for mobile control

How to Contact Washington Alarm

Website: http://www.washingtonalarm.com/

Phone: 206-328-3288