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Vector Security Overview

vectorsecurityVector Security has been operating for over 40 years, and their intelligent security systems are geared towards meeting the unique needs of their customers.  As opposed to operating completely in-house, Vector works in conjunction with a number of branches and authorized dealers, and from there they do all the installation and monitoring.  They work with hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses, and retail chains across North America and the Caribbean.  They pride themselves on providing customizable packages after a thorough consultation with one of their professionals.  They also can make changes to your system over time if your needs happen to change.

Vector is part of The Philadelphia Contributionship, which is the nation’s oldest insurance company, said to be founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1752.  This company acquired Vector in 1982.  Today, Vector provides security for commercial and residential customers in over 260,000 homes and businesses across the country.  They also have multi-site retailers across the US and Canada.

Vector Reviews

So, there are some negative reviews out there about Vector, and a lot of them have to do with billing.  Vector is a huge company, and sometimes things can slip through the cracks.  There are many reports that billing continues after policy cancellation, and if anything makes a customer angry, it is this.  Also, customers complain that Vector is not up-front about installation costs.  They’re known to offer different prices to different people, depending upon circumstance.  It’s important that if you’re looking into getting security services from a big company like this that you ask as soon as possible what the cost of the monthly fee is, how long is the contract period, are there referral bonuses, installation costs, and other questions that are best asked before any installation.   It’s unfortunate that reviews are bad because you would expect more from a company that is partnered with The Philadelphia Contributionship.  This is not to say that there are not positive things about Vector.  Their equipment seems to be sound and their staff are knowledgeable, but it’s important to arm yourself with knowledge so that there are no mishaps.

Vector Equipment

All the equipment that Vector uses is designed to make your life safer and easier.  With your customized plan they can provide audio systems that have distribution points throughout your home.  This allows you to play music, as well as turn on different music in each room.  The equipment is not only high-quality but also looks nice in the home decor.  The audio system comes with remote control units for easy control.  Vector can also supply two-way intercoms that help you to communicate with other people in your home.  You can also answer the front door from anywhere.  Vector even has home theater speaker systems to add bigger sound to your movies and TV.  Professional installers will calibrate the speakers to optimize the acoustics in your room.  With their energy and home automation equipment you are able to adjust the heating and cooling in your home, outdoor lighting, and more.  This kind of control helps you to significantly reduce your energy costs.  Along with this home-enhancing equipment, they also provide all the parts and supplies for video surveillance, burglar alarms, mobile solutions, and personal emergency response.  All equipment is installed by a Vector technician.

Vector Home Security Packages

vectorsecurityYou can order a standard package from Vector that provides basic burglar, fire, and carbon monoxide alarms.  You can add to this and customize it if you choose with video surveillance, and mobile solutions technology.  Add to that the energy management solutions and you have a pretty comprehensive system that is all provided by one company.  They have an award winning 24/7 Monitoring Center where operators are always standing by to respond when an alarm is set off.  Each package comes with an easy to use control panel, as well as wireless keypads and key chains to control the alarm from multiple spots within your home.  Again, because the packages are completely customizable, you can choose to incorporate motion sensors, door and window contacts, glass break detectors, and mobile solutions that allow you to control your home when you are away.  You also get an uninterruptible power supply.

Vector Details:

            *  Part of The Philadelphia Contributionship founded in 1752

            *  Operating since 1982

            *  Serves over 260,000 homes and businesses in North America

            *  Retailers across US and Canada

            *  Offers mobile monitoring technology

            *  Professional installation

            *  Fully customizable packages

            *  Award Winning 24/7 Monitoring Center

How to Contact Vector Security


Phone: 1-888-VECTOR-1