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  1. History
  2. State Alias
  3. Population
  4. Industries
  5. Social Demographics
  6. Metropolitan Areas
  7. Popular Sports Teams
  8. Security Companies
  9. Crime Statistics
  10. Police Department
  11. List of Counties

Utah History:

The region was first explored by Spain, by Franciscan Friars Escalante and Dominguez in 1776. In 1824 the famous American frontiersman Jim Bridger discovered the Great Salt Lake. Freeing religious prosecution in the East and Midwest, the Mormons arrived in 1847, and began to build Salt Lake City. The U.S acquired the Utah region in the treaty ending the Mexican war in 1848. In 1896 Utah became the 45th state in the US. Utah is rank 13th based on size. Yet it has the 10th lowest population. The state has many mountains along the Rocky Mountains that cover the entire western part of the state. This makes it a great place for skiing and winter sports. The southern part of the state is mostly desert with rock formations that attract tourists from all over the world.

Utah State Alias:

Utah is known as “The Beehive State”. The beehive became the official state emblem on March 4th 1959. Utahans relate the beehive emblem to industry and the pioneer virtues of thrift and perseverance. Utah is known as the Beehive State. The official state emblem is also the beehive and has been so since 1959. The Beehive represents industry and thrift. The pioneers settled in the state after crossing the Rocky Mountains. Many came to the state on foot leading to embedded values of perseverance, industry and thrift. The beehive is a reminder of the values that helped to build the state.

Utah Population:

Utah has been growing in population. The approximately number of people living in Utah in 2013 is 2,763,885. 86% of the population is white and 12% Hispanic. Men make up 50.2% of the population leaving 49.8% women. The median age for those living in Utah is only 29 years old. 16% of the population is under the age of 18. 9% of the population is between the ages of 18 and 30. Only 4% of the population is over the age of 65. The average household size for families is 3 people. 70.4% of families own their own home.

Utah Industries:

Rich in natural resources Utah has long been a leading producer of copper, gold, silver, lead, zinc, potassium, salts, and molybdenum. Also Utah is the only state that produces gilsonite, a pure form of asphalt used in dark colored printing inks and paints,. Oil well drilling muds and cements, asphalt modifiers, foundry sands additives, and a wide variety of chemical products are also produced in the state.

In addition the states top agricultural commodities include cattle, and calves, dairy products, hay, greenhouse and nursery products, and hogs. Utah is also vastly growing in the industries of aerospace, bio medical, and computer related business.

Tourism is a growing industry and has increased significantly since they hosted the winter Olympics. This has created a strong demand for winter sports in the state.

Utah Social Demographics:

According to the 2013 population tally’s 9.8% of Utah’s population are people who are 65 years of age or older, and 30.9% of the population are 18 or under. The median household income is $58,164, and the home ownership rate is at 70.4%. 90.6% of residents attain a high school diploma and 29.9% attain a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Utah Metropolitan Areas:

80% of the population lives in the Salt Lake region. This is the most populous region in the state. Salt Lake City is the capital of the state. Utah has ten metropolitan areas, these areas include; Salt Lake City, Ogden-Clearfield, Brigham City, Herber, Provo-Orem, St. George, Logan, Cedar City, Vernal, and Price.

Utah Popular Sports Teams:

Utah is home to the Delta Center stadium and professional teams; Utah Jazz (NBA), and Utah Starzz (WNBA). Utah is also home to league teams the Ogden Raptors, Salt Lake Stingers, and the Utah Grizzlies. In addition to these professional and league teams there are also several college popular college teams such as the Brigham Young Cougars, Utah Utes, Utah State Aggies, Utah Valley State Wolverines, and the Weber State Wildcats.

Utah Home Security Companies:

Utah Crime Statistics:

In 2010 an actual crime data report was taken that shows the total number of crimes reported for the state of Utah was 93,795 (total incidents). These include 1,267 robbery crimes, 53 cases of murder/manslaughter, 5,949 motor vehicle theft crimes, 66,914 larceny and theft crimes, 15,017 burglary crimes, and 3,610 aggravated assault crimes.

Crime Breakdown for Utah

  • 2.06 Violent Crimes per 1,000 Residents
  • 29.92 Property Crimes per 1,000 Residents
  • Your Chances of being a Victim of Violent Crime in UT is 1 in 486
  • Your Chances of being a Victim of Property Crime in UT is 1 in 33
  • There are 40 crimes per square mile in UT
  • Your Chances of being a Victim of Burglary in UT is 1 in 220
  • The UT Burglary Rate is Above the National Average

Source: http://www.neighborhoodscout.com/ut/crime/

Utah Police Department:

In Utah the police department’s mission is to provide superior law enforcement through professional service, effective teamwork, fostering trust, confidence and respect for all people. They strive to achieve these things by using their core values which include Integrity, Courage, Confidence, Reliability, and professionalism.

Utah List of Counties:

1. Beaver
2. Box Elder
3. Cache
4. Carbon
5. Daggett
6. Davis
7. Duchesne
8. Emery
9. Garfield
10. Grand
11. Iron
12. Juab
13. Kane
14. Millard
15. Morgan
16. Piute
17. Rich
18. Salt Lake
19. San Juan
20. Sanpete
21. Sevier Count
22. Summit
23. Tooele
24. Uintah
25. Utah
26. Wasatch
27. Washington
28. Wayne
29. Weber