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Urban Alarm Overview

urbanalarmFounded in 2003 by Miles Fawcett, Urban Alarm serves only the DC area, and was created with a spirit of investment in the local community.  After Mr. Fawcett was a customer of national security companies for a number of years, he became inspired to create a different kind of company with better customer service than what he was experiencing.  The company tries to get involved in community development in the DC area, and even sponsors a little league team and several farmers markets.  Urban Alarm works for a number of commercial, institutional, and property management organizations, as well as home owners.  They employ sound systems and technology that have made the company popular in the DC area.  Great care is taken to train employees, and they handle everything from security system design to installation, as well as door access systems for offices, multi-unit commercial buildings, campuses and much more.  They also provide video monitoring applications.

Urban Alarm Reviews

Urban Alarm has a fantastic A+ BBB rating, and there are very few complaints in the last three years.  The company uses the internet to monitor homes, and all information comes into their control center.  Inclement weather conditions will not kill their signals thanks to their two high-power generators.  All of their equipment is UL listed, meaning that it matches or exceeds industry standards for signaling burglary or fire.  Customers seem to love that they can customize and set up any plan they want without any kind of long term commitment.  They’re very clear about their pricing from the get-go, and they’re willing to work with each customer’s economic needs.  Customers also note that they’re very pleased with some special services like Urban Vacation Watch, where a representative from Urban Alarm will pay a visit to your home when you’re away.  They can even collect your mail and water your plants, if you so choose.  They also have special features like artwork protection and full video surveillance of your home or studio.  It’s possible for customers to oversee and control multiple systems from their home devices.  Perhaps the only downside to Urban is that there’s very little information about their equipment online.  There is no specific description of hardware or software that they use, and this is something that many customers would like to know when they’re looking for the appropriate security company for them.  The reason for this seems to be that they’d like customers to call in for a consultation to receive this information.  But for the most part, Urban Alarm has an amazing track record and customers seem satisfied with the services. Their simple to use home security setups are very popular in the DC area.  They offer a free consultation, which is a nice added bonus.

Urban Alarm Equipment

Again, there’s not much mention of the equipment used on the Urban Alarm website.  That being said there is very little complaint about its effectiveness, and everything they use seems to be state of the art and up to speed.  The UL listing on their equipment is an added boost to the quality.  They provide everything you need with full installation when you sign with them.  The cost of equipment if you’re installing a new system is between $1000 and $3000.  Once this equipment is installed, you own it fully.

Urban Alarm Packages

urbanalarmUrban Alarm prides themselves on providing packages that are customizable and suit the individual needs of their customers.  No matter what your residential setup might be, Urban Alarm will be able to design a system that works for your unique space.  They have a standard monitoring package as well as medical monitoring.  If you don’t need any equipment installed, Urban Alarm can still work with your existing system and bring it to higher standards.  Their mobile monitoring technology allows you to view what’s going on with your home when you’re away.  All in all, because the packages are so customizable and different for every customer, it’s best to get a consultation with Urban Alarm to get a better idea of what your exact costs are going to look like.  They’re very helpful over the phone, and their website is also very useful for getting an idea of what you’ll be spending each month on security.

Urban Alarm Details

            *  No long-term contracts required

            *  Customizable packages

            *  Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response

            *  Serves the Washington, DC area

            *  Internet control of your personal system

            *  Urban Vacation Watch

            *  Founded in 2003

            *  A+ BBB rating

            *  UL Listed equipment

How to Contact Urban Alarm

Website: http://www.urbanalarm.com/

Phone: 202.265.2700