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Tyco Integrated Security Overview

tyco-logoTyco Integrated Security is a company that offers a wide variety of security solutions.The company offers its services on a global scale and has a history dating back to 1874. Tyco was previously known as ADT Business Solutions, but in 2012 became an independent company. The company provides security solutions to governments, retail, commercial, as well as industrial clients. The ADT wing of the company known as ADT Residential still offers security solutions to small businesses and residential clients. ADT is among the most recognized brands in the residential security industry today. They have relationships with numerous dealers all over the United States.

Tyco Integrated Security Reviews

The reviews of the company are generally positive. Clients consider the company among the best in providing security services nationwide. Clients have said the company pays attention to detail, delivers consistently and does an excellent job planning and installing security systems.

Many reviews stated the company’s security systems offer up to date features that keep up with the latest technology available. This is especially important in the financial sector where criminals utilize the latest tech to find a way around security systems.

Clients also stated they were satisfied with the speed at which they install the security systems as well as the continued support and training they offer their clients. Based on several in depth reviews, Tyco’s customer service is very responsive to customer needs and consistently show the company can be flexible enough to meet client expectations even in unique situations.

Tyco Integrated Security Equipment

Tyco offers a wide range of security equipment depending on the industry or scale of the security required. It is a very large list, but generally, they are broken down into two groups as follows.

First is the security installation and service. This includes commercial and residential burglar alarm systems, motion detectors, glass break detectors, panic buttons, door entry systems and intercoms, risk assessment and the servicing and installation of security systems. They also offer video surveillance systems, IP cameras, access control devices, location based security systems among many others.

Next is the fire detection and suppression systems. This includes fire alarm control panels, carbon monoxide monitoring, heat and smoke detectors, emergency exit lighting systems, voice evacuation and mass notification systems, Monitoring of fire alarms, as well as risk assessment, installation and service.

Simply put Tyco has you covered no matter the industry or requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you are a government agency or a small business, you will always have a wide variety of systems to choose from based on your individual needs.

Tyco Integrated Security Home Security Packages

tycoUnfortunately, in terms of home security packages, Tyco doesn’t offer those. This is because the company focuses more on businesses or commercial clients. The branch of the company that does provide home security options is quite well known and is known as ADT Systems.

Tyco Intergraded Security Details

Tyco as a brand was established in 2012 after separating from a business known as ADT Business Solutions, which has been in operation since 1874. Tyco focuses primarily on providing security solutions to business and commercial clients. The residential clients are catered to by its sister company that is now known as ADT residential. In this regard Tyco is not just a dealer for the ADT system it is the actual owner of ADT systems. It is a global brand with over 200 offices in the US alone. They have over 10,000 employees in the US alone and the headquarters is located in Boca Raton, Florida. Tyco offers a comprehensive range of security solutions for its numerous commercial clients who include government agencies, retail clients, and industries among others.

The company has won several awards and certifications; they also have several active memberships.

Tyco Intergraded Security Awards

In 2012, the company won the Product of the Year Award for its Anti Skim ATM security solution by Security Products Magazine.

In 2012, the company’s CTO, Jay Hauhn was declared among the most influential persons of 2012 also by Security Products Magazine.

In 2013, the company was included in the SDM 100 report by Security Distribution and Marketing Magazine.

In 2013 the company won the SAMMY Award for Integrator of the Year.

Tyco Intergraded Security Memberships/Certifications/Contracts

The company has been awarded various contracts, awards and memberships by leading government agencies, businesses and associations.

GSA Price Schedules


United States Department of Homeland security SAFETYAct certification

National Joint Powers Alliance contract



How to Contact Tyco Intergraded Security

Website: http://www.tycois.com/

Phone: 800.701.8449