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Titan Alarm Overview

titanalarm-logoTitan Alarm was founded by two brothers in 2008, who wanted to create a security company that treated their customers like family.  Today, Titan is the fastest growing security company in North America, providing their customers not only alarm systems but also home automation.  They also provide services and equipment for commercial fire and security, video surveillance, carbon monoxide detection, and much more.  Their home automation also comes with smartphone apps for mobile control of your home.  Their staff is fully trained and most have been working with Titan from the get-go.  Because this is such a new company, there’s very little information to be found on their website about accreditation or awards.  Perhaps as the years progress they can garner more acknowledgement from the Better Business Bureau and UL.

Titan Alarm Reviews

For the most part, Titan gets some pretty great reviews online.  Customers note that whenever there is a complaint, Titan will do whatever they can to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.  The customer service over the phone is said to be very friendly and knowledgeable.  Some complaints are raised about how there is contradiction between what is specified on the contract and what sales reps tell the customers at the start.  This is definitely a huge problem, but it seems like when this happens Titan tries to resolve it as quickly as possible.  There have been only a few complaints that the attendant at the customer care desk was a bit arrogant, but for the most part the employees are favorably mentioned.  Customers state that the equipment is incredibly high quality, and the Wi-Fi, wireless design is superior for safeguarding the home.  Installation is said to be very fast, and once the system is installed it’s very easy to understand how to operate and maintain it.  For the most part, this is a good national company with a positive reputation that hopefully will continue to build.  Because the company is so new, it’s hard to make an official guess as to which way it will go.  If you’re looking for nice, affordable coverage with a comprehensive package of equipment, then Titan is a good way to go.

Titan Alarm Equipment

The Titan Alarm package comes complete with all the equipment you need to fully protect you and your family.  Some items that come included with the system are the Go!Control Touch Control Panel, HD100 Indoor HD Camera, 4-button key ring remote, CT100 thermostat, glass break detector, panic button remote, passive infrared motion detector, recessed door contact, super switch, GDR1 universal garage door receiver, thin door & window contact, wireless carbon monoxide detector, wireless keypad, and wireless smoke and heat alarm.  This is a very comprehensive list of equipment, and has some added features that other insurance companies simply don’t provide.  This system is installed by a highly trained professional who will be able to explain to you how each thing works and what you can do to get the most out of your system.  There is no mention of warranty on the company’s website, so be sure to ask over the phone how long all this eqiupment is covered for.  However, these are very good parts so they will most likely last you for a long time without the need to repair or replace.  Home automation is the latest and greatest in home security systems, and it’s great that Titan is providing the most cutting edge equipment in the industry.

Titan Alarm Home Security Packages

titanalarmTitan’s basic automated package comes with all the above equipment, and other features can also be added to your package to improve the level of security even more.  Also, the automation comes complete with smartphone app that allows you to control certain aspects of your home while you’re away.  As far as home security and automation packages go, this is quite affordable and you really get a tremendous amount of features in the basic package.  To learn the specifics of pricing, you’ll need to have a Titan professional come to your home and give you an estimate as to what it will cost to get your house covered.  They really do take pride in customizing packages for their customers to suit individual needs.  There are a number of other important details that will need to be discussed over the phone, as there is some missing information on Titan’s website.

Titan Alarm Details

            *  Started business in 2008

            *  Family-owned and operated

            *  National company with affordable packages

            *  Home automation

            *  Serves residential and commercial customers

How to Contact Titan Alarm

Website: http://titanalarm.net/

Phone: 800-973-9001