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Sonitrol Overview

sonitrol-logoSonitrol has provided customized security solutions for homes and businesses for over 50 years now.  Their integrated security solutions protect their customers with packages for intrusion, video surveillance, access and fire detection, and all backed by professional monitoring from their certified control center. They are able to cover a wide variety of security problems under the umbrella of the same company.  Because they have centers across the country, you can use Sonitrol services from many different regions and locations.  They are fully staffed by trained professionals who have been working in the business for a number of years now.  This is one of the most highly respected national security companies that you can find.  Their services get consistently good reviews on Yelp, as well as with the BBB.  There is no mention of UL or other accreditation.  Nonetheless, Sonitrol has been around for years and customers seem to stay loyal to them for quite a long time.

Sonitrol Reviews

Unfortunately, because Sonitrol is such a huge national company, some problems do arise.  Because the company operates in so many regions, some are just not going to be as good as others.  For this reason, there are complaints about certain Sonitrol sales and technical teams.  The good news is that Sonitrol is aware of these complaints and does respond to negative reviews on sites like Yelp.  Because Sonitrol has been operating for over 50 years they’re incredibly experienced and it shows in their positive reviews.  Reviews note that Sonitrol seems to keep abreast of the latest in technology and innovation in their field.  They are applauded for their quick response time and good relationship with law enforcement. Even though their customer service might not be the best, they still get the job done and manage to get back to their customers eventually.  Also, reviews do note that the representatives over the phone at Sonitrol are quite nice and pleasant to deal with.  Wait times, again, are long over the phone, but once a person is reached they are very helpful and knowledgeable.

Sonitrol Equipment

Sonitrol offers a number of different pieces of equipment to solve a diverse amount of security problems.  They provide Verified Audio Detection, Intelligent Access Control Systems, Fire Detection, and SonaVision Digital Video Surveillance. A special feature on their website called ‘mySonitrol’ allows for ad hoc adjustment of access solutions and security, as well as live video feeds and quick access to security statistics.  It should be noted that there is no mention of equipment brand on the Sonitrol website, but with such a big national company, one would imagine that they use pretty standard to high-end brands for installation in homes and offices.  All equipment is provided for the price of installation, and a professional technician will come to your home or business to take care of everything for you.  Sonitrol installation is quite fast, but it is also thorough, so you can be sure to have your system up and running in no time.  Right after installation is the time to ask your technician about any questions you might have regarding your system.  It’s important to understand as much about it as possible so you can successfully run and maintain it for years to come.

Sonitrol Home Security Packages

sonitrolpsThe most basic Sonitrol home security package comes complete with everything you need to get your home fully covered, and the price of equipment is included with installation.  That being said, the basic package is highly customizable, and you can add additional products and services to their standard home plan.  Sonitrol has an amazing relationaship with the police department, because when one of their alarms goes off it’s almost never a false alarm.  For this reason the police have come to trust this company, and customers enjoy very fast response times when the alarm is blown.  After a trained technician has installed your home security system, they’ll take the time with you to make sure that you fully understand all the ins and outs of the package.  For the most part, all of Sonitrol’s systems are very easy to understand and maintain for most homeowners.   When a Sontirol professional comes to evaluate your home you should be able to get a better understanding of monthly pricing and monitoring fees.

Sonitrol Details

            *  Nation-wide coverage for homes and businesses

            *  In business for over 50 years

            *  Highly trusted and respected by police departments

            *  Provides SonaVision Digital Video Surveillance

            *  All employees highly trained and professional

 How to Contact Sonitrol


Phone: 877-766-4876