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Smith Monitoring Overview

smithmonitoringSmith Monitoring is a well known Texas security company that works with a “no pressure sales structure” that is meant to benefit customers and employees.  This is a step away from the old door-to-door sales pitch, and something closer to working perfectly with the actual needs of the customer to create a plan custom-fit for their home.  Since 2006 the company has steadily grown by 50% each year, and they thank their straightforward approach when interacting with their customers for their success.  They’re overall a very affordable company, and people go to Smith Monitoring to save a bit of money and haggling.  Their services are available throughout Texas, including Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.   Installation of their systems comes with the price of a contract, which lasts for 36 months.  The services that they provide are pretty standard in comparison to other security companies in the area.

Smith Monitoring Reviews

For the most part, customers seem satisfied with Smith, and note that the equipment is very high in quality and the service isn’t pushy.  This is a fairly long contract for a security system, and there is no mention of what the cancellation policy is.  It seems as though they’re a company that sticks to their word, and they don’t walk away when they make a sale.  One of the biggest complaints about the company is that if you move out of the area within the first year before your contract is up you will have to face a cancellation fee if you don’t move to another Smith Monitoring area.   As with any reviews, there are the good and the bad, but it seems that the good reviews are more common for Smith.  The services seem prompt, and the system works efficiently for most customers.  The company does well with word-of-mouth sales, which again helps them to be less pushy than other security companies.

Smith Monitoring Equipment

One thing Smith takes great pride in is their equipment.  They go to great lengths to ensure that they have the highest quality that they can find.  They provide devices such as DSC LCD keypad, wireless motion detectors, touchscreen panel, smart thermostat, indoor cameras, as well as other wireless equipment that is backed by 24/7 Ul-Licensed monitoring and a limited 1 year warranty.  Even though the warranty is sort of short, the equipment really is good and there seems to be very little evidence of parts breaking down or needing repair.   It’s a pleasant surprise to have a security company that cares so much about their equipment and want to keep it updated.  There are so many innovations in home security and many companies don’t keep their parts updated with all the latest changes.  Smith does seem to stay on the cusp of the latest innovations, and that’s a very good sign for those who want to keep their homes as secure as possible.

Smith Monitoring Home Security Packages


With the price of your contract, all home security parts and installation are included.  There are three different SMART + HOME packages to choose from, and these allow you to keep track of your home no matter where you are.  With use of the latest technology, you’re getting high-quality equipment at a more affordable price.  Their packages include their standard Home Security Monitoring, New Home Security System plan, SMART+HOME Security, SMART+HOME Energy, and SMART+HOME Plus.   All the SMART+HOME packages give you the comfort and of tying your home security system to your mobile device.  This is a fantastic option, even though this type of package is the most expensive that Smith offers.  What you get is the ability to control certain settings within your home and get monitoring updates when you’re away.  This offers a lot of peace of mind when going on vacation or staying at the office all day long.  Many people enjoy the benefits of this kind of package, and it’s becoming more popular in the home security business as a whole.  This is also a great choice for those who have children who get home from school and are at the house when you’re away.  Checking your cell phone to see what’s happening in the house provides much peace of mind.

Smith Monitoring Details

            *  Partners with 2GIG and DSC

            *  5 star consumer ratings on Google, Yahoo, and Trust Pilot

            *  One of the most affordable security companies in Texas

            *  Offers innovative SMART+HOME package

How to Contact Smith Monitoring?

Phone: 855-739-4137