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Simpson Security Systems Overview

simpsonsecuritysystemsSimpson Security Systems is the largest security system company within the Louisiana area. The headquarters of the company is located in Alexandria, Louisiana. For the last five years they have been among the top hundred security businesses within the nation. This security system company has a unique history and started in a two bedroom apartment in 1991.

Keith Simpson, the CEO of Simpson Security Systems, Inc. takes pride in the security company and makes sure that the employees meet deadlines, even with short notice, without compromising the quality of their service. Simpson Security Systems works with individuals, federal, parish, state, and military customers and has maintained a superior level of customer service.

They have many certifications and are in good standing with the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. The Simpson Security Systems is involved with several organizations including: NBFAA, AGC of America, National Fire Protection Association, LLSSA, and BiCSi.

Simpson Security Systems, Inc. Reviews

Simpson Security Systems has been an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2006 and maintains an A+ rating. Customers are happy with the sales and service and feel the monitoring response time is very good. They like that the systems are installed correctly and that they do not have to deal with a lot of false alarms or faulty equipment.

Many customers find that their insurance rates are reduced by as much as 20% once they have the system installed. The company installs the highest rates equipment with the newest technology allowing for customers to feel secure and protected whether clients are within the property or not.

The biggest complaint is when delays in delivery occur. This does not happen frequently, but it has cost them clients and bed reviews when technicians have not shown up on time. Simpson Security Systems, offers high quality security systems to a large range of customers. While their services and equipment is top notch, they are not a low cost provider. Simpson Security Systems seeks to provide a higher level of service that customers will feel is worth the higher price.

Simpson Security Systems Equipment

Simpson provides a wide range of equipment and services. These include security systems, fire and alarm systems, communication via remote access, two way communication, nurse call systems, access control and gate systems for businesses, and video systems. The gate structures are visually attractive as well as serviceable and will provide residents with a secure property boundary providing the residence or business with more protection. All security systems are installed by licensed employees ensuring residents have a reliable security system in place. Security systems offered by Simpson Security Systems may reduce the home insurance rates depending on the insurance provider.

For commercial areas, there is a range of security systems available varying from fire alarms to invasion sensing systems. Simpson Security Systems has complete service for offices, family businesses, education amenities, healthcare facilities, government buildings, and retail companies. Equipment for these facilities include: fire alarm systems, CCTV/DVRS, MATV services, Communications, Access Control and Gate Systems, Sound and video, Automation and Control systems, Security systems, Telecommunications/data and fiber, integrated security electronics, nurse call systems, and engineering consulting/design.

Every technician is licensed and can customize gate systems, fire alarms, CCTV/DVRS, and many more security systems to ensure customers the best service and quality. Personalized packages are offered in order to meet the needs of every customer.

Simpson Security Systems, Inc. Packages

simpsonsecuritySimpson Security Systems offers a 24/7 Central Monitoring System (CMS). The CMS can detect many types of threats involving intrusions, fires, or medical emergencies. Every security system is personalized depending on the location of where the security system will be installed. Prices will also vary based on what is needed.

On average, the cost of purchasing a new security system can vary from $1,500 to $3,000 based on size of location and the needed security system to be installed. They offer evaluation services where a representative comes to your home or business and provides a security evaluation and discusses your personal needs and offers solutions to meet those needs.

Monthly monitoring fees will also vary depending on the services selected. From basic theft and fire services, to video surveillance, medical monitoring, to more extensive access services. On average customers pay $1,500 upfront and then pay a $39.95 monthly monitoring fee for Simpson Security services.

How to Contact Simpson Security Systems


Phone: (800) 256-0741