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SimpliSafe Security Overview

simplisafeSimplisafe has been able to take the complicated market of home security and create a simple way for customers to be protected. They offer DIY installation with top quality products that are easy to install. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee with the system and they also offer a 60 day money back guarantee. They will even pay for the return shipping if the customer decides not to keep the product.

Their high quality products and services have been recognized by the New York Times, Fortune Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and both Fox and NBC have done news stories on the company. They were also the recipient of the CNET’s Editor’s choice Award.

Their company motto is “Being safe should be simple.” All of their product and services are geared towards this philosophy. All their services are wireless and cellular based. This enables them to provide a simple product that installs quickly and easily. They market that the system can be installed by a nonprofessional in 15 minutes or less. Offering an instructional video, phone support and clear instructions to assist customers with accomplishing the task.

24 hour monitoring services are offered with the DIY SimpliSafe system. The cost begins at less than 0.50 cents a day. When you set up monitoring all alarms go to the central monitoring service which is UL Listed. The service covers fire/smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alerts, burglar alarms, flood and freeze monitoring, and medical alerts. There is also the option of receiving email or text alerts and remote home management.

SimpliSafe Reviews

Customers love the ease of installation and the 60 day money back guarantee. The system itself also comes with a 3 year warranty which reduces the need for additional service calls and additional expenses for the system. The biggest customer complaint is that the customer service hours are based on East coast time and are not offered 24 hours. This means after 3pm west coast time, customers are unable to reach a live agent. This has the potential of leaving a property unsecured until the next morning, when an agent can assist with whatever problem has occurred.

The central monitoring service is offered 24 hours a day and is managed by a third party provider and will be the one servicing alarms that are triggered. They have a reliable alarm monitoring provider and overall customers are satisfied with the service they receive when an alarm is triggered.

SimpliSafe Equipment

There are 5 equipment packages that provide everything a customer needs to set up the system. They can then add additional items to customize a system to meet all the security needs desired. The starter package is $229.96 and includes a base station, wireless keypad, 1 motion sensor, 1 entry sensor, and a free remote keychain.

The economy package is only $30 more and adds 3 more entry sensors. The Classic package is $349.92 and includes an extra loud siren to scare of intruders along with additional sensors and a high rated smoke detector. This is the most commonly purchased package. The Master package runs $449.87 and includes 2 motion sensors, 6 entry sensors, extra siren, smoke detector, and a panic button for medical emergencies. The top package is $539.85 and includes 17 pieces adding protection against flooding with a water sensor, a carbon monoxide detector, and a freeze sensor.

It is possible to purchase a less expensive package and then add additional sensors or monitors for your specific home needs. Items sold separately include motion and entry sensors, glass break sensors, water and freeze sensors, keypads, panic buttons, smoke and carbon dioxide detectors. Tape and extra batteries are also available although the batteries should last around 5 years.

SimpliSafe Packages

simplisafeAll monitoring is offered with no contracts and no phone lines needed. The monitoring service is operated by a third party that is UL certified. Plans begin at only $14.99 a month. The basic plan covers theft or break in’s, fire/ smoke alerts, carbon monoxide alarms, and freeze and flood monitoring. For $19.99 a month additional services include text and email alerts letting you know when someone enters the home and coverage through the cellular networks.

For $24.99 customers gain the ability to monitor their homes remotely through their smartphones or other electronic device. They also enable customers to monitor sensitive areas of the home like specific drawers, liquor cabinets, firearms storage or other areas that should be off limits to those at home. This service also enables customers to manage home features like locks, thermostats and lights to better manage their home energy costs.

The only thing missing from SimpliSafe’s lineup is video monitoring. Otherwise, they have all the services the full service security companies offer without complex contracts and higher prices.

How to Contact SimpliSafe Security


Phone: 888-957-4675