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Sentinel Alarm Overview

sentinelalarm-logoSentinel Silent Alarm, Co. was established in 1959 and is the first and one of the oldest alarm companies in the State of Hawaii.  Sentinel monitors thousands of homes and businesses on a number of the islands, and gets good marks for its service and reliability.  SSA also happens to be an authorized dealer of Honeywell products, which are some of the best in the industry.  In their over 55 years of business, they’ve become pretty much the largest provider in Hawaii due to their use of great systems like Honeywell Lynx Touch L5100, which is the best system that the company offers.  There are special features on this system that make it tremendously easy to operate in any home, and the customer-friendly design is quite popular among homeowners.  Installation of this system is also quite straightforward, and everything gets up and running in no time.  This wireless system comes with home automation so users can monitor and control settings in their home from any location.  This is great for families who travel a lot, or for those who spend their time away from home for much of the day and want to maintain control of their home alarm system.

Sentinel Alarm Reviews

Overall, Sentinel gets very good reviews from its customers for its quality service and high-end equipment.  Installation is prompt, and response times seem to be incredibly fast.  One challenge is that there is very little information about pricing on Sentinel’s website, and this is a huge inconvenience for customers.  The reason for this is that the company is trying to get you to call-in and ask for a consultation to be able to hear more details about upfront costs and monthly monitoring fees.  Also, since Sentinel’s systems are totally customizable, it’s even more challenging to gauge what price you’re going to have to pay for it all.  The other major complaint is that SSA’s payment system is pretty much in the dark age.  They only accept check or money order, and this is tremendously inconvenient and unnecessary considering that their security systems are so innovative technologically.  But, all told, if you live in Hawaii and you’re not worried about budget, then Sentinel is definitely a good choice for most homeowners.  Customers express much satisfaction with the service that is provided and the overall functionality and performance of the system that is installed.

Sentinel Alarm Equipment

As stated above, Sentinel uses the very best Honeywell equipment that you can find.  These innovative wireless systems generally come with an LCD control panel, key fob, motion sensor, window and door sensors, siren, and signs and stickers.  Installing a wireless system in a home is incredibly easy and fast, and once the professional technician gets everything in place, he or she will make sure that you understand all the ins and outs of your system to get you started.  There’s no mention of warranty on the company’s website, nor whether the customer is required to purchase this equipment upfront, or is simply leasing it.  The bottom line is that this is some of the best equipment in the industry, and you’re certainly going to experience a high level of protection.  You can also add extra amenities such as fire, water, and carbon monoxide detection as well.  Customers are almost always satisfied with the Honeywell wireless system.

Sentinel Alarm Home Security Packages

sentinelalarmThe challenge with Sentinel is that you just can’t get a good idea of what packages and pricing they offer unless you fill out their E-form and receive a professional consultation.  It seems like their packages are incredibly customizable, and when someone from Sentinel comes to your home you’ll be able to get a clearer sense of what the cost will be, based upon your needs.  There is really not even a mention of contract length on their site, so everything is going to have to become clear at a later time.  One thing for certain is that Sentinel does provide an incredibly high level of protection for their customers.  They provide lifetime service plans for those who are interested in that kind of commitment.  Their ratings for customer service and monitoring are some of the highest that you’ll find in Hawaii.  They provide custom system upgrades for those who already have a system installed.

Sentinel Alarm Details

            *  Oldest and largest security company in Hawaii

*  Uses highest quality Honeywell equipment

*  In business for over 50 years

*  Provides Honeywell wireless security systems

*  Requires a professional consultation for pricing

How to Contact Sentinel Alarm


Phone: 317-214-8964