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SEI Home Security Overview

SEISecurity Equipment Inc., or SEI, was founded in 1969 and specializes in full-service security systems for residential and commercial customers.  This includes fire and intrusion alarm programs throughout the Midwest.  They also provide closed circuit television, access control, and many other integrated services.  SEI has a Five Diamond certification and a UL listed Central Station with monitoring services that operate around the clock.  They pride themselves on creating flexible and tailor-made systems that meet the highest standards of their customer’s requirements.  They are considered one of the largest security companies in the Midwest, and their engineering and development skills have kept them in business for over 40 years.  UL is responsible for setting industry standards.  There are thousands of Central Stations in the US, and only about 150 are UL certified.  SEI’s certification from CSAA comes from having their dispatchers pass both Level I and Level II of dispatcher courses.  They also guarantee that their phones will always be answered by a real human being, and because the people answering the phones are cross-trained, customers will not be transferred to several different departments to solve a problem.

SEI Reviews

On paper, SEI sounds like a great security company, and they certainly are well-certified and provide good service.  The challenges that most customers have are with upfront costs and the limited warranty with this company.  SEI only operates on 3-5 year contracts, and many customers note in their reviews that not only is this a long time, but SEI asks for more than double of the average $100-$200 upfront costs.  Their warranty only covers one year of parts and labor associated with their plans.  This means that most customers will have several years of uninsured equipment.  The good news is that you can cancel at no cost.  This is a great selling point for customers that are planning to move within the next couple of years.  Overall, those who write reviews in the Omaha area say that this is a very good company.  They serve over 14,000 residential and commercial accounts in Nebraska. They also have 125 very well-trained employees and lots of experience.  If you’re not too troubled by the upfront costs and lack of warranty, then this is a good choice for the people of Nebraska.

SEI Equipment

SEI offers a wide array of equipment for many different security needs.  Some types include: panic/duress alarm equipment, carbon monoxide detecting equipment, temperature/water detection, fire alarm, intrusion monitoring, medical/automatic defibrillator equipment, and elevator emergency parts.  From customer reviews it seems that the equipment works quite well, and all parts are certified and long-lasting.  When purchasing a specific package, SEI will provide all the equipment that is necessary as well as professional installation of all parts.  All in all, even though the equipment is only backed by a warranty for one year, it seems as though it still lasts for quite a long time before any signs of damage or need for repair.  They offer both wireless and hard-wire parts, and generally use these two methods in conjunction with one another.  Their video cameras also allow for remote viewing when you’re away from your home and would like to see footage from your computer.  All keypads are pretty easy to use, and most customers won’t have much difficulty learning how to manage their home system and maintain it throughout the years.

SEI Home Security Packages

sei-securityAll of SEI’s home security packages come with 24 hour support from their staff at Central Station.  Any emergency signal that is set-off will lead to an immediate notification to the police, fire department, hospital, or rescue squad.  Their residential systems use state-of-the-art equipment, technical expertise, and non-stop surveillance.  Their most standard residential package is geared towards blocking unwanted intrusion.  SEI incorporates both wireless technology into this package, as well as hard-wired devices for the best of both worlds.  The form and function of these systems is intuitive, streamlined, and effective.  Their fire/water/CO package is able to detect all of these substances, and can be included with your intrusion package.  Lastly, the surveillance package offers high-quality video surveillance, along with remote web capabilities that allow you to see live or pre-recorded footage from your home.

SEI Details:

            *  Five Diamond Certified

            *  UL listed Control Center

            *  Over 40 years of experience

            *  Serves the Omaha, Nebraska area

            *  Both residential and commercial packages

            *  Fully trained and certified staff

            *  Offers protection from intrusion, fire, water, and carbon monoxide

How to Contact SEI Home Security


Phone: 800-279-3667