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Securus Overview

secureus-logoSecurus Incorporated offers advanced security solutions and mobile safety products that are made available to the general market through a wide network of national and regional dealers, online sales and retail outlets. With its state of the art M2M Technology Platform, the company is able to provide premium quality and reliable assistance to individuals with special needs, seniors, children, pets and even small businesses.

The company has been cited as the M2M Evolution Product of the Year for 2014 and has also been awarded the 2014 Business Impact Award. Securus takes medical alert services to the next level with its response system equipped with GPS Locate and mobile personal emergency unit. This means, unlike other devices that only work when you are within certain limits of your home, their system works wherever the user may be in the United States, as long as there is T-Mobile cellular coverage.

And while other companies tout their medical emergency system that offers security and safety assistance 24/7 for seniors and people with ailments and disabilities gain a degree of independence, this one offers people to live life to the fullest. Now, people don’t have to be mindful of staying within the prescribed perimeters. Now that’s complete freedom!

Securus Reviews

The company is BBB accredited and has been given an A- rating by the said organization. According to its database, Securus has had a total of 10 complaints filed against them over the period of 3 years, all of which have been resolved with the assistance of BBB.

Among the most common complaints pertain to the product/service of the company. One complainant claims that the company failed to take all necessary measures to inform him regarding problems with his subscription, mainly the charging of monthly fee to his credit card. When the client was able to sort out the problem and provided the company the updated credit card information, he was later informed that he needs to “start all over again” – meaning he needs to pay again the activation fee and other charges. The client found this unacceptable.

The company responded stating that the client had two accounts with them, Zoombak and eZoom. For the former service, the client was given a refund and had his service reinstated. However, with eZoom, since he was the one who initiated the cancellation, he will have to go through the application process, which includes installation charges. Furthermore, according to their records, the supervisor had made numerous attempts to reach the client by leaving voice messages and sending emails to offer assistance in the reactivation process. However, the customer had failed to return their calls and emails.

BBB deemed the issue closed as the complainant failed to accept the offer of resolution by the company.

Securus Equipment

The medical alert system sold by Securus is small and lightweight, which makes it a perfect companion especially for people who are always on the go. It also comes with a battery that can last up to four days with a single charge. As stated, the device is designed to work from anywhere in the United States as long as there are GPS and T-Mobile cellular coverage.

One of the things that sets this device apart from the rest is its simple, intuitive design, which makes it easy for people, even with limited technology know how to operate the device. The monitoring service also comes with a 24/7 connective with a trained emergency care specialist at a simple touch of a button. In addition, the specialists will be able to track location of the device using GPS.

Another popular product is the eCare+Voice, which is specifically designed for seniors who value their independence. With this subscription, the specialist will be able to share valuable information provided by the customer to first responders to provide all pertinent data needed to provide timely assistance, especially during medical emergency cases. Unlike other medical alert systems, this package does not require any landline or base station connection.

Securus also sells accessories such as an AC wall charger, protective pouch, lanyard complete with attachment clips and wireless inductive charging pad – all of which are sold separately.

Securus Packages

secureusThe company offers a number of service plans for their eCare+Voice service. All service plans have a minimum of one year subscription, which can be paid on monthly installations or prepay a full year service to avail of discounts.

To date, their service subscription costs $39.95 per month with a one-time fee for installation at $30.00. However, if you choose to pay a full year upfront, the monthly rate will be reduced to $37.95 per month, with a discounted installation cost of $15.00.

How to Contact Securus


Phone: 866-989-7768