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Security Systems Inc. Overview

securitysystemincSecurity Systems Inc. has been providing the people of Kentucky with commercial and residential security services since 1989.  They are completely family-owned and operated in Kentucky, and they have licensed technicians who are available for support 24/7.  They claim to operate with the same quality equipment and services as the national security companies but without the overhead costs. Security Systems Inc. is a member of the Better Business Bureau, as well as the National Burglar Fire Alarm Association, and other local and national chapters of the Homebuilder’s Association.  They offer a wide variety of packages for any home or business, and they are able to customize packages to suit individual needs.

Security Systems Inc. Reviews

It is difficult to find anything but positive reviews for this company on the internet, and the few reviews that are there mention that the customer service is incredibly prompt and the technical staff is knowledgable and professional.  There is always a human being that answers the phone when calling into the control center, and these employees seem well-trained and patient.  Customers seem to be pleased with the durable GE equipment that is installed in their home, and operating a home system is easy and intuitive.  After installation, customers note that the technician is sure to explain the system to them thoroughly so that they completely understand all the components and how to operate and maintain it.  There’s also a handy instructional packet that provides all the answers to any questions the customer may have down the line.   One thing that is problematic is that there is very little info about price on their website.  This is often due to the fact that they want customers to request a consultation before they hear what the prices are.  However, there don’t seem to be any overt complaints about the cost of service from Security Systems Inc.

Security Systems Inc. Equipment

Security Systems Inc. provides equipment for burglary and fire protection, as well as medical alert systems.  These all use GE equipment to run the system.  GE is a very trusted brand in security equipment, and has been one of the leading suppliers for many years now.  They have standard parts, and also devices that are more innovative and state-of-the-art.  Security Systems Inc. provides both hardwire and wireless equipment, and whichever one is right for your home or business will be determined during a consultation.  They offer smoke detectors, false alarm reduction technology, entry and exit remote, and phone interface module that allows you to activate/deactivate your alarm from a mobile location.  SS Inc. also provides motion sensors, glass break sensors, door/window contracts, environmental sensors, and medical alert equipment.  The company does mention that they have other options than GE products, but for the most part this is what they like to install.

Security Systems Inc. Home Security Packages

securitysystemsincSecurity Systems Inc. provides a number of different custom packages to keep your home safe.  Each system is designed for your specific home, and through consultation and listening to your needs, they’re able to put together a system that has all your requirements covered.  Their packages, equipment, and services are focused on speed, and they claim that when the system is activated they can get help on the way in as little as 45 seconds.  Some people choose to add audio and visual amenities to their residential security packages, and this only amps-up the protection and convenience of their system.  They also offer video surveillance as an addition to your home protection package.  Since we live in the digital age today, technology in the realm of home security has reached all new heights, and Security Systems Inc. is really staying on the cusp of this.  They provide hi-resolution indoor or outdoor cameras, and they also have remote viewing technology so that you can see live footage when away from your home.  There is also increased recordable memory in their cameras, and this allows the customer to keep digital records on file.  Whether you choose the basic package or the more advanced, you can experience some cutting-edge security.

Security Systems Inc. Details:

            *  In business since 1989

            *  Serves Kentucky

            *  Family-owned and operated

            *  Provides GE equipment

            *  Both residential and commercial security packages

            *  Member of the Better Business Bureau

            *  Radcliffe Chamber of Commerce

            *  Elizabethtown Chamber of Commerce

            *  Central Kentucky Electrical Association

            *  National Burglar Fire Alarm Association

            *  National Home Builders Association

            *  Lincoln Trail Home Builders Association

How to Contact Security Systems Inc.


Phone: 800-949-4142