Security System For Renters

Can Renters get a Security System?

Moving into a new home.

For those of you who rent, you may be wondering if having a security system installed in your rental property is something you can actually do. Many landlords are very strict about what types of things you can add to a property. Installing motion sensors, door alarms, and cameras often require drilling holes and running wires inside of ceilings and walls. The thought of all this activity can send some landlords into panic mode. On the other hand, you still need to protect your family and your belongings. This can be a real dilemma and finding a solution can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. But thankfully, there is an answer to this problem. Below we will discuss your options when it comes to securing your rental home.

What are the best security systems for renters?

When you rent a home or an apartment, you have limited say when it comes to installing a security system. But this does not mean that you have to live unprotected. An easy answer to this problem is to install a wireless security system. These systems are easy to set up and cost a fraction of the price as traditional wired units. Below is a list of some of the benefits of a wireless security system.

The Benefits of Going with a Wireless System

• You never have to worry about running wires. This will be music to any landlord’s ears!
• There will be a limited amount of holes to drill. In fact, some systems require no holes whatsoever.
• Wireless systems are easy to install and you can take them with you whenever you move.
• Some even come with professional monitoring services.
• Wireless cameras will allow you to use your computer as a recording device.
• There are no equipment fees or contracts to sign.
• You can add as many devices as you wish and protect multiple zones from one unit.
• Wireless is often cheaper than traditional systems and is perfect for those on a budget.

What Does a Wireless System Include?

Depending on the system’s maker, you will have all the devices that a traditional system carries. Motion sensors, door sensors, break detectors and cameras all can be part of a wireless security system. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can have as many devices as you want because these systems make it easy to add hardware.

How About Going Professional?

If you have a landlord that is willing to work with you and allow you to install a professional security system, this may be your best option. This will allow you to have your security system to be professionally installed and monitored by a 24-hour call center. If you are looking for around the clock protection for a monthly fee, then this is the unit for you.

The Downside of a Wired System

There is a drawback to having a wired system. If you choose to move out of your rental property, then you can’t take your system with you. This means that all the money you paid for the installation fee will be forfeited and you will have to start over from scratch. While many people go with this option to save money and time, a wireless system is much easier on those who move often.

In Conclusion

When it all boils down a wireless system just has more advantages than that of a wired unit. Even those renters with understanding landlords, a wireless security system just makes practical sense. Wireless systems are super easy to install and in a matter of a few hours, you can protect your entire home for a fraction of the price. The best part is if you ever decide to move you will be able to uninstall the system, carefully pack it and take it with you. Most new wireless security systems will allow you to monitor your own home either from your computer or your smartphone. You will be able to see what is going on with your home even if you are thousands of miles away. Most wired units do not offer this special perk. So if you are a renter and you are looking to secure your home, a wireless security system is the perfect fit!