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DropCam Pro

Best Indoor Security Camera

DropCam Pro

DropCam Pro is the number one selling Wi-Fi wireless monitoring security camera. It features new optics and an updated image sensor for video that is two times sharper. The setup is quick and easy, taking approximately 60 seconds. Connect the cam to Wi-Fi from an iOS mobile device, Bluetooth or computer. This allows you to live stream from the camera. Users have the capacity to view what is happening within the camera’s field of view with live streaming video that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DropCam Pro Specifications

Field of View is 130 degrees diagonal with night vision and zoom for viewing images closer in any lighting condition. Additional features include two way talk, intelligent alerts, mobile and web apps, scheduling, HD video, Cloud Video Recording and optional offsite recording. Cameras may be programmed to turn on or off automatically. These features make the DropCam Pro one of the best choices for monitoring and security situations that require the need for viewing and listening to any sounds that are occurring, such as a crying baby in the middle of the night.

Who would use the DropCam Pro?

This product is ideal for monitoring nurseries, children’s play areas, monitoring pets, small business and home security. The two way talk feature allows parents to soothe a crying child or to communicate with children and others from other locations in the residence. This feature adds to convenience for those who cannot easily get up from one room and walk to another to communicate. Child care centers can use this system to monitor play room activities and interactions between staff and children. Inpatient facilities will find the DropCam Pro useful for monitoring activity rooms, lunch areas and any other locations that may pose security risks to residents.

There are multiple uses appropriate for this cam. Video can be viewed from a variety of different devices including Android devices, iPod touch, iPad, iPhone, Apple Mac and Windows PC. This cam allows you to monitor anything that is important to you for peace of mind while you are away. It is appropriate for monitoring the interior areas of hospitals, schools, retail businesses and residences.

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Best Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Trivision NC-336PW

The NC-336PW by TriVision is a Wi-Fi wireless Home IP outdoor security camera. Installation takes just 3 simple steps with free Android, iPhone and iPad apps. Advanced Wi-Fi technology provides motion triggered recorded clips and optional email and FTP alerts.

Trivision NC-336PW Features

The TriVision NC-335PW features15m night vision, with 1920x1080p HD. Dedicated multi device app use, built in SD card DVR which is expandable to 128 GB. Multi-zone motion sensor with infrared night vision and wide viewing angle that features 50 degrees vertical and 90 degrees horizontal. The wide range connectivity and ethernet connective technology using POE capability for both power and Wi-Fi make this IP security camera ideal for placing in more remote locations that are not close to a power source. This CCTV camera provides all in one security coverage that is easily viewed via web browser with Mac or Windows environments.The casing is made of high quality rust proof metal with a dust and water proof rating of IP67.

Who would use the TriVision NC-336PW?

Anyone in need of secure outdoor monitoring would use this product. It is designed to be dust and weatherproof and additionally, may be used to monitor more secluded locations. Businesses would install this CCTV cam for monitoring and recording activities that occur on exterior grounds of businesses and facilities, parking lots for security purposes. This product may also be used to monitor activity on the outside of private estates and residences. Ideal for monitoring auto dealerships, hospitals, physician’s offices, municipal buildings and properties, schools and universities.

Any security breaches or break-ins trigger motion alerts that are sent via Email/FTP. Clips of motion triggered events are recorded for future playback and review. This type of footage is particularly useful when there is a claim of criminal activity. Video footage is often helpful in solving crimes including theft, vandalism, assault and other issues. Retail stores, mini marts, gas stations and other professional establishments would use this system to monitor and review footage as needed.

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Best 4 Channel Security Camera

Defender 520TVL

The Defender Sentinel Pro Wireless 4 CH security system is designed for video monitoring in both indoor and outdoor settings both day and night. This model is one of the most versatile 4 channel units available and it can be used in a variety of settings and applications. The innovative design and use of advanced technology in the Defender Sentinel Pro Wireless make it a state of the art security system that is easily installed and connected for immediate use.

Defender 520TVL features

Wireless features provide for up to 750 feet of range with up to 100 feet of infrared night vision. Weatherproof optimization makes it ideal for outdoor or indoor use in any weather conditions. The cameras that come with this system include one wide angled array infrared.

Clear Vu Pro digital wireless technology allows for fast installation that features automatic connection to the available Wi-Fi connection from up to 750 feet away. Up to four years of memory are included with a massive 1 TB of storage space for continual monitoring and storage. Footage can be backed up and transferred via USB flash drive, or USB external HDD. Recording may be set to be activated by motion detection for maximum continuous recording time.

Both indoor and outdoor pictures are clear and crisp regardless of the lighting values. The array infrared LED covers the entire field of vision and is automatically activated in the dark. Step one remote viewing via smartphone connects to your DVR via Wi-Fi, providing live or real-time video feeds and email alerts. You can also view your video footage remotely from any location globally that provides any internet enabled device.

This product comes with 4 Phoenix Pro Wireless cameras, 2 Phoenix receivers, 7 power adapters, 4 video cables with BNC adapters, mounting hardware, remote control with batteries, 4 window warning stickers, CD quick start guide, USB mouse and ethernet cable.

Who would use the Defender 520TVL?

This product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor security and video monitoring. It is ideal for both commercial and private use. Homeowners who want to monitor the interior of their homes for nursery observation, outdoor security and remote security monitoring when away from home will find this multi camera system perfect. Facilities with inpatients, outpatient and clients who are coming and going may use this system for both interior and exterior video monitoring at all times of the day and night. Any business that finds video monitoring useful whether indoors or out will find this product to be highly functional, useful and convenient. One of the most remarkable features is that you can easily achieve professional installation results from this do it yourself system.

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Best 8 Channel Security Package

Defender Sentinel Pro 520TVL

The Defender Sentinel Pro 520TVL provides long-range night vision with remote video monitoring from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Achieve professional installation results with this entirely do it yourself package.

Defender Sentinel Pro 520TVL Features

ClearVu digital wireless technology allows to you install this system with ease and no hassle. It features an advanced technology system that provides automatic connection when you turn it on without the need for wiring. The advanced digital functionality of this system maintains a strong signal while you monitor your home or business wirelessly.

The 6 cameras, which are included in the package, provide for 75 feet of night vision. Indoor/outdoor camera provides clear and sharp pictures regardless of the time of day. You won’t have to wonder what is going on because you will be able to view it from practically any location with a wireless connection. The LED automatically activates when it becomes dark in the area around the camera. The high quality picture allows you to see the smallest details.

One-step remote viewing software allows you to instantly network with DVR with the internet for live video feeds. You can program the system to receive email alerts when motion is detected. All of this can be done via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The Phoenix Pro system provides you with confidence and the peace of mind in knowing that your business or residence is being monitored and is secure. Valuables are kept more secure through the use of the Defender system.

Continuous monitoring is possible for up to four years when using the motion activated recording option. 1 TB of memory provides ample space for maximum memory utilization. Advanced technology and innovation in notifications alert you when your HDD is full. You can easily back up and transfer your footage to a USB flash drive or an external HDD via a USB port.

Who would use the Defender Sentinel Pro 520TVL?

This product is appropriate for both commercial and residential use. Anyone who desires a professional level system that is easily installed by the do it yourself method can achieve the goal with this system. Homeowners who want to monitor the grounds of the residence for security, use as a nursery monitor or use the system for multiple locations both day and night would be pleased with the high quality and functionality of this product. Businesses would also benefit by installing this multi-functioning product for internal and external monitoring of the premises. Ideal for remote viewing while away, this system provides clear and detailed pictures in all lighting environments and is accessible by most devices that have internet connectivity.

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Best 16 Channel Security System

Samsung SDS-P5122

The Samsung SDS-P5122 16 channel security system is a 12-camera system with hassle free customization to provide the user with advanced monitoring and notification options for maximum surveillance. The advanced technology of this unit provides you with automatic email notifications when there is motion detected or if there is any type of tampering detected with the camera. From your Android smartphone or iPhone, you can us the free Samsung iPOLis app to remotely access and view.

Samsung SDS-P5122 features

12 cameras allow for custom placement and monitoring setups. Each camera is designed for both indoor and outdoor use and is weather resistant. The clarity and color is true in any type of lighting from a distance of up to 82 feet with 720 TVL resolution cameras. Privacy Masking provides the capacity for blocking up to 4 areas, which are within the cameras’ field of view to focus upon particular interests or areas.

Professional installation results are easy to achieve with the do it yourself method because of the simple and easy setup design of this video monitoring system. Wi-Fi connectivity is achievable through the use of an adapter. Check in any time of the day or night for added confidence and security while you are away.

Who would use the Samsung SDS-P5122?

This video monitoring unit can be used by parents or caregivers to monitor babies and small children day and night with crisp and clear detailed video quality. Parents will sleep more soundly knowing that their children are being monitored with a high quality video system that also provides alerts and notifications. Homeowners will have peace of mind in knowing that their residences are monitored both day and night and that the video is accessible anywhere that an internet connection is available via smartphone, tablet or computer. This feature makes vacation time more enjoyable with less worry about the security of the home or business in your absence.

Increased security is provided for businesses at all times of the day. Secure and monitor multiple locations at one time, even those that are located in remote areas. Record video footage for later playback incase you have an alarm event or any reason to access the video. Anyone who has a use for multiple location monitoring would find this product to be a highly functional and useful solution to security and monitoring needs.

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