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SafetyCare Overview

safetycare-logoSafetyCare is a company specializing in the sale of medical alert monitoring for the senior population across the United States. The company has one of the most reliable and established Persona Emergency Response Systems in the country, which offers live-at-home seniors and individuals with special needs the option to stay in the comforts of their home instead of being in a nursing home or assisted care facility.

Over the years, the company has introduced a number of highly innovative products designed to enhance the lifestyle of seniors as well as offer greater peace of mind, especially for the loved ones. With more than two decades in the medical alert industry, they have proven to have a far more advanced service and technology, which can mean a huge difference between life and death situations.

Compared to other medical alert systems solutions providers, SafetyCare positions itself as a market leader by consistently introducing new products and tapping new technological advancements.

They have managed to steadily grow their business nationwide by maintaining a reliable, efficient service that many American families have come to rely on. In fact, they have established a strong brand through TV advertising, which boosted their sales.

SafetyCare Reviews

The company is not BBB accredited and does not have any reviews published online. However, a look at the BBB database reveals that there have been no complaints filed against the company over the past three years.

There are a number of testimonials published on their websites from some of their clients. These were mostly positive remarks on the innovative products the company has introduced to the market that has enhanced the lives of many seniors and boosted greater confidence and peace of mind for loved ones.

Many consumers were particularly impressed by the fast, efficient installation of their systems and personalized attention. Of course, the availability of reliable emergency assistance at a simple push of a button has brought invaluable benefits for families with seniors who prefer to live independently.

SafetyCare Equipment

Over the years, the company has put out a complete line of medical alert systems that have offered innumerable benefits and convenience to many families. Among their most popular products include the EMT Watch, which is a medical alert monitoring device that offers a discreet and stylish accessory.

The watch is designed is such a way one would not think it to be any other than just an ordinary watch, which is something many seniors have come to appreciate especially when they greatly value their dignity, security and independence. The user has an option to use it as a wristwatch or a breakaway pendant. The system comes with a base station that can be plugged to any electric outlet and a landline phone jack.

In the event of emergencies, the user simply has to push the alarm button to connect to the SafetyCare Response Center, which offers 24/7 on call emergency responders to offer immediate assistance. The team is highly trained to handle emergencies – from assessing emergencies to dispatching emergency personnel in order to provide the use the assistance they need.

Another great product is the EMT FallCall, which is a special medical device that can detect if the user has fallen and may require medical assistance. This mediates any unwanted consequences of accidental falls and provides the best chance for seniors to return from a hospital with minimal problems.

Like the other medical alert systems, this one is backed by a 24/7 response team of certified EMTs ready to handle medical emergencies with efficiency and compassion. The FallCall is able to detect slow and fast falls and is considered to be one of the most reliable fall detection devices in the market today. It is designed to be worn as a pendant for a worry-free round the clock protection.

The LifeBeacon is by far the most important innovation the company has introduced. Equipped with GPS, this is a mobile watch that features a medical alert monitoring system. This means seniors are not only protected within their homes but virtually anywhere in the United States. It also has a 2-way voice communication that offers immediate contact to trained staff at the monitoring center in case of emergencies.

SafetyCare Packages

safetycareThe EMT Watch has a monthly subscription price of $34.99, which comes with a 24/7 monitoring service. The service also does not have any activation fee and can be cancelled anytime, which means no long-term contract required.

On the other hand, the EMT FallCall Pendant is priced at $44.99 per month, which can be billed monthly, quarterly or annually. It also has no activation fee and can be cancelled anytime. LifeBeacon is offered at $49.99 per month and like the first two, the service can be cancelled at anytime and does not have any activation fee.

How to Contact SafetyCare


Phone: 800-483-0888