SafeMart Reviews

SafeMart Reviews – Overview

SafeMart was founded 10 years ago and is the online brand for LiveWatch Security, LLC. They carry a BBB Accreditation. SafeMart has a 12 month contract which is the shortest in the industry. After their 12 month contract it goes from month to month. They also have a variety of equipment to chose from including GE, Honeywell and DSC.


SafeMart Monitoring Plans & Pricing

SafeMart has some of the lowest monthly pricing but their upfront equipment fees are some of the highest from the companies we reviewed. For example if you configure a system on their website with cellular monitoring and a few window/door sensors the prices of the equipment alone could be more than you are paying in monthly fees.

  • $9.95 – Basic Phone Monitoring + Equipment Fees
  • $19.95 – Basic Cellular Monitoring + Equipment Fees
  • $29.95 – Interactive Cellular Monitoring (Includes Features) + Equipment Fees
  • $39.95 – Premium Control Monitoring (Everything plus Home Automation) + Equipment Fees

SafeMart VS FrontPoint Security

Both companies are BBB accredited and carry high ratings however FrontPoint’s customer reviews are the best in the industry. Not to mention FrontPoint Security offers a 30-day money back guarantee and their pricing is much lower when you take into account the high upfront costs associated with SafeMart.
Winner: FrontPoint Security

ADT Security VS SafeMart

If we based it on experience and years in the industry ADT wins 13 times over since they have been in business for over 130 years however both companies are well respected in the industry. With ADT you’ll receive a professional installation for $99 and with SafeMart you’ll have some fairly hefty upfront fees to go the DIY route. As far as equipment options and technology ADT has a vast array of services that are unmatched by most home security companies.
Winner: ADT Security

Protect America VS SafeMart

This is a battle of zero upfront fees with Protect America and high upfront fees with SafeMart. SafeMart does have slightly lower monthly costs but if you need more than a few window/door sensors Protect America will be your best value. Protect America also pioneered the DIY installation model for home security systems and they have been around longer than SafeMart.
Winner: Protect America


  1. July 11, 2012    

    I always thought safemart was less expensive until I checked out their website. THey charge over $200 to add the cellular monitoring service to their hardware. That’s expensive!!!

    • Best Home Alarm System HQ
      July 13, 2012    

      They have shorter contracts but charge more upfront. Depends on what you want but you’re right if you want the cellular monitoring service you have to add the hardware for it which makes it more expensive. If you are looking for $0 upfront costs then check out Protect America they provide free equipment and a reasonable monthly fee.

Top Rated Alarm Companies

  1. Frontpoint - 855-800-2019
  2. ADT - 866-518-1238
  3. Protect America - 888-305-0285
  4. Vivint - 866-864-7135
  5. LifeShield - 877-723-3796
  6. Broadview - 866-860-8718
  7. Guardian
  8. Xfinity
  9. AlarmForce
  10. LiveWatch