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Safeguard Security Overview

safeguardSafeguard is a locally owned family business that has been operating for more than 50 years. They offer services to both residential and business customers. They pride themselves in being Arizona’s largest family owned and operated security company.

The company offers a complete line of security and monitoring systems including theft protection, fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detection, video and motion surveillance, home energy monitoring and medical emergency response capabilities. With Safeguard they offer cellular monitoring as a standard feature and their UL listed Security Monitoring Center is managed and operated in house.

They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Safeguard maintains a staff of over 360 members and require drug screening and in house training to ensure top quality care. The sales staff and repair crew are all trained locally to ensure consistency with delivery, installation, and service. The company offers 24 hour monitoring along with 24 hour phone support for all customers.

One unique feature that Safeguard provides is in certain areas they have local Safeguard Mobile Patrol Officers that are able to respond to alarms. This provides an even faster level of response than can be provided by local authorities.

Safeguard Reviews

Safeguard has some of the best ratings for companies in the area. The in house training provides a high level of consistency with the customer experience. The lack of outsourcing and not hiring subcontractors to complete the work, provides a noticeable difference in the quality of installation, repairs and service provided. Customers are provided with a quality system that is installed correctly the first time. This reduces service calls, which are generally an additional charge to the customer.

The other notable difference in customer comments is regarding the contract. Each customer has the option of reducing the length of the contract by paying more for the equipment upfront. If all the equipment is purchased up front the customer has the option of month to month monitoring without a contract. This enables the customer to not only have a customized system, but to have a contract that represents their needs rather than a long term contract that is not adequately communicated with customers.

Safeguard Equipment

Safeguard provides a full range of equipment offered through Honeywell. This company is known for having the most reliable products and the highest level of innovation in the industry. Customers can choose from a basic equipment package that will include theft, fire and smoke protection. Then customers can customize the package from there to meet your needs.

Additional products include video monitoring and motion detection. New Safeguard customers are offered a free video surveillance camera. The security options also include remote management which will operate door locks, lights, and thermostats remotely through your smartphone or other electronic device. Carbon monoxide detection and medical alerts are also available.

Video surveillance includes remote access where you can view clips or live streaming of your monitored property through an internet connection. Video, texts and email alerts are available providing you with information when you need, to protect your home. Video clip storage is also available in the event the authorities need access to the data collected.

Safeguard Packages

safeguardSafeguard offers a range of monitoring packages that begin at $1 a day. The monitoring call center is operating locally within Arizona. In order to maintain the quality of the customer experience the call center monitoring is operated in house with no third party monitoring. This provides a high level of consistency and the ability of the company to work closely with authorities for alarms that require assistance of medic, fire or police.

A very unique feature is that Safeguard offers their own patrol services. This increases the number of services they can provide. They have a service for second homes or homeowners on vacation, where a patrol officer will complete a drive by, each day or each week depending on the customer’s needs. They can also enter the home on a set schedule to ensure the home is in order.

The Safeguard MedConnect provides a medical panic button that can be worn on the wrist or around the neck. This provides two way communication with the call center and can provide assistance quickly when an emergency occurs.  Their Cyclops program offers services for empty and foreclosed homes that need additional security to prevent vandalism.

Safeguard clearly focuses more on the customer experience than making their profits through long extended contracts and frequent service calls. This enables them to provide a high level of customer service that has helped to grow their business into a leader in the Arizona security market.

How to Contact Safeguard


Phone: (480) 609-6208