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Safe Touch Security Overview

safetouch-logoSafe Touch Security Systems is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. This security system company serves several different areas including Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee, Florida as well as the Savannah, Georgia region. They strive to give prompt responds to emergencies within seconds rather than minutes, which canmake a big difference in security. Safe Touch Security Systems is one of the top independent communications security companies in the nation. This security system company has over twenty years of experience and has grown to provide their customers with the security they desire and need.

This security system company provides their customers with the newest and best technology on the market to ensure a secure and protected residence or business facility. Every employee that works for Safe Touch Security Systems is licensed and is required to pass a background check before being hired. This security system company is an Authorized Dealer for GE Security and is powered by, and is UL certified.

Lester Jackson, the founder of Safe Touch Security Systems, created the company when he was only 22 years old. His standards and security philosophies have made the company what it is today. Safe Touch Security Systems will allow home and business owners to know their belongings are safe as well as the people that work and live in the secured areas.

Safe Touch Reviews

Safe Touch is accredited with the BBB and maintains an A+ rating. Some customers have complained about employees being unlicensed. The company insists that all of their employees carry the appropriate licenses for the areas they work. Other customers have commented that if you cancel your contract close to the end of the contract period, the company will turn off the monitoring services early. Once the contract is no longer in use, if the customer does not renew and continue to make the monthly monitoring payments the system will no longer be active.

The equipment that Safe Touch Security System provides their customers is top notch and is worth the upfront and monthly charges. Anytime customers deal with contracts it is important to read and understand everything you are signing. You will be legally held responsible for what is in the contract even if you choose not to read it. Reading the contract carefully and asking any questions before you sign the contract is the best defense. Remember that any verbal promises do not have to be honored.

Safe Touch Equipment

Safe Touch Security Systems offers their customers home security systems, cameras, wireless security systems, and alarm monitoring. The wireless security systems can be placed in the location customers need and can be installed or removed easily. Being able to move the equipment with ease provides the ability to place the equipment in the most desirable places that will provide the best security.

The alarm monitoring will keep residents safe from fire and intrusions by giving customers central monitoring software that provides 24/7 coverage. Employees are licensed and properly instructed on how to install the equipment to allow customers to be protected and secure at all times. Technicians are also trained to know the equipment thoroughly in order to answer any questions the customers may have. Licensed professionals will help customers create the best security system package for their property giving you the safety and securing a monitoring system should provide.

Safe Touch Packages

safetouchThere are several packages available. Currently, if an individual already has a system, they can purchase monitoring for $21.95 a month with no contract. With this package the users will receive a new battery for back up along with having the option to receive system checks for free.

If an individual has a system without a phone, there is a package for $29.95 a month. This package will provide monitoring with a backup for the cellular device. With this package, the user will receive APR, texting, and notifications to their phone so that the user is always in the know about activity on their property.

There is also a package for a brand new security system for only $29.95 a month with a 36 month contract. The package includes a GSM cellular unit, pet immune motion, local monitoring, lifetime warranty, talking command center, four door sensors, and a two way communicator.

Other additional services are available if the customer wants additional monitoring services.

How to Contact Safe Touch


Phone: 888.723.8682