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Safe Systems Overview

safesystemsSafe Systems is a security system company headquartered in Louisville, Colorado. They serve customers within the region including Colorado Springs, Boulder, Denver, Front Range, and the Fort Collins area. This security system company strives to give their customers a peace of mind by protecting and securing both residence and business properties.

The security company serves more than 10,000 customers and personalizes every security system to meet the demands of each individual. Every customer is different. Safe Systems understands this philosophy and yearns to provide the best technology along with high quality service during every aspect of the security system process.

Safe Systems will install high quality equipment that is UL certified bringing customer’s protection and security that cannot be provided without purchasing a security system. The video surveillance systems are linked withan award winning central monitoring security system that has received a Five Diamond Certificate.

Safe Systems Customer Reviews

Safe Systems is a strong security system company within the Colorado area. The Better Business Bureaugives this company an A+ rating. This rating illustrates that Safe Systems meets the BBB’s standards and responds to customer needs. The company is known for having top notch customer service and strives to meet the needs of their customers. Safe Systems has been an accredited business since 1991 allowing them to gain the required experience to provide high quality service.

The most common complaint is that their pricing is high and their security hardware is not Honeywell, but 2GIG, which offers a high quality product. For those who use the equipment they feel the quality is high and there is a low occurrence of false alarms.

Safe Systems monitors over 10,000 residents in the Colorado region. There are benefits to having a smaller security system company mostly in regards to the higher levels of customer service that are provided. By being able to prioritize each individual’s residence, Safe Systems is able to offer remarkable customer service and security to their clients.

By purchasing a security system from Safe Systems customers will have several benefits including 24 hour monitoring, video systems, environmental monitoring, wireless home security systems, remote services, and home automation.

Safe Systems Equipment

Safe Systems offers 2GIG security systems for individual residents. The 2GIG equipment is high quality and allows the company to give the best protection to their customers.

After the contract is signed and the security system is personalized to meet the needs of the customer, a 4G control panelis used to monitor the property. The control panel allows the customer to log in from a smart phone or equivalent technology regardless of their physical location. Customers will also receive three window and door sensors as well as a motion detector.

Individual resident’s security systems are their strength and more services are available including remote access services and alarm systems. With these systems customers can feel more protected while they are away. With automated services clients can connect and monitor their security systems with devices such as tablets, laptops, and smart phones. All surveillance systems and 24/7 monitoring systems are connected to the Five Diamond rated monitoring center allowing security professionals to watch and protect your property 24/7. Safe Systems also offers fire alarms and environmental monitoring to detect and prevent leaks and accidents.

Safe Systems commercial services provide businesses with a large variety of protection. Equipment for commercial facilities includes fire and burglar systems, which will protect companies wirelessly. At any point in time company executives can connect to the surveillance system installed in the business remotely. Motion detection cameras will allow the company to monitor the area knowing who is coming and going. The access control systems allow employees to enter the facility without a key while providing protection for the commercial area and a monitoring of employee activity.

This security systems company is known for their dependable protection along with their fast response time. Safe Systems response time for commercial facilities and individual residents is above average compared to other competitors.

Safe Systems Packages

safe-systemsSafe Systems promises their customers top quality security systems while providing monitoring 24/7. The employees are local and will respond quickly to emergencies, accidents, along with any questions clients may have. Even though Safe System’s has a higher monthly fee, customer satisfaction is worth the extra cost.

This security system company offers customers protection and security starting at $40 a month. The upfront cost ranges from $100 to $250 depending on the equipment. Even though the monthly cost is higher that some competitors, the upfront cost is lower than many security companies.

How to Contact Safe Systems


Phone: 800-446-7519