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Richmond Alarm Overview

richmond-logoRichmond Alarm was founded by Samuel Boggs in 1947. The security system company was originally called Southern Burglar Alarm Company. They are one of the oldest security system companies within the state of Virginia. The company installs, monitors, and designs personalized security systems to work for each and every customer that will meet their security needs. Instead of focusing on becoming a large company, Richmond Alarm Company, is based in Virginia and only serves local customers in order to provide the best personalized customer service give each customer the time and attention they need.

This security system company has several goals that include being responsive, efficient, and anticipating the needs and wants of their clients. With high quality technology, Richmond Alarm Company is able to provide home owners and business facilities with the protection they need in order to secure their property as well as the people within those areas.

Richmond Alarm Reviews

Richmond Alarm is an older security system company, which has allowed them to perfect and work on customer service and having great equipment to supply customers. Richmond Alarm will design, install, and monitor security systems bringing a piece of mind to clients. Being a smaller company they are able to make every customer a priority to keep their residence or business secure and protected, as a result their customer satisfaction is very high.

This security system company owns their own central monitoring system allowing them to respond quickly to any problems or emergencies customers having to deal with a third party. Companies that have third parties tend to have slower response times. Technicians that work for Richmond Alarm are also available 24/7. This provides around the clock service along with 24/7 monitoring. This ensures that the equipment is always operating and the property is fully protected.

The main complaint about Richmond alarm is that the upfront cost are high. While Richmond alarm does not promote itself as a low cost provider but rather focus on providing the best quality protection and customer service. The other complaint that is brought up is that the equipment warranty is only good for one year, while customers are in contract for 36 months.

Richmond Alarm Equipment

Richmond Alarm provides several different options for security system equipment that differs based on where the equipment will be used. For residents security systems are personalized. Therefore, in order to get an idea of what equipment is offered a consultation must take place. However, Richmond Alarm is working on transferring their systems to work with cellular devices. This allows the customer to control and secure their home no matter where they are. Cellular coverage allows customers to monitor and control their system remotely from any device with Wi-Fi access. This provides an extra level of security so clients can know that their residence is secure anytime, anywhere. There are several features with this security system company including wireless products that clients can depend on, easy ability to add equipment and upgrade packages, remote service, identification of exact point of alarm, along with customized interior protection.

For businesses, Richmond Alarm can provide access controls, high definition video cameras, fire system maintenance and inspections, fire alarm systems, as well as remote monitoring 24/7. As with residential properties, security systems are customized to the size, needs, and desires of the customer. Businesses can use landline phones or cellular devices based on their preferences.

Richmond Alarm Packages

richmondThere are several special offers available at Richmond Alarm. Public Service Personnel as well as Military clients receive a 15% discount off their new home security system or an upgrade. Another special offer is that customers can get three months of monitoring for free. Customers can receive this deal by referring a friend or upgrading to Security Plus. As soon as a new customer signs a contract with Richmond Alarm, the referee will receive the three months of free monitoring. Another special that Richmond Alarm offers is that customers can receive a free security system once the customer signs a security system contract for 36 months. This special provides installation for only $99 with a signed monitoring agreement.

The Security plus Package is another special that Richmond Alarm offers. This package costs $299 for installation and is $44.95 a month. This package includes a key FOB, remote services, cellular communication transmitter, rechargeable standby battery, 2GIG Control Panel, low voltage transformer power supply, wireless passive infrared motion sensor, three wireless door/window contact transmitters, a cellular communication transmitter, along with a one year contract. These many features allow customers to control both the security of their home along with home automation which controls appliances, HVAC, lighting and electronic locks remotely.

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Phone: 800.759.5151