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Rhode Island History:

From its beginnings, Rhode Island has been distinguished by its support for freedom of conscience and action. Clergymen Roger Williams founded the present state capital, which is in Providence, after being exiled by the Massachusetts Bay Colony Puritans in 1636. Williams was followed by other religious exiles who founded Pocasset, now Portsmouth, in 1638 and Newport in 1639.

The state of Rhode Island is the smallest state with regard to land mass. The state is only 48 miles in length and only 37 miles in width. Even though it is a very small state is has over 400 miles of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. This enables it to remain a major shipping port for shipments headed to Europe.

Rhode Island was the 13th state to be admitted into the Union rounding out the 13 original colonies. The state has a land mass of only 1545 square miles, with a population of over a million residents.

Rhode Island State Alias:

“The Ocean State” is Rhode Island’s nickname because of its long coastline. This name is used to promote tourism today. Rhode Island is also known as “The Plantation State” which is derived from the state’s official full name, which is “The State Of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations”. Some other symbols that are associated the state of Rhode Island include, cumberlandite, bowenite, quahog, and red maple trees.

Rhode Island Population:

The current population of Rhode Island is estimated at 1,052,567 based on the 2010 census. En estimated 508,400 of the population is male and 544,176 being females. Providence county has by far the largest population with approximately 660,000 residents. The population has increased by around 2% in the last decade. The state is has the 2nd highest population density per square mile, only behind New Jersey. It is estimated that there are 1003 individuals per square mile in the state.

Rhode Island Industries:

There are over 1,000 manufacturers that produce jewelry and jewelry part in the state of Rhode Island. Other notable manufacturing companies include AT Cross and Shaffaer. Which manufactures pens, Fort which makes collectibles, and Swarovski which is known for their boutique items like rhinestones. Hasbro, is also located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. They are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of toys.

Rhode Island also has a presence in the electronics industry. They make circuit boards, medical equipment, navigational equipment and lottery machines. They promote tourism and their beaches along with a large presence in the shipping industry.

Rhode Island Social Demographics:

In a 2010 census 15.5% of Rhode Island’s population was over the age of 65, and 20.4% under the age of 18. The median household income is $56,102. Home ownership is at 62.1%. Approximately 84.8% of the populations has a high school diploma with 30.8% going on to get a college degree.
The median age for residents of Rhode Island is 36.7. Providence is the capital of the state and has a population of 175,901. The greater Providence area has as many as 1,125,639 residents.

Rhode Island Metropolitan Areas:

Rhode Island contains six metropolitan areas, these include, Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, Providence-New Bedford, Worcester, Manchester-Nashua, Concord, and Laconia. Providence has the highest population followed by Pawticket and Woonsocket. Compared to other metropolitan areas that are near by, the metropolitan areas have lower populations and the cities are smaller. This is a very urban state with most of the state consisting of cities and towns.

Rhode Island Popular Sports Teams:

Rhode Island does not host any professional sports teams. They are home to popular league teams which include The Providence Bruins, The Pawtucket Red Sox. College teams include The Brown Bears, The Providence Friars, and The Rhode Island Rams.

Rhode Island Home Security Companies:

Rhode Island Crime Statistics:

2010 crime data list 694 total crimes for the state of Rhode Island. 4 of those were robberies. There were no murders in 2010. 33 motor vehicle thefts occurred, 522 larcenies, 110 burglaries, and 18 were aggravated assaults. For the population the crime rate is low.

Crime Breakdown for Rhode Island

  • 2.52 Violent Crimes per 1,000 Residents
  • 25.72 Property Crimes per 1,000 Residents
  • Your Chances of being a Victim of Violent Crime in RI is 1 in 396
  • Your Chances of being a Victim of Property Crime in RI is 1 in 39
  • There are 60 crimes per square mile in RI
  • Your Chances of being a Victim of Burglary in RI is 1 in 176
  • The RI Burglary Rate is Above the National Average

Source: http://www.neighborhoodscout.com/ri/crime/

Rhode Island Police Department:

Rhode Island police was founded in 1925. Today it is a full service, statewide law enforcement agency whose mission is to fulfill the law enforcement needs of the people with the highest degree of fairness, professionalism, and integrity, and protect the inherent rights of the people to live in freedom and safety.

Rhode Island List of Counties:

1. Bristol
2. Kent
3. Newport
4. Providence
5. Washington