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Oplink Overview

oplink-logoOplink is a Fremont, California based home security company that uses wireless plug-and-play systems controlled through your smartphone.  The company has two home security equipment packages that they design and manufacture themselves, the AlarmShield and TripleShield, both of which are wireless and DIY.  Oplink does not offer monthly monitoring services.  Instead, home security packages are self-monitored through the Oplink Cloud that communicates with each component of a system and that is controlled through your smartphone.  Oplink provides complete self-monitoring security systems as well as real-time video surveillance packages for residential and commercial customers, in addition to fire protection systems and in-home medical monitoring packages.  Oplink has only been in business for a few years but already services clients around the globe.  The company is not yet accredited with the BBB nor has it garnered any notable awards.

Oplink Reviews

Though Oplink is still an up-and-coming company, customers seem pleased with their equipment and services so far.  All Oplink home security equipment is plug and play, meaning you install everything yourself, which saves the hassle of setting and waiting for appointment times.  Most customers say it only takes about 30 minutes to get the system components installed and connected to their wireless routers.  Despite not having access to a central monitoring station, Oplink customers like that they can control all of their security components and system settings from their smartphones.  Since everything is plug and play and DIY, you get to choose where to put all door/window contacts and surveillance cameras.  From there, you can check in on the footage from your phone anytime, anywhere.  Customers also choose and stay with Oplink for their comparatively low start-up costs and monthly subscription fee.

Oplink Equipment

The type of equipment you receive depends on the Oplink package you opt for.  Most systems include an Oplink Processing Unit (OPU), 2 door/window sensors, 2 key fob remotes, a motion detector, a siren, and access to the free mobile app.  From there, add-ons include IP video cameras, smart alert buttons, extra door/window connects, and other security-enhancing components.  One of the main benefits to Oplink equipment is its plug and play installation, which only takes about 15 minutes with no pairing needed.  With Oplink video surveillance equipment, every time an alarm is triggered a video clip will be recorded 5 seconds before and 25 seconds after the event, which will be automatically sent to the phones of authorized users.

Oplink Home Security Packages

oplinkpsOplink’s most popular and comprehensive home security packages are their AlarmShield and TripleShield wireless security and alert systems.  AlarmShield was the first package released by Oplink, and it includes an OPU, 2 window/door contacts, 2 key fob remotes, 1 motion detector, 1 siren, and access to the free mobile app.  For $9.99/month, you get 24-hour security and alerts, all controlled from your smartphone.  TripleShield expands upon the AlarmShield package and includes 2 IP video cameras with auto night vision and a 16 GB storage device for transfer of video.  With the addition of cameras, the TripleShield monthly fee is $19.99.  Both systems install in about 15 minutes and can be upgraded with additional features.  The AlarmShiled equipment package is $219.99 and the TripleShield is available for $369.99 (or $519.99 with 2 additional cameras).  Connected fire packages and connected care packages are available for $199.99 and $289.99.

Oplink Details

With an Oplink home security system, control is entirely in the user’s hands.  Once you buy the system you own it, meaning you are free to take it with you in the event of a move.  The customer controls system monitoring by his/herself, as there is no connection to a central monitoring station that monitors your system.  Instead, anytime an alarm is tripped an alert is sent to your cellphone, which serves as the control station for the entire security system.  Oplink customers are free to pay their low subscription fees month-to-month, and there is no cancellation fee for discontinuing service.  All equipment is DIY and extremely easy to install, and security packages can be upgraded to include additional door/window sensors, video cameras, remotes, and more.

How to Contact Oplink

Website: https://www.oplinkconnected.com/

Phone: 844-675-4652