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Omega Security Overview

omega-logoFor over 2 decades Omega Security has been serving the people of Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.  They provide both residential and commercial security at a reasonable price, and they’re a company that are well-respected by their community  They pride themselves on providing customized plans to suit the needs of individuals and businesses.  Because they’re an authorized Honeywell Security dealer, they are providing some of the highest quality equipment in the industry.  They are also a member of the Electronic Security Association.  Omega provides complimentary security consultations to their customers, and one of their own professionally trained employees will come to evaluate your home.  If you’re looking for something that is more out of the box, this is a great company to go with.  They are a popular security company among major businesses in the area such as UPS, the U.S. Army, Haagen-Dazs, and Job Corps.

Omega Security Reviews

With any security package that you get with Omega, you’re required to sign a 36-month monitoring agreement.  This is bad news for a lot of customers, and many people express that they don’t prefer to get into an agreement of this length.  Customers have also complained that Omega is a little more expensive than their competitors.  Also, because every Omega system comes with only 2-3 door/window sensors, people with very large homes will not find this adequate, and they’ll need to purchase additional ones at a high cost.  All that being said, reviews are pretty good for this company, and they are reputable and respected for providing quality home security in Florida.  If you’re a resident of Southern Florida, Omega might be a good choice for you and your family or business.   Aside from being a member of the ESA, Omega does not mention anything about the Better Business Bureau or UL certifications.  These are important for giving a security company true legitimacy.  Even in spite of this missing information, Omega does seem to be a good company in its area, and customers do value the quality service and technical support that the company provides.

Omega Security Equipment

Omega comes with some pretty standard equipment with each of their packages.  What you get is a control panel, LCD keypad, indoor siren, motion detector, transformer, battery backup and 2 door/window contracts.  Because this is all Honeywell equipment, you can be guaranteed that it is built to be very durable.  In fact, all Honeywell products really do outperform the competition, and Omega almost exclusively uses this equipment in their customers homes.  All technicians are Honeywell certified and professionally trained.  When they come to your home for installation, they are able to work with your specific needs and place the control panel and other parts in locations that best serve your lifestyle and the design of your home.  Because Honeywell products are so cutting edge, there’s a good chance that you will not need to replace any parts or upgrade any dated equipment for quite some time.

Omega Home Security Packages

omegapsOmega’s basic package is very comprehensive, and right out of the box home owners will have everything that they need to keep their homes protected from burglary and theft, as well as additional programs for fire, carbon monoxide, and other alerts.  They also provide a nice program for homeowners who are moving and want their system to come with them.  Their free system relocation program will move your system for you at no extra cost.  This is a wonderful feature for those who plan to move but stay in the Southern Florida area.  You can keep your same monitoring rate, and you also get completely free equipment replacement and upgrade.  All in all, installation is very fast, and the Omega technician will be able to explain your new system in full detail.  Honeywell systems are very intuitive, and it should be incredibly easy to run and maintain your home security.  Please note that the 36 month contract on this system is non-negotiable.  It helps to dive into a big contract like this knowing that Omega provides free system relocation and upgrade, but if you think you’ll be moving out of the Southern Florida area in the near future then this plan is not a good idea for you.

Omega Security Details

            *  Operating for over two decades

            *  Serves Miami-Dade and Broward Counties

            *  Member of the Electronic Security Association

            *  Licensed Honeywell dealer

            *  Professionally trained employees

            *  Provides both residential and commercial security

            *  36 month contract

How to Contact Omega Security


Phone: (866) 643-SAFE (7233)