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New Mexico History:

Francisco Vasquez de Coronadowho was a Spanish explorer looking for gold. He traveled the area that later became New Mexico in 1540-1542. The first Spanish settlement occurred In 1598 and was established on the Rio Grande River by Juan de Onate. Then in 1610, Santa Fe was established and later became the state capital of New Mexico. The U.S. acquired the majority of the New Mexican territory in 1848 due to the Mexican War. The remainder of the land for New Mexico was purchased in the 1853 Gadsden Purchase. Union troops captured the territory from the confederates during the Civil War.

New Mexico was accepted into the United States in 1912 as the 47th state. It is considered to be one of the western mountain states. The land mass is a total of 121,590 square miles with a population of just over 2 million people. An interesting fact is that in 1945 a farmer found unidentifiable debris on his farm and it came to be investigated for extra terrestrial life.

New Mexico State Alias:

The words “Land Of Enchantment” adorns automobile license plates and is used frequently in state publications to promote tourism. It has been the state nickname along with their motto, “Go as it Grows.” Other symbols associated with the state of New Mexico often include the Yucca flower, pinon trees, black bears, roadrunners, blue gramma, and bizcochito cookies.

New Mexico Population:

In 2012 the estimated population within New Mexico sat at 2.086 million residents. The largest city Albuquerque had around 555,417 residents. There are approximately 1,017,421 males, and 1,041,758 females in the state. From 2010 to 2013 there was only a 1.3% increase in the number of residents living in New Mexico. 10.4% of the population is considered 100% Native American with 82.9% of the population being white. 47.3% of the population comes from Hispanic or Latin American descent.

New Mexico Industries:

The value of shipments by manufacturers in New Mexico exceeded $18 billion in 1997, with the highest growth rate of all states from 1992-1997. Today New Mexico’s major industries include electric equipment, petroleum and coal, food, printing and publishing, stone, glass and clay products, and tourism. More than 50% of the manufacturing jobs in the state are located in and around Albuquerque. Minerals are the states richest natural resource and New Mexico is one of the leaders in the production of uranium and potassium salts, copper, gold, zinc and lead. These industries contribute significantly to the states tax base and income.

New Mexico Social Demographics:

In the 2010 census the median household annual income for New Mexico was $44,886. Home ownership was at 68.9% of households. 14.7% of the population was over the age of 65 and 24.3% under the age of 18. The high school graduation rate currently sits at 83.4% and those gaining a bachelors degree or higher is at 25.6%.

New Mexico Metropolitan Areas:

New Mexico consists of four metropolitan areas which include Albuquerque, Farmington, Las Cruces, and Santa Fe. Santa Fe is the capital of New Mexico and the second largest metropolitan area, second to Albuquerque.

New Mexico Popular Sports Teams:

There are no professional sports teams in New Mexico. New Mexico is home to the popular league team “The New Mexico scorpions.” College teams include the New Mexico Lobos, New Mexico State Aggies, and The Western New Mexico Mustangs.

New Mexico Home Security Companies:

New Mexico Crime Statistics:

In 2010 reported crimes totaled 82,868. These break down to 9,412 aggravated assaults, 21,014 burglaries, 44,481 larceny and theft crimes 5,427 motor vehicle theft crimes, 142 cases of manslaughter or murder, and 1,614 robberies.

Crime Breakdown for New Mexico

  • 5.59 Violent Crimes per 1,000 Residents
  • 36.01 Property Crimes per 1,000 Residents
  • Your Chances of being a Victim of Violent Crime in NM is 1 in 179
  • Your Chances of being a Victim of Property Crime in NM is 1 in 28
  • There are 24 crimes per square mile in NM
  • Your Chances of being a Victim of Burglary in NM is 1 in 97
  • The NM Burglary Rate is Below the National Average


New Mexico Police Department:

New Mexico police department basis their work off of their seven core values, which are; Respect, Excellence, Service, Pride, Ethics, Courtesy, and Teamwork. The New Mexico Police Department is broken down into the department of public safety, Special Investigations, and Motor trans.

New Mexico List of Counties:

1. Bernalillo
2. Catron
3. Chaves
4. Cibola
5. Colfax
6. Curry
7. De Baca
8. Dona Ana
9. Eddy
10. Grant
11. Guadalupe
12. Harding
13. Hidalgo
14. Lea
15. Lincoln
16. Los Alamos
17. Luna
18. Mckinley
19. Mora
20. Otero
21. Quay
22. Rio Arriba
23. Roosevelt
24. San Juan
25. San Miguel
26. Sandoval
27. Santa Fe
28. Sierra
29. Socorro
30. Taos
31. Torrance
32. Union
33. Valencia