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My Alarm Center Overview

myalarmcenter-logoMy Alarm Center is lately being recognized as one of the premier security providers in the country.  They offer residential and commercial security services that are highly certified and insured.  Their wireless program quickly connects you directly to police stations, fire stations, and emergency response teams.  They claim that they have the best-in-class response times, and consistently maintain an A+ rating from the BBB.  Their wireless installation is very quick and easy, and means less drilling of holes in the walls of your home.  The technicians are fully trained professionals, and have been working with the company for quite a while.  They’re also local experts and can give quality service advice for your neighborhood.  My Alarm’s Total Home Control program offers their customers several different packages to choose from.  Their rates are very affordable and make them competitive in the industry.  With all new registrations, you get a free month of monitoring services from My Alarm.

My Alarm Center Reviews

Customers have a lot of good things to say about My Alarm.  They like that they have 4 different options of packages to choose from, however the less expensive packages are missing a couple of key features.  The few complaints that there have been are mostly regarding problems with products or services, as well as billing and collection issues.  Some customers have complained of automatic renewal of their contract without knowing it would happen.  This means they had to pay a fee to get out of their contract, eventually.  Be sure that you know upfront that this company has automatic renewal, and you must notify them ahead of time when you’d like to get out of your contract.  Overall, this is a very good company that has been in business for quite a while, and has had very few complaints.  Their reviews are also positive on the BBB site, and customers seem to like the customizable wireless solutions and features that My Alarm provides.  Just be sure you read the fine print on your contract so you know when it will be automatically renewed.

My Alarm Center Equipment

The basic wireless system will provide you with everything that you need to secure your home with ease and convenience.  The most basic package that My Alarm provides will include a control panel, 3 window/door sensors, 1 motion detector, and a key fob.  My Alarm uses Honeywell and GE products, so you know that you’re getting tremendous quality.  In fact, these two brands are the best quality wireless systems that you can find on the market today.  With the price of equipment you also get professional installation, and at that time My Alarm technicians will be able to explain to you the ins and outs of your system and how to get the most out of it.  Note that it is difficult to tell on their website what the warranty terms are, so be sure to ask your technician when they come to evaluate your home.  It’s important to have a warranty outstanding on your equipment at all times, especially if you are in a long contract.  But for the most part, Honeywell and GE are fantastic brands, and you can anticipate your system operating smoothly for years to come with no need for upgrade.

My Alarm Center Home Security Packages

myalarmcenterpsMy Alarm provides 4 different basic packages for their residential customers, but these packages can be customized by adding various different extra features.  They use all Honeywell and GE equipment for their wireless systems, and the basic installation and equipment fee is $199.  This is a pretty competitive price, considering the vast sums of money that other companies charge for upfront installation and parts.  The monitoring fees will depend upon what kind of service that you’re using, such as cellular, interactive, or landline.  My Alarm provides mostly wireless systems, but they can still install a more traditional landline system if you so choose.  The 4 different basic packages give you lots of options when it comes to what level of equipment will be installed in your home, but note that the less expensive the package is the fewer features that it offers.  It’s always good to save money, but not if saving money means that you’re missing out on the ultimate security.

My Alarm Center Details

            *  A+ rating with the BBB

*  Provides residential and commercial security services

*  Highly respected National company

*  Installs wireless or landline systems

*  Uses Honeywell and GE equipment

*  4 different basic packages to choose from

*  First month of monitoring is free

How to Contact My Alarm Center


Phone: 855 334 6562