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Mountain Alarm Overview

mountainalarm-logoMountain Alarm started in 1952 as a door-to-door fire alarm sales company.  For the past 30 years now, the company has forayed into the security systems business while maintaining their fire protection services.  The company is based in Tacoma, Washington and holds offices in Utah, Colorado, and Idaho, though it services accounts all across the country.  Mountain Alarm primarily services residential customers, whether in high-rise apartments or single-family homes.  Commercial security and fire protection services are also available.  The company holds an A+ rating with the BBB and maintains a very detailed and informative website with everything you need to inquire about, purchase, maintain, and troubleshoot a home security or fire protection system.

Mountain Alarm Reviews

Mountain Alarm customers are pleased with the company’s affordable, price-matching rates, speedy response times, and informative technicians and customer service representatives.  With over 60 years in business, customers feel they can trust the A+ ranked Mountain Alarm and their expertise in the home security industry.  Most customers have overwhelmingly positive experiences with the entire process of setting up a new home security system, starting with the courteous sales staff, followed by a professional and informative installation process, and maintained with dedicated and efficient customer service.  The Mountain Alarm technicians that do the installations provide each customer with a detailed overview of their system and its workings before the job is done, but any troubleshooting or service issues are met with quick and reliable customer service representatives whom are eager to make sure your needs are met at no extra cost.  The biggest downside to Mountain Alarm is its cancellation policy, which requires you to pay the remaining balance on your contract in the event you cancel your plan.

Mountain Alarm Equipment

A detailed overview of Mountain Alarm’s equipment offerings is not available on their website.  They do however operate under the same premises of most alarm companies, with offerings including touchscreen control panels, motion sensors, door and window connects, wireless remote controls, and other customizable security components.  Also available from Mountain Access are card access systems, HD video surveillance, personal panic pendants, 360-degree glass breaking sensors, and several other components to increase your home security spread.  Mountain Alarm also offers complete home automation and VoIP services.

Mountain Alarm Home Security Packages

mountainalrmpsUp front costs for a Mountain Alarm system including equipment, installation, and activation start at $199.  This includes a control panel, door/window connects, and motion sensor unit.  Monthly monitoring rates start at $39.95, which run in line with the average monthly cost among competitor brands.  Home automation and VoIP services are also available and include free telephone service for homes and small businesses with unlimited US calling, remote capability to lock/unlock deadbolts and control lights and appliances, and Z-Wave programmable thermostats.  Mountain Alarm also provides state-of-the-art card access systems for commercial customers, CCTV video monitoring, and other security-enhancing components for both homes and businesses.

Mountain Alarm Details

Despite not providing the most transparent information publicly on their website, the staff at Mountain Alarm are dedicated to providing every customer with a friendly and knowledgeable experience for each residential and commercial security system and fire protection service purchased and installed.  The company has been in business for over 60 years and holds an enormously positive reputation, backed by an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  Very few customers encounter a problem with their system that cannot be resolved quickly and cost-free, and no serious complaints have ever been filed with the BBB.  Technicians make sure customers are familiar with their system and its workings before leaving them to manage it themselves, while the company website is chocked full of manuals, definition lists, and other reference materials to help you become familiar with your system components.

How to Contact Mountain Alarm


Phone: 888-349-3455