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ADT is the longest standing home monitoring company around and they have the reliable technology and customer service to support their top ranking. When it’s an emergency situation you want the best company to make sure you get help right away. That’s exactly what ADT medical alert system monitoring does.

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What is the Best Medical Alert System?

Here at BHASR, we provide you all the pertinent information on the best medical alert systems on the market. By provided high quality reviews, product and buyers guides we will ensure you find the best medical alert information for your needs quickly.

Medical alert systems are an important part of providing peace of mind for people who feel at risk for a personal emergency response system (PERS) also known as Senior Medical Alert System. The ability to get help from a professional monitoring center that dispatches the proper authorities can be the difference between life and death for some.

When comparing medical alert systems it is important to focus on quality of service, as well as the quality and features of the equipment. Great service and equipment go hand in hand because it does consumers no good to just have the best medical alert equipment on the market with poor or no monitoring service. Poor equipment can affect the quality of service you receive from a good monitoring team and a good medical dispatch team needs great equipment to notify them.

Medical Alert Monitoring: Knowing that the proper steps will be taking by your medical dispatch company is important so there are a few things to look into to help ensure you are indeed getting the best monitoring and dispatch center. Check that you are only comparing healthy companies by reading medical alert system reviews, and medical alert system consumer reports.

  • Consumer Reports: Feedback from other consumers is an important part of finding out if a company does provide great customer service. Are the employees trained on the how to talk to seniors who use medical alert systems, how about dealing with people who may be in pain and uncomfortable when they connect to the monitoring center? Look for companies that know how to best follow the best dispatch protocols to get the emergency medical teams (EMT) to you quickly.
  • BBB rating for Medical Alert Companies:  The Better Business Bureau is truly a friend of the consumer, they publish information about that otherwise may not be readily available to the public, including vital information that unscrupulous medical alert companies may try to hide. Use the Better Business Bureau online or call the BBB headquarters at 703-276-1000.

Medical Alert Equipment: When you breakdown the main components of medical alert systems you will find that there are three main components of the system.

  • Base or Control Panel: This is the brain of the system all other buttons connect to this as well as phone or dial-out mechanism, which is used to connect to the Emergency medical team in the event of an emergency. The base system should be properly maintained and serviced and tested frequently to ensure the system is working and functional at all times.
  • Medical Alert Bracelet or Necklace: These devices should always be accessible as the have the help or panic button on them. When the button is pushed or pressed device wirelessly sends a signal that activates an alarm through the base or control panel. The medical alert bracelets or necklace as the devices are typically worn should be waterproof and have a comfortably wide range of use from the control panel.  There are also belt clips available and glow in the dark devices that help seniors easier access.
  • Monitoring Center:  The role of the monitoring center is to dispatch and help seniors over the phone when they have a medical emergency. The staff here are the voice seniors hear when they are in distress, they need to be well-trained professionals at dealing with seniors or people experiencing different levels of pain and distress. The monitoring center needs to be well staffed at all times to handle the capacity of calls on any given day and they should operate 24-7.

What to Look for In The Best Medical Alert System Reviews

Some medical alert companies allow customers to shop for themselves online and buy the equipment; this could work if you are looking for a system that is not professionally monitored. If you will be subscribing to a professionally monitored medical alert you would probably benefit from speaking to the company and understanding how efficient the monitoring plan is. It is also to know what will happen in the different situations when the button is pushed, find out if they can speak to you directly in the house through a speaker or speakerphone option to confirm a fall. What happens if a senior is unresponsive? How would the medical team be dispatched? Some systems are capable of detecting if a fall has occurred and have a representative connected to you to confirm the fall and speak to you.

A few things to ask or consider:

The quality of the medical device: Is it waterproof, durable, and research how other users feel about the device.

Monitoring plan: If you opt for a service plan does it cover everything you need? How much does the monitoring plan cost? Like quick professional response, accredited central monitoring station?

The monitoring plan should also come with 24 hour monitoring, 7 days a week and be ready to dispatch the medical team at all times.

Equipment Costs: Is the medical alert equipment easy to order online and is it a fair price for the features you receive with it? What is the range of the medical alert equipment? Does the medical alert equipment alert offer carbon monoxide and smoke alarm options?

Contracts: Does the medical alert system have a contract? If it does find out long the contract is for?  What is the cancellation policy on the contract?

Good Reviews, BBB: The reviews and feedback from other customers is always good information to arm yourself with when considering a medical alert device or service. The Better Business Bureau BBB is also a great way to learn more about the different medical alert companies, Their rating scale compares thousands of companies so you can see how different company’s rate as well as review complaints.

Who should use a medical alert system?

Big misconception is that medical alert systems are only for seniors while seniors represent the group that use them the most, you should consider a medical device if you:

  • Have an ailment or health needs that could require medical dispatch, such as diabetes, asthma attacks, heart problems etc.
  • Live alone are healthy or unhealthy and want more independence.
  • Seniors that have fallen in the past or at risk of falling.
  • People who may have mental health needs.

Who should be on your contact list for emergency response systems?

Other than the emergency medical technicians EMT’s, who are typically called for you if you have a monitored medical alert device, it is important to have certain key contacts on file.

Neighbors: People within close proximity to you can make all the difference, inform them that they you’ve added to them to your emergency contacts and can be called after the medical team has been dispatched.

Family members: Regardless of their physical proximity to your home seniors should have family members on the emergency contact list, people that may know what kind of medication your are on and what existing conditions you are being treated for. Family members are invaluable for doctors and hospital staff, in the event of a medical emergency as the information they share may help determine the best course of treatment for the patient.

Friends: Like neighbors and family members any one you consider a friend can be on your emergency contact list. Even if all they do is help contact family members or provide some information about you that could make a big difference for the medical team.

The Range and Functionality of the Medical Alert products

It is very important that the medical alert devices can be picked up and works from everywhere in the house and on the property. The wireless range can be up to 400 feet from the base unit. The device can be tested on driveways, patio, in the yard or garden. If there is a detached garage or a shed, it should be tested there too.

It is almost important to know if the medical alert system has national monitoring incase seniors move or travel seasonally. A medical alert company that can monitor the system in New York in the summer and Florida during winter will be a great medical alert system for snowbirds.

Why Use Medical Alert System?

A medical alert system is used primarily for indicating or signaling the occurrence of an emergency, then summoning help. They give the sick, seniors or the elderly and their family members more peace of mind. The main goal of medical response is to summon or call for help, medical alert systems are also called Emergency Medical response systems but are known as Personal Emergency Response System (PERS).

Medical alert systems can save lives but the main reason people use them is they serve as a source of independence for Seniors and people with illnesses and/or diseases that could require emergency medical care as they may be likely to find themselves in a situation where they need the Emergency Medical Services to be dispatched to their home because they are incapable of calling for themselves.

Based on information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) about one out of three seniors will experience a fall, and up to 30% of them will become injured enough due to the fall to impair their ability to get around in the future. This data underscores the importance of a good medical alert system and the role it plays in providing peace of mind to seniors. It is important to note that medical alert systems are not solely for seniors but anyone with a medical condition that could impair their ability to get help in an emergency.

Some family members may purchase a medical alert system for elderly loved ones who live alone as a form of insurance so their loved ones can call for help if they have an emergency.

Medical alert equipment includes devices that can be worn around the wrist or neck conveniently throughout the day if a senior or aging adult is alone at home. These devices typically include an emergency or an SOS button that seniors can push in the event that they fall and are injured or are experiencing symptoms that could medical emergency is imminent. Fortunately there are many different types of medical alert equipment and services they come with. Some are capable of connecting to a professional monitoring or dispatch center these folks are tasked with sending the authorities out in an emergency; some medical devices are not connected to a monitoring service but could call out to the neighbors and friends in the event of an emergency.

The team at BHASR researched the best medical alert systems and provided some feedback to help you find the medical alert system that best fits your needs.