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Medical Alert System Overview

medicalalert-logoHeadquartered in Broomall, Pennsylvania, Medical Alert System offers 24/7 monitoring service for seniors and individuals with disabilities and ailments that may require immediate medical assistance at anytime. With their advanced medical alert device, thousands of families across the state and beyond now enjoy the freedom, security and peace of mind knowing help is just a push of a button away.

Majority of the client base of the company are seniors who want to enjoy their independence but at the same time would like to take necessary precautions to safeguard their well-being. Over the years, they have grown their market and catered to a wide variety of individuals who require round the clock medical monitoring.

The company is BBB accredited since January 2005 and had been given an A+ rating.

Medical Alert System Reviews

A look at BBB database shows that the company has had a total of 196 complaints filed against them over the period of 3 years and 86 of which were within the past 12 months. One client had issues with billing/collection. According to him, they have paid for the medical alert system for 12 months and had specifically informed the company no other draws should be made on the credit card.

However, upon activation of service, the company had started charging on a monthly basis, with the first month costing $29 and $39 on the remaining months. Client claims that a total of $787.82 has been drafted out of his credit card within 5 months. After filing the initial complaint, he was able to get the excess amount of $573.12. He also decided to sever his services and returned the equipment. The company, according to him promised him a refund within 2 months but until the date of filing of the formal complaint, no refunds have been made. Their advertising claimed they process refunds within 30 days.

Medical Alert System responded claiming they charged the client 5 months the equipment was with her and that the excess amount had been refunded. With the help of BBB, the case had been successfully resolved.

Medical Alert System Equipment

Upon ordering, the medical alert system kit can be delivered to the customer’s home. The equipment can be activated within 5 minutes even without the assistance of medical professionals or trained technicians. The kit comes with a base unit, a clip on and traditional pendant as well as a waterproof emergency button. With this device on, customers can enjoy the peace of mind knowing help can be made available in minutes. In addition, the company does not send any sales agent to visit on site.

Among the key features of the equipment include a 2-watt voice standard, which allows the wearer to directly communicate with a monitoring agent. Since the device is portable, it can be a temporary or permanent installation. It is also designed for people suffering from bad eyesight or blindness as it is designed with Braille characters for emergencies.

The medical alert device also comes with speaker phone feature, power on/off. It also gives off a distinct alarm tone when it is activated during emergency situations. Last but not the least; it comes with a 32-hour battery backup. This equipment is also UL listed per standard 1637.

Medical Alert System Services

medicalalertThe equipment is very easy to use. At a simple push of the emergency button, the wearer automatically gets in touch with a medical professional and help is then dispatched within minutes.

The services of the company do not come with any long-term contract. In addition, aside from the fixed monthly monitoring fee of $29.95 per month, the device is provided free of charge and it does not come in any setup fees or hidden activation charges.

Customers are encouraged to test their units on a weekly basis. To do this, the wearer needs to place the unit into test mode and simply inform the agent on the line that he/she is just testing the services.

In general, wearers are asked to place their device on test mode of 15 to 30 minutes. The agent will inform the wearer as to how many signals were received from the device to their monitoring center.

The account number serves as the password. This information is located on the topmost part of the console. Upon placing a call to the central station for any reason, the customer will be asked to first provide their password. Customers are also advised to set up their unit at a central location where it can easily pick up signal.

How to Contact Medical Alert System


Phone: 800-283-2300