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Matson Alarm Overview

matson-logoFounded in 1974 by Larry and Mike Matson, Matson Alarm Company is the largest locally owned and privately held company of its kind in Fresno, California.  They offer a basic cellular package using very high quality Honeywell products.  The 100% wireless system can even be customized based on the individual customer’s home security needs.  This means that customers are also able to customize their contract and monthly monitoring fees as well.  This is good news for those who are not looking to be locked in a long contract, or are planning to move in the next few years.  Matson has a very nice reputation for being the best home security choice in Bakersfield, CA.  Matson also makes a point at giving back to their company, and sponsor many local events.  It is a name that the people of Fresno have come to trust in respect to protecting their homes.  Although Matson specializes in residential security, they are also adept at commercial security as well.

Matson Alarm Reviews

There are a lot of good reviews on the internet that show customer satisfaction with the contract flexibility of this company.  Unfortunately, customers do complain about the challenging cancellation policy that Matson uses.  No matter how far along you are in your contract, if you decide to end it early you are required to pay the remaining balance in full.  This is something that customers definitely don’t appreciate, but since people can customize their contracts from the get-go, it usually means that the remaining balance isn’t too much more than expected.  But all in all, most customers prefer the savings of Matson, as well as the good service and very high quality equipment that they install in their customer’s homes.  It should be noted that it is unknown what certifications this company has with UL and the Better Business Bureau.  These are important to know ahead of time, as they validate the excellence of any security company.  It’s easy to ask any questions over the phone to a live security agent.  All employees seem to be well trained and professional, and reviews have noted that the employees are warm and always very helpful over the phone.

Matson Alarm Equipment

As mentioned, Matson uses super high quality equipment from Honeywell, and their basic package will include everything you need to fully protect your home.  Certain items that come in the package include central panel, 3 window/door sensors, motion sensor, key fob, remote access phone system, signs and stickers, as well as 24/hour monitoring of all this equipment.  In general, a 3 year contract will cost you $24.99 a month for all this, where a 2 year contract is $29.99 and one year is $34.99.  All in all, this is really fantastic equipment and incredibly dependable.  A professional technician will come to your home to install all equipment, and at that time will instruct you how to use the program and maintain it.  For the most part, wireless systems are incredibly easy to use, and customer satisfaction with them is very high.  Honeywell has designed very intuitive products that are a no-brainer to use.  There is no mention of a guarantee for these products on the company’s website, so be sure to ask a customer service representative about how long these products are covered for damage.

Matson Alarm Packages

matsonpsMatson has a number of different systems that can be installed in your home.  Their basic burglar alarm system contains the equipment mentioned above, but Matson also has Medical Alert First Response Solutions, CCTV systems, GPS vehicle tracking, Fire Alarm systems, Access Control solutions, and Fresno Security systems.  Because they allow such great customization, you can even combine a number of these systems for your own unique security package.  When a technician from Matson comes to give you a home estimate, they’ll be able to tell you at that time if the basic package is enough for the needs of you and your family. However, in most cases this basic package is perfect to suit the needs of the average household.  The package is well designed, and can protect your home from the most common types of burglary and theft.  It’s nice to have that extra peace of mind that comes from a well-made security system when you live in the Fresno area.

Matson Alarm Details

            *  Serves Fresno, CA

            *  Fully customizable monthly security packages

            *  In business for over 40 years

            *  Offers 100% wireless security

            *  Uses Honeywell Products

            *  Locally owned, privately held

            *  Solid reputation among the community

 How to Contact Matson Alarm


Phone: 800-697-9800