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LiveWatch Overview

livewatch-logoLiveWatch was founded in 2002 by a paramedic and now serves over 200,000 homes and businesses across the country, including the U.S. State Department and Department of Justice.  They offer affordable, self-installable, and customizable home and commercial security systems nationwide with no long-term contracts and no appointments needed.  Whereas most home security companies are hands-on with their approach to customer service and system installation and maintenance, LiveWatch puts the customer in control of their system.  While this hands-off approach may not be for everyone, it does amount to significant savings, limited commitment requirements, and practically the same versatility as costlier competitor packages.  LiveWatch has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and was a Gold Stevie Winner in 2014 for Sales and Customer Service.

LiveWatch Reviews

The majority of LiveWatch customers are pleased with their system and the LiveWatch customer service.  Customers are responsible for installing their own system components, but most have found the process to be quick and easy.  Despite significantly lower monthly monitoring costs than the competition, LiveWatch has a dedicated team of security monitoring professionals accessible via phone or web chat 24/7.  Additionally, there are three LiveWatch monitoring stations around the country responsible for ensuring 24/7 backup security at no additional cost.  Though most LiveWatch customers are initially attracted by the service’s low cost and minimal contract, they stay for the professional monitoring and courteous and knowledgeable technical support.

LiveWatch Equipment

LiveWatch uses wireless Plug & Protect equipment that’s mailed to your home or business pre-programmed and ready to install.  The foundation of the system is the GE/Interlogix Next-Gen Simon XTi Wireless Touchscreen control panel, complete with two-way voice communication with monitoring station personnel.  LiveWatch’s wireless door and window sensors are 84% smaller than the competition and send an immediate alert to the CMS in the event of a breach when your system is armed.  Pet immune motion sensors are available to distinguish between human and animal body temperatures passing through a room to prevent false alarms.  Without an additional service fee, LiveWatch’s water-resistant Pendant Panic Sensor allows customers to have access to emergency services at the touch of a button wherever they are, 24/7.  GE Micro Keychain Remotes enable you to arm or disarm your system, control lights, notify police, or access panic alarms from 500-feet away with the touch of a button.  The LiveWatch Wireless Motion Activated Image Sensor Kit improves your home security by capturing images anytime an alarm is activated, while Wireless IP and Pan/Tilt Video Cameras allow for 24/7 video monitoring from a smartphone or computer.  In addition to security components, wireless smoke detectors, energy-management thermostats, and other home safety products are available from LiveWatch.

LiveWatch Home Security Packages

livewatchpsLiveWatch offers customizable home and commercial security packages at a price that’s 30-50% less than the competition.  The typical upfront security system cost is around $450, with a typical minimum commitment of $726 (compared to ADT’s $2,026).  LiveWatch’s monthly monitoring plan is available at the low price of $29.95 with interactive cellular access.  Cellular monitoring allows you to receive location-based text and email alerts, enjoy crash and smash system protection, and alarm or disarm your system from your wireless device.  Total home monitoring builds on the cellular monitoring service and gives you the ability to control lights, locks, and thermostats, receive severe weather alerts, and schedule event-triggered system preferences, all from your smartphone or computer.  Two-way voice service is an available option for those who want the ability to talk to a CMS representative at the touch of a button from their control panel to enable faster response times.

LiveWatch Details

LiveWatch has an industry-leading low commitment requirement of 1-year with no cancellation fee.  LiveWatch uses ASAPer, or As Soon As Possible Emergency Response, which provides the world’s fastest home security.  Instead of a CMS representative dialing down a list of contacts and risking encounters with voicemails, ASAPer communicates with people quickly and simultaneously within 30 seconds of an alarm trigger, compared to over 5 minutes for the average call system.  Messages are sent via text, email, or voice call, depending on how each contact wishes to be notified, that notifies them of an alarm event and the other contacts being notified.  Those notified can then communicate via urgent text messages as to how to best resolve the issue, which could be a call to the police or the dismissal of a false alarm with the touch of a button.  As the fastest and most affordable home security system on the market, LiveWatch can be custom tailored to fit your property size, budget, and system complexity preferences.

How to Contact LiveWatch


Phone: 888-994-5902