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Life Responder Overview

liferesponder-logoLife Responder is a company with over 25 years experience in providing medical alert services, specifically catering to the senior population. More and more people today place great value on their independence as they reach old age. Instead of spending the remainder of their days in an assisted care facility or nursing home, many seniors prefer to stick to their old routine and live on their own.

With the availability of a medical alert device that instantly notifies authorities during emergency situations, family members can enjoy peace of mind knowing help is just a push of a button away. With these state of the art devices, seniors can now look forward to growing old, enjoying safety, security, freedom and privacy.

In addition, these devices are designed to be easy to use, showcasing simplicity of function. This is critically important especially in the event of medical emergencies.

Life Responder Reviews

The company is not BBB accredited and there are no published reviews, feedbacks and testimonials from past and existing customers. However, there are also no formal complaints filed against the company, or its products and services, which reflects the positive experience of many of its customers.

Life Responder Equipment

Aside from their 24/7 monitoring service, the company is well known for providing premium quality and highly innovative products. The Life Responder kit in particular is widely used by many because of its compact design, top of the line features and unrivalled user-friendliness. The device comes with a backup battery to ensure the user will never have to worry about any downtime as a single fully charge battery has been known to last up to 32 hours. It is also waterproof, which makes it a truly reliable companion all year round, even when spending time outside the house for gardening or family gatherings.

Unlike other monitoring devices, this one does not have any binding long-term contracts, which means you can cancel your subscription without worrying about getting tied down to a 3 to 5 year contract. In addition, the device also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee just in case you are not satisfied or you require a replacement.

Their monitoring device is backed up by a world-class medical monitoring center, with highly trained medical emergency agents on standby to provide prompt assistance at any time.

There are also add on products and services available. The extra help button, which is prized at $39.95 and with a subscription rate of $3.49 per month offers a great addition if there is a second household member in the house who can also benefit from a Help button or simply have a spare one, when needed.
The company also sells emergency lock boxes, which is generally stored outside the home in order to ensure family members and emergency personnel can easily locate and access the box when the need arises. It can be purchased with an upfront cost of $39.95 or monthly fee of $2.99 per month.

They also offer a monitor detection service, which will help ensure that the user is active on a daily basis. Basically, the user will simply push the button to notify the monitoring center that everything is well and good. In if case there is none made within the day, the individuals on the contact list will be notified. This service costs $8.99 per month. With these Life Responder products, loved ones can gain greater confidence in knowing a highly capable and trained response team can be readily dispatched to provide assistance when the need arises. Indeed, there is no price for peace of mind and ensuring the well-being of loved ones.

Life Responder Packages

liferesponderLife Responder’s medical monitoring service includes a trained team of professionals on call 24/7 to provide immediate assistance when needed. Their emergency monitoring center is well equipped with the latest modern equipment and full emergency backup tools in order to ensure the safety of their customers.

For more than 25 years, they have worked with families and concerned loved ones to make sure seniors are able to maintain their freedom and independence when they prefer to live in the comforts of their own homes. This gives many families a wonderful alternative to nursing homes and assisted care facilities.

With their world class services, seniors can now maintain an active and independent lifestyle, and their families, whether near or far can still make sure their loved ones will be given immediate assistance when the need arises, any time of day and any day of the week.

How to Contact Life Responder


Phone: 877.877.2383