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Life Guardian Medical Alarms Overview

lifeguardian-logoFor over 30 years, the Life Guardian Medical Alarms has documented experience on offering reliable and advanced life-saving medical monitoring services across the United States. The company is not only keen on selling their products and services, but is also committed in the continuous development and distribution of innovative solutions that are of the highest quality. This includes medical alert systems, wireless life alarms and so much more.

Today, the company has been recognized to be one of the leading service providers in the country, as well as the most respected medical alarm monitoring facility. According to their website, the company has successfully responded to over 5 million emergency as well as non-emergency calls for assistance.

The company is US-based and maintains a UL-approved medical monitoring center, which is recognized to be one of the oldest, most established and most experienced call centers in operation today. The company is currently serving the senior populations across North America, Alaska, Hawaii and the entire Canada.

Unlike other companies that simply have regular agents on call, the company maintains a team of highly trained and proficient, and fully certified professional dispatchers. In fact, the company has published a number of books on medical alarm training programs for dispatchers.

Compared to other companies who require their agents to take regular office calls and even make sales calls, even take on nonemergency life duties, Life Guardian agents only handle emergency calls for assistance.

Life Guardian Medical Alarms Reviews

The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has been given an A+ rating, which is the best possible rating to be awarded to a company. According to the BBB database, there have been a total of 7 complaints filed against the company over the past three years. Most of these complaints pertain to products and services issues as well as billing issues.

In one of the most recent complaints, the client claims that on September of 2013, he returned the unit along with a duly filled up account cancellation form. He also confirmed via US Post Office that the package arrived through their online website. However, client says monthly charges were still reflected in his November billing statement, which was disputed.

According to him the company contacted him to inform him that they have not received the returned equipment and that the account was still active on their database. In addition, the company was requesting a payment of $318 for applicable charges of the loss of the equipment. The client claims that the package was sent and delivered to the company’s head office in Oceanside, California.

When asked for the desired settlement, the client demands the cancellation of the $318 charge along with making necessary adjustments to the bill. In response, the company explains that the charges were made upon the renewal of his contract since they have not received the return of the equipment. Further, the company requests the client to provide any form of evidence to substantiate his claims that he indeed shipped the item in order to document his claim.

Upon receipt of the equipment, the company claims they would be happy to process the refund. The client claims that the item was shipped months ago and that he no longer has a copy of the postal receipt or the tracking number. The company offered a one-time settlement of $199 for the unreturned equipment to which the client has decided to accept.

Life Guardian Medical Alarms Equipment

Among the company’s best-selling products of the company are the medical alarm and help alert system as well as the free spouse monitoring and extra pendant, which is offered with free activation and shopping for only $19 monthly subscription fee.

Their kit is designed to ensure that every senior who requires home medical alarm service can easily afford as well as use the device when the need arises. The service plans are offered on a monthly, quarterly and annual payment terms, depending on the budget of the customer. This kit also comes with a money back guarantee if in case the customer is not satisfied with the services.

The kit comes with a base console along with a built-in speaker phone. It also comes with a waterproof help button, detachable Velcro wristband, nylon pendant, clothing or belt clip, a single 26 hour back-up batter, a 2-way computer controlled speaker phone and a 6 feet long telephone extension cord.

Life Guardian Medical Alarms Packages

lifeguardianThe company is dedicated to providing the best in class monitoring service that ensures emergency assistance is dispatched immediately when needed. The company is committed to ensure all medical information shared by the customer will remain confidential and handled with care by the emergency response team.

How to Contact Life Guardian Medical Alarms


Phone: 800-209-3220