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Life Alarm Overview

lifealarm-logoLife Alarm Services has been a trusted medical alert systems provider of top quality medical alert systems for many years. Our well trained staff, customer friendly support, dependable medical alert devices and concern for the well-being of our subscribers are a few factors that make the Life Alarm medical alert system stand out above the rest.

When it comes to medical alerts and choosing a medical alert system, turn to a trusted provider that offers cost effective medical alert devices and a top level personal emergency response system.
Call us with any questions about our medical alert system and we will share with you testimonials from satisfied customers that have peace of mind because they have a personal emergency response system in their home or the homes of those they love.

Life Alarm Reviews

This company is BBB accredited and has been given an A rating. Over the past three years, the company has had a total of 11 complaints filed against them as reflected in the BBB database. One of the most recent complaints involved the refund issue. According to the client, his wife has maintained a long-term account with the company and monthly payments were automatically debited from her bank account on a monthly basis.

However, they decided to terminate the service and return the equipment when they no longer had any use for the monitoring service. Client claims they were given instructions by the company that the account will only be terminated once the equipment has been retuned, which he did on August 2013. However, the client claims that the company continued to charge them for the monitoring service for September and October, with the amount debited from their account.

The client communicated and brought this billing issue to the attention of the company. The person he was referred to talk to handle the billing/refund issue was always not around to talk to customers like him. The customer claims that he is simply requesting for the refund of the charges made, which was a total of $59.98.

The company responded that while the customer has informed them that the equipment was mailed back to them, there were not able to receive it until the end of the billing cycle. In addition, the device lacked a transmitter necklace component, which the company has to charge to the client as well.
BBB considered the case a closed matter since the company responded to the complaint and the client failed to accept the said response.

However, in the BBB database, a note has been made that BBB has been receiving a series of complaints from consumers alleging that they have been charged for the service even after they have been returned. According to them, they were instructed to return the device to Valued Relationships Inc. of Dayton, Ohio and cancel their service. However, many clients have filed the same complaint as the one stated above.

In many of these cases, Life Alarms has responded claiming that refunds involving Value Relationships, Inc. will be determined by the courts since the company is currently involved in an ongoing lawsuit with Value Relationships Inc.

Life Alarm Equipment

The company offers medical alert kits that come with their subscription-based monitoring service. These medical alert systems are designed to set off an alarm at a touch of a button, giving its users easy, fuss-free notification process during emergency situations. It comes with a transmitter component that allows users to communicate with trained and highly proficient agents who are on standby 24/7 all year round to dispatch an appropriate response team for any type of emergency.

Life Alarm Packages

lifealarmThe company claims to offer the lowest medical monitoring service rate of $27.95 per month. Their services are not bound with any long-term contract unlike other companies. In addition, their devices and services are offered across all 50 states. They have an ongoing promo of offering the Emergency Response System lease for free and the setup fee is also offered free of charge, which is normally $75.00 value. Shipping cost for the device is a flat rate of $30.00

For people who want to enjoy total peace of mind, as well as retaining their freedom and independence, a reliable medical alert system such as one from Life Alarms offer a practical and smart choice. And for some, it can be the key to save lives through timely emergency response.

How to Contact Life Alarm


Phone: 800-780-5433