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Koorsen Fire & Security Overview

koorsenKoorsen Fire & Security headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Even if you are not in the Indiana areaKoorsen Fire & Security serves customers throughout the southeast and Midwest regions of the United States. This security company is family owned and has provided service to individuals and businesses for over sixty five years. Due to theirextensive amount of experience, Koorsen Fire & Security has perfected their service providing all customers with superior and reliable services.

This company serves individual homes to large businesses and facilities including large college campuses. Not only does this security company serve their customers, they maintain the security equipment in order to keep and sustain the needs of their clients.

Technicians are trained thoroughly in order to accommodate and exceed customer needs. Each technician is knowledgeable and has extensive experience on the products they are installing allowing customers to know that the products will be installed and operate correctly. Koorsen Fire & Security has been in business since 1946 and continues to provide the best possible technology and customer service to every customer.Koorsen Fire & Security is dedicated to giving superior service and has many policies in place to ensure this happens.

The security company was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Stoup and has a unique history. Originally Koorsen Fire & Security was a fire extinguisher company that worked out of a garage filling empty fire extinguishers. As the company continued to grow, they maintained their family business and simply extended their services to commercial and residents by offering security systems.

Koorsen Fire & Security Reviews

Koorsen Fire & Security’s customer reviews are very positive. Customers love the fast response time and the professional services provided by both sales and install technicians.

Koorsen Fire & Security is among the top 100 security companies in the nation and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives them an A+ rating.

Today, Koorsen Fire & Security is a leader within the security system industry with over 75,000 customers. Customer loyalty is a top priority of Koorsen Fire & Security’s and their customer’s recommend them due to their reliable products, variety of security products, and their high quality customer service.

Koorsen Fire & Security Equipment

Koorsen Fire & Security offers a variety of security equipment for individuals and companies. The equipment includes: fire extinguishers, fire sprinkler systems, commercial security, emergency/exit lighting, kitchen fire suppression, general fire products, fire alarm systems, vehicle fire suppression, fire suppression systems, home security, monitoring, and communications. With such a variety the needs of almost any individual or company within the states of Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Florida, or Florida, can be met and exceeded.

This security company has more than 13 service lines in order to offer their customers complete protection from a single source. Koorsen Fire & Security is one among few life safety companies that has this feature.

Koorsen Fire & Security Packages

koorsenKoorsen Fire & Security includes a warranty for both parts and labor for five years on all of their equipment. They also provide contracts that waive any cancellation penalties. Most security system companies abide by the contract and will not allow the customer to break a contract without heavy financial losses. However, Koorsen Fire & Security is dedicated to satisfying every customer and will allow their customers to cancel their policies. This givescustomer’sconfidence in the company and their service.

Koorsen Fire & Security gives everyone the opportunity to afford security systems by providing affordable monthly fees and systems. This security system company’s monthly fees are well below the industry average while still maintaining a sturdy high quality service.

With Koorsen Fire & Security customers are able to customize their security system to a landline system or cellular equipment. The company uses Honeywell equipment, which is a well-known, reliable brand among security systems. Customers can choose as many points of protection as needed which will reflect the upfront cost.

For instance, if a customer selects a security system that is 100% wireless using basic equipment the upfront cost will be $100 with a monthly fee of $33. Instead of having an overbearing contract length, Koorsen Fire & Security asks customers to commit to only 24 months. Many companies lock customers in for 5 years. If a customer wanted to install a hardwire system using a phone line the monthly fee would be reduced to only $25 with a minimum of a 24 month contract. Generally Koorsen Fire & Security’s upfront cost does not exceed $500 making it affordable to anyone that desires more protection.

How to Contact Koorsen Fire & Security

Website: http://koorsen.com/

Phone: 1.888.KOORSEN