Home Security Equipment

Popular Home Security Equipment

Here is a list of the more popular home security equipment available.

  1. Carbon Monoxide Sensor
  2. Control Panel
  3. Door & Window Sensor
  4. Freeze Sensor
  5. Garage Door Sensor
  6. Glass Break Sensor
  7. Keychain Remote
  8. Motion Detector / Sensor
  9. Panic Pendant
  10. Smoke & Heat Sensor
  11. Talking Remote Touch Pad
  12. Water and Flood Sensor
  13. Wireless Indoor Camera
  14. Wireless Outdoor Camera
  15. Wireless Pan & Tilt Camera

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

carbon-monoxide-sensorCarbon monoxide is also known as silent killer because it can catch anyone by surprise. It has no taste, no color and not even a smell that could warn a person before suffocating him. Any fuel that does not burn alright can produce this gas and in the right conditions and no ventilation, this gas can build up.

A Carbon Monoxide Sensor can be used to alarm the house owners to either evacuate the building or ventilate the gas out before hand. Opening the Carbon Monoxide Sensor one can find a microchip, an LED light, a few small wires, a test button and a detection chamber. It is not a very complex piece of equipment at all.

The Carbon Monoxide Sensor measures the density of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. In the United States, the Underwriters Laboratory set the standards for alarming carbon monoxide gas levels. If the Carbon Monoxide Sensor detects higher level of gas density than what is permissible, it sets off. Furthermore, the alarm rings faster and louder if the density is higher. The detector uses a special type of gel that has a chemical feature of changing its color once it comes in contact with the carbon monoxide gas. Another semi sensor placed inside the detection chamber detects the change in color and send an electric impulse to the siren.

Control Panel

control-panelMost houses have a security system these days, but as they have become more popular the control panels have become harder to navigate. Many people that have a security system go for years without really knowing how to successfully navigate the control panel. It is relatively easy to understand because there are so many different features that are available on the most popular control panels that are in use today.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to operating the control panel is that you should know how to set it and how to disarm it. Furthermore, it is equally important to make sure that everyone in your family knows how to do the same. This will help you eliminate a lot of problems later on, especially if you have a teenager or a relative coming in and out of your house on a regular basis when you are not at home.

In addition, many control panels have special features on them that allow you to get help faster when there is a problem at your residence. For instance, you should try to become familiar with the panic button and if you have buttons that are tied directly to the police or fire departments, knowing how to use them can save you a lot of time.

The control panel for your security system is one of the most important things that you have in your home. Learning how to use it is vitally important for your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

Door & Window Sensor

door-window-sensorHome security is an important tool that is used by many people to protect their families and their valuables. However because people want to feel secure they can easily be duped into buying equipment that is not needed for their homes. There are specific tools and equipment that you want installed and a door & window sensor when hooked up properly is one of them.

When your system is armed it is vital to keep all windows and doors locked and secure. This is especially true for any of them that have a sensor placed on them. The door & window sensor acts on motion and triggers the alarm, in most cases silently so they won’t know they did it. They are generally in 2 pieces so nothing else can set it off, such as a pet or general movement within the home. The door & window sensor is placed on two places, one on the frame and the other on the door or window itself. So when either one gets opened it creates a break in the sensor which triggers the alarm.

When these are wireless they send a signal to the main alarm or they can also be wired in place as is the case with most businesses. There are small motion sensor alarms that work on the same principal some of which are battery operated so there are no wires. All they will do will emit a very loud and high pitch scream, and can often be turned off by flicking the on and off switch.

Freeze Sensor

freeze-sensorA Freeze Sensor has a purpose of setting off an alarm or to undertake an action in response to a decrease in the temperature. Normally, the purpose of installing this sensor is to know when not to step outside without heavier dressing, when to turn the heater on, when not to water the lawn etc. It goes the other way round as to when to turn the heater off again once the temperature rises up a bit again, above the warning line.

A Freeze Sensor is mostly used for irrigation support purposes. It is important that landscapes are not irrigates if the temperature drops below a certain level since it can prove hazardous to the landscape itself and may even cause problems or may injure badly, people who are walking nearby. Freeze Sensor stops the irrigation of landscapes once temperature falls below a certain level. This is among the most common ways that it is used for.

The Freeze Sensor has a temperature measuring device included, one very similar in function to a thermometer but entirely different in shape. When it senses that the temperature has fallen below the desired level, it sets off and send an electric impulse to a circuit breaker that results in shutting down of irrigation means.

Garage Door Sensor

garage-door-sensorIf an intruder wants to gain access to your home they will try and do so in a way that will not alert anybody that may be in the home to their presence. If they are wary about trying to enter through doors or windows, which are usually alarmed in some way, they may try the garage.

Your garage can be protected with a garage door sensor. These systems can be configured to your security system so you will receive an alert whenever the door is opened. There are a number of different types of sensors so you can choose the one that best suits the security needs of your property. Some sensors will just detect whether the door is open or closed, while others will monitor the angle of the door every time it opens and notify you if something is out of the ordinary.

A further advantage of using this type of sensor is that it will also alert you if you have forgotten to shut your garage door yourself. Some systems will alert you by text message so even if you have left your home you will still be notified. This can also help keep your home protected as any open door may be used to gain access to your home by an opportunist thief.

Glass Break Sensor

glass-break-sensorWhen installing home security systems, there are a number of choices. They may include motion sensor cameras, pan & tilt cameras with remote access, panic pendants, remote keychains, or motion sensors on the windows. But the one thing that people often miss are Glass Break Sensors – and if people knew a little more about them, they wouldn’t skimp on installing them.

Glass Break Sensors are devices that detect the unique frequency of the sound that glass makes when it breaks. This means the instant someone tries to break into your home, your security system is notified. In addition, gone are the days when you would have to place a sensor on every window. Modern devices let you install just one unit to detect glass breakage throughout a single room. As long as there is a line of sight between the window and the sensor, it will detect any kind of breakage in the glass.
While there are different types of Glass Break Sensors, including those that register flex in individual glass panes, the simplest versions are easy to install and are highly effective.

Glass break sensors are a must for those who want the ultimate security in their home. Any would-be criminal would be foolish to try to enter a home that has these sensors in place. Just one break, and help is on its way.

Keychain Remote

keychainThe point of having a home security system is to keep your family and your belongings as safe as possible. But frankly, many people will leave the home forgetting to arm their security system, and think that they can miss it “just this one time.” The worst part it, remembering to arm it comes to people as closely as their driveway, and they are either in a hurry or just think everything will be fine. This is where a Keychain Remote comes in handy.

A key chain remote means that you can arm your home security system are you running out the door. With the push of a button, you can arm and disarm your unit with a single, convenient device. In addition, your Keychain Remote may be used as a panic device, as it houses a panic alarm button that lets you call for help if you are approached by a stranger or are threatened in any way.

As a small, remote device that sends a signal to your base unit, its size is designed specifically to fit on your keychain. Keychain Remotes are a convenient way to stay on top of your and your family’s safety; and, since many people already keep their keys on hand, it’s a great way to enhance your security while never having to change any part of your daily routine.

Motion Detector / Sensor

motion-sensorCircuit based alarms are very effective way of keeping the house safe from burglars since they are the first informers in case someone really does find a way in. there are plenty of things that a Motion Sensor would do if it is set off. These actions include making a siren noise to alarm the occupants, it may also include of flashing a light inside the suspected room or another, it may also dial a distress phone call to the police if it is an advanced prototype.

The lights have a prime role in it since they let the house owners and the neighbors know that someone has broken in and also tell the police about where the intruder may be when they arrive at the scene. As for how a Motion Sensor works, there are several different mechanisms.

One popular mechanism however is through the use of sound waves. The Motion Sensor keeps emitting high intensity sound waves that bounce of a target and reach back to the sensor. If the target is stationary, there will be no change in the wave pattern, but if there is change, it would mean the target is moving and hence it is suspected that there is an intruder.

Panic Pendant

panicNothing is worse than having a fantastic home security system and then not having come through for you when you really need it. But, this sort of thing happens all the time, even when the system itself is in perfect working order. This is when you need a panic pendant, to ensure that the help you need will always be on the way.

Most people associate panic pendants with debilitating falls, where they may need medical assistance, or just simply are unable to get back up due to age-related or disability issues. Panic pendants, however, are not just for the elderly or disabled, and they are not just for health purposed either. Panic pendants can be a fantastic security resource when it comes to your home, and they are great for all ages.

As a small, battery-operated electronic signaling device, the unit signals the base to call for help in the event of an emergency. All you have to do is depress the button, and help is on its way – from any location in your home. The device simply just has to be within range of its signal area.

Other instances where you might consider a panic pendant for your home security package include using one for babysitters, nannies, or those who are left alone and may not be able to get to the base unit to signal for help.

A panic pendant is a great choice for maintaining top level safety in your home, particularly if you are alone.

Smoke & Heat Sensor

smoke-heat-sensorAs preventive measures in any buildings, Smoke & Heat Sensor proves being a necessary device against fires and smoke build ups. A Smoke & Heat Sensor works on ionization and temperature detection. In advance cases, an optical detector is found inside a Smoke & Heat Sensor that sees some smoke and sets off. These variants are although a bit more expensive than the ionization based one. The ionization based Smoke & Heat Sensor detector is effective to sense smoke even if it is so little to even smell.

The sensor allows a flow of air through it and filters out electrons. If smoke enters into the chamber, it causes absorption of the alpha particles hence lowering them in number from what they were originally. Once this happens, the detector snaps and sets off the alarm.

Similarly, the heat detection part of the Smoke & Heat Sensor works either on the basis of fixed type heat detection that sets the alarm off when room temperature rises beyond what is set as a safe temperature. Or, it works on the basis of rate of rise basis in which the time taken for temperature to rise from one unit to the next is measured. If the rate of temperature rise is more than what is deemed safe, it sets the alarm off.

Talking Remote Touch Pad

talking-remoteWhen it comes to home security a person can never be too careful. Home security systems can keep a family safe and notify the police in case of an emergency situation. The talking remote touch-pad uses the latest technology to provide top of the line home security.

The talking remote touch-pad is easy to use. A person talks to this remote to set their security system and make sure that all the features are turned on. The remote will then repeat this command back to the person as a confirmation. This will allow a person to set their alarm system at any time of the day or the night. They can set it in the dark and get confirmation that the alert is ready to use. This remote is great for families with children. If a young person or even a teenager is home alone even for a short period of time they will know how to set the alarm system and know that it is set.

A person can have one touch-pad that can be mounted to the wall or they can have several. Then number of touch-pads in the home is left to the decision of the homeowner. Now a person can be secure that their alarm system is turned on. The touch-pad will allow a person to speak a command and give confirmation that the alarm is set.

Water and Flood Sensor

water-flood-sensorWater & flood sensors are increasingly common home security devices. Usually, a water & flood sensor will work by letting homeowners know about instances of water getting into their homes. These sensors will vary in terms of their capabilities, but usually even if it’s a comparatively small leak, homeowners will know about it. In fact, smaller leaks can be more problematic in practice, since homeowners may not find out about them until the damage has already been done. Users will receive these alerts through targeted alarms, or through their phones.

Most water & flood sensors are fairly easy to install. Some water & flood sensors are just extensions of larger, more extensive security systems. Others are security systems in their own right. Both types of water & flood sensors should have similar capabilities. They are excellent additions to secure homes, and homeowners can prevent a wide range of directly related and indirectly related household problems by installing the right water & flood sensor.

There are other types of water & flood sensors that will shut off valves if necessary, as a result of selective programming. Massive floods and gradual leaks can both cause expensive and devastating water damage to a home. With the right water & flood sensor, homeowners can save themselves thousands of dollars over the course of their lives.

Wireless Indoor Camera

wireless-indoor-cameraHome security is something that many homeowners take very seriously. Wireless indoor cameras can help a person keep an eye on every room in their home even if they are not home.

The wireless indoor camera can be use infrared motion to sense movement in the home. This camera can video footage even at night when the house is dark. These camera send a wireless signal to a security device. If something is not right such as an intruder being sensed the security system will alert authorities. This camera system can be used 24 hours a day to make sure the home is safe. Since these cameras are wireless they can be placed anywhere in the home. They can also be hidden in home decor so that no one knows they are there. These cameras are wireless. They do not have to be hooked up to a phone or the internet. They are operated by battery power. The camera even has the ability to zoom in on an object for an up close look at it. If something were to happen in the home the camera will record all the events until the authorities arrive. This security system is the latest in technology to keep and will help keep the home safe.

Wireless Outdoor Camera

wireless-outdoor-cameraThere are several ways to keep an eye on your home from the inside and lately through the use of a mobile device or tablet. Primarily it’s the outside of the home that needs to be watched and a wireless outdoor camera can help you accomplish this.

A wireless outdoor camera comes in different shapes and sizes with some being the size of a pen and others being a standard issue the size of a camcorder. Some can rotate allowing you to pan across your yard, driveway or courtyard. This is a great convenience and allows you to keep an eye on the entire home. The wireless outdoor camera can be installed on the home itself or if you want a different angle can be attached to a tree, pole, garage or any other place with a good vantage point of what you are trying to protect.

The wireless outdoor camera send a signal to the receiver which is generally a laptop, home desktop or tablet so the images can be seen in real time. It can also be set up to record all the time, erasing data automatically when it reaches a certain point, or only recording as motion is captured on the digital film. A copy can be made and place easily into a flash drive or SD card so you can take it with you if needed. The wireless outdoor camera is a great tool that can withstand the elements and keep your home safe at the same time.

Wireless Pan & Tilt Camera

wireless-pan-tilt-cameraWhen looking to enhance the security of your home – or any room or area, for that matter – you may be considering installing a camera. But, deciding which one you need can be a little tricky. A Wireless Pan & Tilt Camera , however, is one that can give you the broad kind of enhanced safety you’re looking for.

A Wireless Pan & Tilt Camera is unique from other cameras in that the lens doesn’t remain in a fixed position for surveillance. In addition to moving back and forth (panning), when a camera has a tilt feature , it allows it to provide a wider surveillance area.

With pan and tilt features, you are able to see every area of an entire room, and the best part it you can access it remotely. Nearly all Wireless Pan & Tile Cameras are accessible for viewing via mobile apps, as well as on your computer, letting you to zoom in when needed and never miss a thing.

Whether you need it for general home security, or are using it to check on your family members by keeping a close eye on nannies, home repairmen, or other home service providers, this type of camera is one that everyone shouldn’t be without. The Wireless Pan & Tilt Camera is one of the most useful and affordable gadgets you can have for your office or home.