now offers Geo-location services with Smartphone Apps announced this summer that it will be including geo-location services as an opt-in option for home security customers with Interactive monitoring features. FrontPoint Security an dealer, also the winner of our best home security company for 2012 is also offering this service at no extra charge to their existing customers with their Interactive and Ultimate monitoring plans.
Geo Location Services

GEO Services

FrontPoint security customers already enjoy interactive monitoring features. Including remote access to their home security system with remote arm and disarm feature, real time alerts and notification amongst other handy services. Adding geo locations services to your home security system takes the concept of alerts and notifications to the next level. Now you have what I would consider a priceless reminder feature, here’s how it works.

Geo-Services in this initial offering is a location based version of Arming Reminders feature included in the interactive monitoring service. Customers can set up an optional geo fence feature with their smart phone. Users can specify how wide they want their geo-fence and when they want the location based service to be active. Look for to add additional Geo-services features to this service in the future. For example, should a user’s phone be outside of the home geo-fence at a pre-set time, say a workday morning, geo services can automatically arm the security system, lower the thermostat and even turn off lights. Setup custom geo-fences around important locations a child’s school, vacation home or keep an eye on elderly loved ones and their homes.

Exit the Geo-fence region without arming the home security system, the service sends you an alert/reminder by text message. Home security customers can also set up Geo-services with multiple cell phones within the household or business. Needless to say, businesses too could see huge benefits from a geo-fence knowing that reminders could be sent to multiple users if the system is left disarmed after hours. Geo-location services are designed to provide better peace of mind and an enhanced security system experience.

The great news for new and existing home security customers is we have confirmed that FrontPoint Security offers Geo-location services at no additional charge to their existing customers. Existing customers would have to download a free upgrade to their existing smartphone application. This is definitely a win for the customer, which we like.

Ask you home security provider about Geo-location services or compare home security companies on this site.