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Guardian Protection Services Overview

Guardian-Protection-ServicesGuardian is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has been serving customers since 1950. With offices or dealers throughout the United States they have become a leader in the home security business. They have extensive offices in the east coast and in Texas, but also have offices in Utah, Phoenix AZ and Los Angeles, CA.

Securing both residential and commercial businesses, they work with homeowners, small businesses, multi-location facilities and corporations. The Guardian provides installations for both existing properties and new construction.

The monitoring systems include 24 hour surveillance to prevent burglaries, alert the authorities in the event of a fire as well as help for medical emergencies. Lock, appliance and thermostat monitoring is available and with the option of video surveillance and motion detection which allows customers with greater peace of mind. You can secure your home or business with better monitoring than ever before with the new technology.

The company is ranked in the top 20 commercial companies, rated by the number of installations performed each year. They received a top 5 rating for the residential market based on the number of installations with an overall rating of 9th best.

They have an “A” rating with both Angie’s list and the Better Business Bureau, along with several awards. In 2013 Guardian was named the “Security Company of the Year” by Dealer Security Distributing and Marketing (SDM). They are the first company to receive the award twice within SDM’s 33 year history. They have also received Dealer of the Year Awards, First Alert Professional Community Service and Life Safety Award from Honeywell, and 15 SAMMY awards from Security Sales Integrators (SSI) Magazine.

Guardian Protection Services Reviews

Customer Reviews reveal two major complaints when it comes to the guardian security systems. The first is accurate sales representation. Customers believe they are signing a contract for one or two years and it turns out to be 3 to 5 years. When dealing with any company it is very important to read the full contact. You don’t need to read it with the representative sitting there as you scan it. Take it to another room and take your time. This is a legal contract that requires a significant time commitment.

The other significant complaint is that they charge for service calls if the system malfunctions. Reading the fine print of the contract can prevent any misunderstanding about what is covered and what is not. If you want the service fees waived that needs to be negotiated before signing the contract and included in writing in the contract.

Guardian has company owner operations as well as dealers who operate as a franchise. Unfortunately not all dealers will do business as the company might want. As a consumer it is your responsibility to protect yourself, even if it is a protection company you are dealing with. Verbal agreements are not valid, it is the written contract that matters.

The majority of customers are happy with the service and renew their contracts. Certain areas of the country have a much higher level of complaints that others, indicating that certain dealers do not provide the high level of service the company expects.

Guardian Equipment

The Guardian systems offer a 24/7 monitoring service that does more than just secure your home. New technology offers the ability to manage lights, heating and cooling systems and other equipment remotely. They do not require the use of a landline telephone and offer video mentoring for the highest level of security. If you are in need of medical monitoring, carbon monoxide monitoring, fire and theft protection, Guardian services has a system that will keep track of all your security needs.

Guardian Packages

guardianprotectionGuardian offers a low price guarantee and is currently offering $100 visa gift card with your new security system. Installation rates start at $99. There are five possible packages to select from, for existing homes. These include basic monitoring which includes theft protection, fire and medical emergency response. The Essential package adds remote management, a warranty, motion sensors, connection to the equipment through your smart phone or computer, and live video feeds. The Plus package adds severe weather alerts and Voicelink™. The Premium service adds tracking to the above packages and theemPower™ adds remote services that will control the lights, locks and thermostats in your home.

These various packages allow each customer to select the level of service that best meets their needs. Pricing packages start at $1 a day, allowing you to customize your system to meet your needs.

How to Contact Guardian Protection


Phone: 866-533-6717