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Guardian Alarm Overview

guardian-logo-interiorGuardian Alarm has been around for over 80 years and has been in operation since 1930. They have a professional team to create customized systems for your home, professional installation of the unit, and service customers through a central monitoring system. Headquartered in Michigan, they serve four states and Canada.

The central monitoring system is completely self-contained. There are backup generators and two redundant monitoring stations in Toledo and Ohio. This guarantees they will be up and running even in the event of a large natural disaster. They also provide backup phone service to ensure that regardless of what happens, customers can be serviced. Guardian Alarm offers services to both residential and business customers.

The state of the art monitoring station is a UL certified facility and Factory Mutual (FM) approved. For these approvals the facility must meet very rigid requirements. They staff their central monitoring system rather than contracting with a third party provider. This enables them to ensure a higher level of customer service and higher level of reliance.

The company offers all of the latest security technology. This includes the additional of medical alerts and home management systems that reduce overall home energy costs through remote monitoring of the thermostat, lights and locks.

Guardian Alarm Customer Reviews

Guardian Alarm has very good customer reviews and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Customers like the personalization and have good experiences when the alarms are triggered in their homes or businesses.

It is important to be aware that there is an auto renewal in the contract and if you are not interested in renewing the contract you need to contact them within the established time, before the contract expires. The biggest raves are customer service. There is not a high pressure sales environment and the systems are generally installed correctly reducing the number of service calls.

The response time is very high and customers feel confident they will receive the needed assistance in the event that an emergency occurs. A unique feature that Guardian Alarm provides is communication lines through Radio Waves. Most companies either use phone lines or cellular service. If the phone lines are cut, there is no way to reach the monitoring system. If the weather is bad or the cell reception is poor there may be times when the system is active, yet no signal could reach the control monitoring center to alert them of a problem.

The company offers both landline and cellular wireless service but highly recommends the use Airlink, which uses radio and provides the highest level of security, ensuring all calls reach the central monitoring center.

Guardian Alarm Equipment

Guardian Alarm offers a top notch intrusion system operated with a central control panel. The system can be engaged remotely and they offer email and texts alerts where you will be notified in any change in the system settings, or an alarm has been triggered. You are also able to operate the home management system remotely which includes garage doors, motion sensors, temperature, lights, blinds, and doors.

The keypad has an easy to read LCD screen and is simple to program. They also offer sensors which will monitor doors and windows, motion and glass break detectors, loud sirens, and panic buttons for medical emergencies.

In addition to break in protection, they offer smoke and heat detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to protect your home in the event of fire or CO poisoning. Customers are able to add sensors that will monitor temperatures and flooding to prevent home damage in the event of a freeze or water leak.

Lastly they offer video surveillance. These can be used for interior or exterior monitoring. The cameras can be standard cameras, low light cameras and even night vision units. They provide 360 degree rotation and can be activated with motion detectors. Monitoring can occur through images or live streaming through your smartphone or other electronic devices. The camera casings are bullet proof to prevent destruction in the event of a break in.

Guardian Alarm Packages

guardianalarmMonitoring and installation packages start at $99 for a basic installation. This would include a control panel, 1 remote keychain, 1 motion detector, and 3 door or window contacts. This basic monitoring is $29.95 if using a landline phone for connection purposes. Additional monitoring and using wireless cellular service, radio, and dual path services are in addition to these basic fees.

Guardian Alarm provides a very affordable way to protect your home or business with a very high level of reliability.

How to Contact Guardian Alarm


Phone: 800-782-9688