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Global 4 Security Overview

global-logoGlobal Security began in 1988 and built a foundation on providing customers with high quality customer service. Instead of getting an automated messages or a system that directs you to multiple departments, customers will always receive a friendly live voice on the other line when they call either the company or the call center.

Customers are a top priority and exceeding expectations is Global Security’s goal. They strive to provide excellent customer service throughout the entire process including top rated technology, professional installation, and after the sale service. This security system company wants to treat every customer like family and maintain contact even after service has been performed.

Global Security is known for their many achievements and being a member of many organizations including Oregon Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, National Fire Protection Association, National Association of Home Builders, and the Washington Burglar and Fire Alarm Association. They are a GE Security Pro Dealer and a member of the Custom Electronic Design Industry Association (CEDIA). Also, since the security company has been created, this company has been among the top 100 security companies every year. Serving and installing devices in more than 10,000 residents and commercial facilities, Global Security has the experience to provide customers with their needs while providing exceptional customer service.

Each and every technician and employee is licensed, bonded, and insured allowing the company to give honest and productive service. Employees are considered experts and will be able to give informative responses about security systems and any other questions customers may have.

Global 4 Security Reviews

When customers purchase security systems from Global Security, they will have a sales representative come out to the property and show them the security system and how it will work in the home or commercial location. Instead of just having someone on the phone telling customers what security system may or may not work for the client, it is important to the employees to see firsthand what may be needed and to do a proper assessment. Along with advising the customer what equipment can be used they will explain the equipment and allow customers to feel secure from beginning to end.

Technicians will be able to answer all of your questions and install the desired security system quickly allowing the property to be more secure. They have very few complaints and the main one revolves around maintaining service after the installation.

Global 4 Security Equipment

Home automation provides customers with the full package. Upon contract signing, if the signer purchases the home automation security system they will receive an LCD keypad, internet and mobile access, three door/window sensors, 1 key fob, one motion detector, a smart thermostat, two lamp controllers, a light and appliance control, a video surveillance, and automatic door locks.

If the home security package is purchasedcustomers will receive all of the home automation package features without the smart thermostat, two lamp controllers, video surveillance, light and appliance controls, and automatic door locks. Packages can be adjusted to the specific needs of the customer.

There are also options for clients to purchase smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, medical pendants, and non-emergency alerts based on the customer’s needs.

Global 4 Security Packages

globalThere is always a possibility of fire, medical emergencies, and burglary. In order to be prepared, Global Security can help customers find the perfect security system to meet their needs. The home security package is ideal for residents and will protect belongings and loved ones from intruders keeping them protected and secure. When a customer purchases a security system from Global Security, they will receive the most up to date equipment with 24/7 monitoring.

There are many options with this security company. Customers can purchase water monitoring systems for basements or crawl spaces allowing them to detect flooding or water leaks. The security systems offer video options, remote monitoring through a smart phone or other electronic device, and does not require a connection to the internet or phone line making the system easier to use and more secure.

Global Security offers an energy management package that can help customers reduce their energy bill by regulating the electricity and thermostat remotely. This feature has be known to reduce energy bills by as much as 30%.

For home security customers a down payment of $199 dollars is required. The monthly monitoring starts at $44.95 a month and will vary depending on the services required. For energy management customers need to put $299 down and pay $54.95 a month. The home automation package cost $499 down with $64.95 a month monitoring fee.

How to Contact Global 4 Security


Phone: 503.252.1200